Drugs and Diseases That Can Hurt Your Sex Life

28 Jan
By Marie

Many health conditions and their treatments contribute to sexual dysfunction. Commonly implicated medications include anti-depressants, antihypertensives anti-androgens, and anti-psychotic drugs.   

Many medicines are known to alter normal sexual function in males. In most cases, the sexual problem is an adverse effect, and every effort is made to minimize the sexual adverse effects of therapeutic pharmacological agents. Understanding the potential of drug-induced sexual issues and their negative impact on treatment adherence will enable urologists and sexual health experts to tailor treatments for their patients. Encouraging people to discuss their sexual dysfunctions and providing techniques to manage the problems are important to good clinical care.

Several classes of prescription medicines contribute to sexual dysfunction in men. Patients who developed drug-induced sexual problems are more likely to be non-adherent. This has been found with anti-psychotic drugs and antihypertensive agents. Use of recreational drugs such as narcotics, alcohol, hallucinogens, and stimulants also affect sexual function. Short-term alcohol use affects sexual desire, diminishes performance, and delays ejaculation/orgasm. Many substance abusers worldwide report better sexual function after stopping the use.

The sexual function involves sexual desire, arousal, and ejaculation/orgasm. Both men and women experience problems in any of these stages. Low sex drive, lack of lubrication in women, erectile dysfunction, premature or absent ejaculation, and painful sex affect a man and greatly impact his partner.

Discussing with the patient

Patients undergoing long-term treatment for a certain health condition may not know their sexual problem due to their treatment. In other cases, where personal relationship issues or other stressors contribute to sexual dysfunction, people blame their drugs for their lack of desire or another sexual issue. Sometimes health care specialists consider asking patients if they had noticed any sexual dysfunction as an adverse effect of their medications and may suggest them discontinue treatment. Patients experiencing sexual problems due to their drugs are less likely to continue treatment even when they are crucial for their overall health. While consulting a urologist or a gynaecologist, make sure your sexual issues to be discussed well and considered in treatment decisions. 

Hypertension & Sexual Dysfunction

Hypertension or high blood pressure is associated with sexual dysfunction. There are chances that antihypertensive agents may contribute to the sexual dysfunction in men and lead to discontinuation of treatment.  According to research studies, men using beta-blockers for treating high blood pressure had erectile dysfunction. Also, centrally acting alpha agonists and diuretics or blood thinners have also been associated with sexual dysfunction. A medicine called spironolactone which works by blocking the androgen receptor, is linked with ED in men.


Sexual health issues are more common in women with high blood pressure. However, hypertensive agents’ adverse sexual effects have been poorly studied in women. Hypertensive drugs may have similar adverse effects on the different sexual phases such as the arousal phase in men, leading to lubrication failure. If data is to be believed, decreased sexual desire affects around 41% of women and decreased sexual pleasure in approximately 34% of women. Medicines such as valsartan belong to a drug class. The angiotensin II receptor antagonist is associated with improved sexual desire compared with beta-blocker atenolol in women with high blood pressure. 

Medicines associated with Sexual Dysfunction.

Anti-depressants- drugs such as fluoxetine, paroxetine, sertraline, amitriptyline, clomipramine, phenelzine, and imipramine low sex drive. Decreased arousal has been reported in patients who used anti-depressants, including tranylcypromine doxepin, citalopram, nortriptyline, etc. People using fluvoxamine, escitalopram, doxepin, may experience orgasm or ejaculatory difficulties.  

Psychotropic drugs- Patients using lithium, risperidone, haloperidol, alprazolam, fluphenazine, and chlorpromazine may experience different sexual phases, including low sex drive and decreased arousal, and orgasm/ejaculatory difficulties.

Cardiovascular drugs- Low sex drive is commonly associated with digoxin, spironolactone, clonidine, methyldopa, and hydrochlorothiazide. Patients taking beta-blockers, perhexiline spironolactone, clonidine should be extra cautious as these drugs can cause decreased arousal in both men and women.

Other drugs- Cimetidine can decrease sex drive. While other drugs such as cyproterone, antihistamines, disulfiram, propantheline, gonadotropin-releasing hormone agonists, and pseudoephedrine.

Psychoactive Medicines

Aside from the drug, it is important to know the effects of psychiatric problems on the patient’s relationship and address the psychosocial issues. According to research studies, up to 70% of patients with depression have sexual problems. Clinical reports indicate that both men and women with schizophrenia also experience sexual dysfunction. In these patients, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish whether the sexual function is due to the illness or the drugs’ effects. 

Anti-psychotics- Some anti-psychotic medications may affect sexual function more than others. Men taking these medications report erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, decreased orgasmic quality, and diminished interest in sex. Some women may experience low sex drive, trouble achieving orgasm, and change sin orgasmic quality. Most anti-psychotics contribute to sexual dysfunctions by blocking dopamine chemical in the body. This causes hyperprolactinaemia which suppresses hypogonadism in both sexes. This reduces sex drive and impairs arousal and orgasm in both men and women. It also causes loss of ovarian function in females and low testosterone in males.

