Careprost Before and After

18 Mar
By Marie

Careprost Before and After

Careprost is a famous eyelash lengthening formula in the cosmetic industry and is used worldwide for too short eyelashes. Using a single drop daily in the evening can turn your thin lash strands to stunningly fuller.

Many different enhancing remedies can lengthen your eyelashes and help them grow darker ad thicker naturally. Over the last few years, the effectiveness of these products has increased dramatically, which has led to a significant increase in their production. Careprost is one such permanent solution or a natural way to make your eyelashes grow fuller. It is a product of choice for maximum eyelash growth. 

What Careprost does?

The dream of having naturally long and luxurious eyelashes can now come true. Careprost is a solution for more extended and luscious eyelashes. The product is clinically tested, and customer verified when it comes to inducing eyelash growth. It serves as a promising solution for getting longer and denser eyelashes. The eye drops increase the lashes in terms of length, thickness, and density in just a few weeks of the correct application. It contains 0.03% of Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution, which was ideally formulated to treat glaucoma. Still, as a part of the side effects of its use, it was found that it led to the growth of eyelashes of the patient’s eyelashes. This particular effect of the ophthalmic preparation made the production of Bimatoprost solution as an eyelash enhancer. The remedy is now extensively utilized for treating insufficient growth of eyelashes.  

How to transform your thin lashes into longer and fuller eyelashes?

Careprost 0.03% is your ideal solution with regards to effectiveness and price. Being a mixture of Bimatoprost, it is considered entirely safe for topical application to upgrade your eyelash condition. Although the exact mechanism of action is still not understood, researchers suggest that Bimatoprost increases the percentage of hairs during the anagen phase or growth phase of the eyelash hair cycle. When it comes to results with Careprost eye drops, everything depends on the initial state of your eyelashes and the duration of use. Generally, the first results appear after two weeks, the eyelashes become darker and look little longer and denser. But a month later, lashes grow noticeably, and this is the time when others noticed the changes in the appearance of your eyelashes. Once the full effect appears, start using twice a week to maintain the desired outcomes. If you stop using the solution, unfortunately, in a couple of months, your lashes will come to their original state. Therefore, after achieving the maximum effect, you need to maintain the results.  For maximum efficiency, you should apply the solution daily. Using it regularly may help you achieve the results that satisfy you, then you can switch to twice to thrice daily for prevention.


Careprost lash serum offers several benefits that have made it famous worldwide. It boosts the growth of eyelashes, easy to use, and good for eye vision. While there are several eyelash enhancing products in the market today, Careprost is the best answer to get long and curly eyelashes. It works well and promotes lash growth when used appropriately. The remedy might be a good option for you if you can make the application a part of your daily skin routine.

HCG Injections Help Stimulate Ovulation

05 Mar
By Marie

HCG Injections

Workload and busy lives majorly affecting women’s biological mechanism, including pregnancy. Busy lives, often accompanied by stress, and when they start to tick a biological clock, they find that they increasingly rely on medical help. So, if a woman wants to get pregnant, but naturally and spontaneously fails, she might get success with an HCG shot. This method is used today in leading medical houses and recommended by health associations for pregnancy in women.

HCG & Its Role

HCG is a protein produced in the female body during the first months of pregnancy. It can also be found under the medical name of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. Its ability to affect the gonads is in the group of hormones that are responsible for producing progesterone – the female sex hormone, without which the female body would not be able to conceive.

Thus, with HCG injection, there is enough of the necessary hormones in the female body, which are formed in the yellow body of the ovary, that consists of estrogens and progesterone. During pregnancy, hormones essential for pregnancy and healthy fetal development are also produced by the female placenta. HCG is used as an aid for triggering ovulation, so it is given to the patient to induce it. Already after one injection, ovulation occurs between 38 and 40 hours. It is at this time the substance is introduced into the woman’s body that it’s best to use elevated values in the body that are helpful for intrauterine insemination or intercourse.

HCG to Stimulate Ovulation

By injecting HCG, the woman thus ensures more active production of estrogen and progesterone, which are essential for sustaining a pregnancy. These hormones play a crucial role in egg production. It is precisely the changes in the level of these hormones that give birth to miscarriages.