Antiepileptics- Sexual health issues are common in people who use antiepileptic drugs. Medicines such as topiramate and gabapentin are associated with orgasmic dysfunction in both men and women. These drugs may also cause women to experience reduced libido.

Birth Control Pills

Oral contraceptives decrease desire in women, although there is little evidence to demonstrate this. Using them can lower the levels of sex hormones in a woman’s body, affecting their libido. If you experience sexual issues after starting birth control, ask your health ace specialist about trying non-medical forms such as an IUD, diaphragms, condoms, or switch to an alternative of your regular oral contraceptive.


Understanding both the impact of the disease and its effects on the patient and their partner is important to provide good clinical care. The health care professional needs to acknowledge and encourage discussion regarding sexual function. Before using medication for your health condition, it is important to enquire about the impact of drugs on sexual function. This will help ensure patients and their partners understand their sexual difficulties and treatment options. You can order ed pills online from premium rx drugs and enjoy your sex life fully.

Anti- Constipation Medicine

25 Jan
By Marie

Medications to treat constipation include stool softeners, lubricants, laxatives, bulk-forming agents (fibres). In some cases, an over-the-counter formulation can do the trick while others need prescription medicine.  

No doubt, lifestyle changes such as getting more fibre in your diet, drinking enough water and being physically active are usually the key steps to treat constipation. You can also check with your health care specialist about the other treatment options if they do not work.    

Data suggests that constipation affects 14% of the adult population globally, majorly women and cause a significant impact on health-related quality of life.  

Lifestyle Modifications On Priority

The initial management of constipation involves lifestyle modifications and ensure regular bowel movement. Also, identifying the patients who need psychological support should consideration because constipation may worsen by stress or may be triggered by any emotional disturbance. Those dealing with constipation should keep regular time for defecation, use proper sitting positions, and monitor their bowel movements by maintaining a diary. This helps to assess and direct treatment interventions. Primary treatment includes dietary modifications which involve intake of high fibre diet, fruits, and water intake. Although enough water intake is of benefit for treating constipation, there is no evidence to support whether fluid intake may appear to improve chronic constipation. Dietary modifications include a high fibre diet; enough water and fruits intake may improve the condition.

Treatment for Constipation

When over the counter preparations do not improve constipation symptoms, then Laxatives can be considered to manage the condition. The choice of laxative depends on the condition of the patient.  For decades, constipation has been associated with deficiency of fibre. Dietary fibre appears to be effective in relieving mild to moderate condition, but not effective against severe constipation. For an adult, the recommended amount of dietary fibre is 20 to 25 gm per day. The target can be obtained from whole wheat bread, citrus fruits, unrefined cereals, and vegetables. Insoluble fibre may cause abdominal bloating and has been associated with stomach discomfort.  Insoluble fibre such as cereal bran may also depress appetite. Patients dealing with constipation must be encouraged to drink enough water and maintain hydration, especially when increasing fibre intake.

There are a variety of medicines to choose from for getting relief from chronic constipation. Some are over the counter preparations, and others require doctor’s prescription. A lot of people start with products they can purchase without a prescription. You may take your doctor’s help when choosing the right over the counter product for you. You may choose from the following:

  • Fibre Supplements- They work by absorbing water to help form bulky stools to get your bowel going. Be sure to drink enough water while taking a fibre supplement. Some people may experience bloating and pain in their belly. Hence, it is always best to use eve a fibre supplement under the supervision of a doctor.
  • Stimulants– Stimulants are especially considered in severe cases of constipation. It works better when other drugs have not worked. They cause your intestine to squeeze, which allow a thing to get moving in your stomach. Discuss with your doctor about the common stimulants that may be ideal for your condition. Avoid overuse of stimulant laxatives.
  • Osmotics– They help draw water into your large intestine to soften your stool. For, some patients, it may cause cramping, nausea, and diarrhoea. An adult with heart disease or kidney impairment must consult his/her doctor before taking osmotic.
  • Stool softeners- You might use a good quality stool soften to avoid straining when you have a movement, like after surgery. They are considered best for short term use. They pull water from your intestine to soften your stool. You can easily find these agents on a chemist store.

Almost everyone experience constipation at some point in their lives. Serious complications can result from untreated constipation; therefore, treatment of the chronic condition is a must. If lifestyle changes, home remedies and over the counter preparations do not provide the desired results, speak to your doctor about prescription medicines to help regulate your bowel movements. you can order anti-constipation medicine online from premiumrxdrugs at best price.