To analyze the importance of the HCG hormone, which is applied in the initial attempts to conceive, medical studies have reported that it is present in the blood of the pregnant woman and contained in the urine. And due to urine analysis, we can exclude or confirm pregnancy if pregnancy tests are used, since the amount of HCG in urine is based on pregnancy tests. Thanks to this hormone, doctors monitor the entire course of pregnancy, and their levels help doctors to determine the stage of pregnancy in which the woman is. The most important is the hormone HCG at the beginning of pregnancy, the protein level increases rapidly and is highest in the third month. This is the twelfth week when women can be more confident of retaining the fetus. Thus, it is evident how important, and above all, helpful HCG injections are for a woman trying to conceive. The HCG protein accompanies the woman throughout her pregnancy and is present in the urine even days after birth. There may be anxiety, and patients may also suffer from insomnia, sadness and moodiness while receiving HCG.

However, all side effects are very individual, and it should be added that for some, this method is extremely successful and for some, not. Every woman has a different body. In any case, there is no doubt that these injections have already helped many women in becoming pregnant, and they will certainly help.


HCG protein causes ovulation, acts in the body as lutropin – a hormone that causes ovulation in women. An HCG shot is responsible for the production of estrogens and progesterone in the ovaries. It is a hormone secreted early in pregnancy. The hormone is extremely useful in maintaining high levels of progesterone, which plays a crucial role in pregnancy. A doctor will give a specific time frame to take the medication. So, it is essential to receive this shot under the supervision of a doctor.

Careprost Eye Drop Work and Side Effects

04 Mar
By Marie

Careprost works by creating more hair follicles during the hair growth cycle. Some people use this topical solution with few complaints like redness, itching, and irritation, which goes away once the usage is stopped. 

Women are fond of beautiful eyes with long and attractive eyelashes. All women are not equally blessed with long, thick, and curly eyelashes. The beauty of eyes enhances with fuller eyelashes that you can have by using Careprost eye drops. The ophthalmic preparation contains the Bimatoprost solution, the same solution used for glaucoma, which reduces eye pressure. It also happens to grow eyelashes that are thick and very long. Regular use, according to the instructions, is the only proven method for eyelash extension, density, darker colour and count. So, it is a real “eye miracle” that will help you to have natural eyelashes without a prominent artificial appearance.

How Careprost work to improve Eyelash Appearance?

Each evening, after careful makeup removal, a Bimatoprost 0.03% solution should be applied to the skin of the upper eyelid. We use a brush, soaked with one drop of Bimatoprost 0.03%. Make sure the drop does not get into the eye. The first result comes after three weeks, and the maximum is achieved in 6 to 12 weeks. If the desired length is reached, eyelash growth should be maintained by applying droplets once or twice a week. This application is necessary to keep the required length, and if it is completely stopped, the lashes gradually return to their original form. Check out these application instructions for careprost to get beautiful and attractive eyelashes:

  1. Make sure your face is clean every night before applying. Makeup or contact lenses are removed and any cosmetic products you have already used to your face.
  2. Take the applicator (brush), hold it horizontally, and release a drop onto the brush (a few mm from the end).
  3. Immediately, apply to the top lashes – where they pass into the skin, such as when applying liquid eyeliner. You should feel this area slightly moistened (without leaking drops on your face)
  4. Dry any amount outside this area with a tissue.
  5. Rinse thoroughly after each application.

Don’t panic if it gets into your eyes; nothing happens. Bimatoprost is an eye drop, originally intended for the eye, but try not to get the drops into your eye unnecessarily. If they penetrate the eye, the eye may turn red and slightly burn. There is no need to rinse it.

For maximum results, look at the points given below:

  1. Regularity is essential. Put the application of drops into your regular evening hygiene routine – do not miss even a day.
  2. Keep the bottle close. Place the bottle near the toothbrush so that you don’t forget it.
  3. Hold on; it takes patience. Do not apply the solution more than once a day, and do not hurry and wonder if you don’t see any outcome after 14 days. Sometimes, it takes 4 to 6 weeks for results to show.
  4. Do not try to catch up. If you miss a day, continue the next day as usual. Avoid multiple doses per day; the process does not speed up.
  5. Think of hygiene. Never touch the bottle with the brush. Take a drop in the cap and dip the brush in it. Carefully close the bottle immediately after using it.

Side Effects of Careprost

Bimatoprost, 0.03% drops, may have side effects as is the case with medicines. They are not common and are considered mild. The most common side effect of applying careprost drops for longer lashes is itching in the eyes, as well as redness of the eye. This is probably a result of direct contact with the surface of the eye (conjunctiva). Other side effects are skin darkening in the area of ​​use, seen in less than 1% of customers (due to incorrect application), and a slight darkening of the iris (coloured part of the eye). This change, even if there is no severe damage, tends to be permanent but does not affect one’s vision. Bimatoprost, 0.03% drops, must not be used by people who have frequent conjunctivitis or other serious eye diseases.

The Verdict

Careprost eye drops to promote the growth of eyelashes, making them longer, thicker, and darker. The best time to apply this bimatoprost eye drops is at night before you sleep. The once nightly application will make a visible difference in the appearance of your lashes within 4 to 6 weeks. With the correct application of this solution, one can achieve darker and thicker eyelashes within two months. You may avoid side effects by using the product on alternative days. Give priority to the safety of your eyes and buy Careprost from a trusted source. 

Remedies for Male Pattern Baldness

02 Mar
By Marie

Hair loss is a common problem amongst men and women both. Particularly if we talk about men, about 85% of men face major hair thinning problem by the age of 50. In some cases, men even start losing or facing hair thinning in their 30s.

Before heading to know the remedies for male pattern baldness, let’s understand the problem first. Male pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia; it is a very common hair loss type in men. If we rely on studies, according to the US – NLM (National Library of Medicine), about 50% of men over the age of 50 years got affected by male pattern baldness to some of the other extents.

What Causes the Male Pattern Baldness?

Genetics or a family history of baldness is one of the leading causes of male pattern baldness. As per studies, the hormones called androgens are closely associated in the case of male pattern baldness. Androgens play many functions, including regulating and controlling hair growth. Each hair of our head has a growth cycle. With male pattern baldness, the hair growth cycle becomes weak while the hair follicle gets shrinks, and hair strands lose their health and eventually when one strand falls, the hair growth cycle grows the new hair in place of the weak hair. 

Best remedies for Male Pattern Baldness

The best techniques to address male pattern baldness is usually easy; only patience and consistency is needed when you move with home remedial options to get rid of this condition.

  • Opt a right Hairstyles – Men with limited hair growth should consider a right haircut or hairstyle that suits their face cut and personality. Consult a hairstylist for a creative cut that make thinking hair looking fuller.
  • Quit Smoking – Smoking not only causes health issues, but it badly affects our skin and hair both. The smoking habits make the male-pattern baldness worst in over a period. So, you should quit smoking immediately or if not then control it and bring to least.
  • The medicine you are taking – Make a list of medicine or treatment you take. Sometimes, the drug reaction leaves a bad impact on hair growth. So, you should consult with a dermatologist to understand the side effect of the medicines that you may be taking to avoid hair fall or hair thinning issues.
  • Eliminate Stress factor – Stress is again one of the leading causes of many health issues, including hair loss. To overcome stress, one should get involved in an activity where you can release your stress. This could be a joining gym, a brisk walk, swimming, joining any sports, or just a simple walk with your loved ones to eliminate stress from your life.   
  • Eat hair-loss fighting power food – Nutritional imbalance is often the cause of hair loss and other health issues. A poor diet can lead to a certain deficiency that can make your body causing hair loss. Include the hair loss fighting power food in your diet to achieve hair health. Eat green, red, orange and yellow vegetables and fruits that are loaded with Vitamin A. Vitamin A promotes hair growth by working on hair follicles.  Eat fatty fish like salmon or sardines; these are a good source of omega 3 fatty acids. Also add other vitamin-like C, B7, zinc, iron etc. in your daily diet.
  • Drink lots of Water – To keep your body hydrated, drink lots of water. Lack of water in the body doesn’t allow your skin and hair cells grow and flourish.
  • Do alternative hair massage – Never wash your hair daily. Wash them every alternate day to avoid hair fall. Also, apply coconut or mustard oil 60 minutes before the head wash.
  • Avoid using harsh Shampoos – Choose herbal or mild shampoos for your hair wash. Strong shampoos consist of harsh chemicals that affect hair health badly.

Apart from the above remedies, you can also consider Finpecia tablet. It is a prescription hair loss medication contains Finasteride 1mg as the active ingredients. offer Finasteride on a best-discounted price.