Albuterol alternative online in the USA

20 Jan
By Marie

Albuterol alternatives such as Vetorlin CFC free inhaler and Asthalin inhaler helps people with asthma and certain other breathing disorders to breathe easier. When you breathe, air travels through many different tubes within your lungs, bringing oxygen to your bloodstream. Your lungs have the smallest tubes known as bronchioles. Breathing difficulties common in asthma and COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) are often caused by squeezing these small tubes. The condition is often referred to as bronchospasm. This can cause wheezing, tightness in the chest, and shortness of breath. Albuterol alternatives are useful in treating asthma symptoms. Read on to learn about Albuterol and its alternatives online in the USA.

What is Albuterol?

Albuterol belongs to the class of drugs known as beta2-adrenergic agonists that cause bronchioles’ relaxation by opening, making breathing much easier. It can deliver directly to the lungs via inhalation. Inhaler drugs generally work fast and hence are called as rescue inhalers. Health care experts usually prescribe Albuterol HFA Inhaler to people over the age of 4 with bronchospasms caused by asthma and COPD. The inhalation medicine specifically approved for exercise-induced bronchospasms, or breathing difficulties experienced during an intense workout session. Inhalation of Albuterol 15 to 30 minutes before you exercise can help prevent breathing problems. The drug is meant to be used as needed for severe asthma or breathing issues related to COPD. One should not use it every day or as a long-term maintenance treatment. If you find yourself needing the inhaler more often than prescribed, speak to your health care provider to find a better treatment for good asthma control. Although, appropriate use of the inhaler plays a crucial role in managing breathing symptoms. Usage depends on the inhaler design. It is important to discuss the inhaler’s correct usage with your health care specialist. Generally, after setting up the device, shake and prepare the medication for use. After using it, follow the storing tips, clean it. Make sure you use proper inhalation technique, in case of any doubt, discuss with your health care specialist.

What are Albuterol Alternatives?

The goal of asthma treatment is to treat and prevent asthma symptoms and make breathing easier. People often turn to AIbuterol alternatives to protect their bodies from lung problems. When it comes to asthma, alternatives like Ventorlin and Asthalin claim to strengthen your lungs and cure asthma symptoms. You can replace your asthma medication with Albuterol alternatives only under a healthcare specialist’s guidance.  These therapies have shown effectiveness regarding the treatment of asthma. Many worldwide reports benefit from using these brand name prescription drugs for asthma. Brand names rescue inhalers can be quite expensive, but fortunately Ventorlin CFC free inhaler and Asthalin inhaler available at premiumrxdrugs, can be purchased at an exceptionally low price. This online drugstore sells authentic medications and other health care products online in the USA. To find the lowest price of Ventorlin inhaler in USA search for the inhaler on premiumrx, select the quantity, set your location, and place the order. 

After administering Asthalin inhaler and Ventorlin CFC inhaler by the inhaled route, the dose directly reaches the lower airways.

What is the typical dose of Albuterol?

Albuterol requires two inhalations by mouth as needed. It would be best to wait at least 60 seconds between each inhalation for better absorption and best results. Some people may only need a single inhalation to prevent sudden asthma episodes. Your health care specialist will help you determine the number of inhalations. Using this asthma medication more frequently than recommended, may lead to serious health complications. Kids under the age of 4 should not be using this inhaler. For many young children, nebulizers are recommended to treat and prevent asthma symptoms. Unless you know you have serious allergic reactions to AIbuterol alternative, it is relatively safe to use for gaining control over your asthma symptoms.

To relieve acute bronchospasm episodes: 1 to 2 puffs as required every 4 to 6 hours. In some patients, one inhalation every four hours is sufficient to treat asthma symptoms such as wheezing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath. More frequent administration or increased number of inhalations will not treat the symptoms but increase your side effects. 

To prevent exercise-induced asthma, your healthcare provider may recommend two inhalations, 15 to 30 minutes before exercise. For chronic symptoms, two puffs up to four times a day. The maximum dose should not exceed 800 mcg a day. 

For children under the age of 12 years with acute bronchospasm episodes, the usual dose is one l puff of Albuterol 100 mcg is sufficient. In severe cases, the dose may be increased to two puffs if required.

To prevent exercise-induced bronchospasm in children- The usual dose is two puffs four times a day. Talk to your health care specialist for the correct dose of Ventorlin or Asthalin. 

The bottom line

Overall, Albuterol alternative Ventorlin inhaler is a great treatment option if you have asthma or COPD and have breathing issues. They belong to a class of drug known as beta2-adrenergic agonists that cause the small tubes in the lungs (bronchioles) to relax and open, making breathing much easier for you.  The medicine is a good option if you are not allergic to it or have other issues. If your symptoms are mild and infrequent or you have exercise-induced asthma, you might manage your symptoms with Albuterol alone. However, most people experiencing persistent breathing issues associated with asthma also need long-term control medication. If you need to use more than your health care provider recommends, your asthma is not under control, and you may be increasing your risk of a serious asthma attack. Your health care provider may prescribe oral corticosteroids to treat severe asthma attacks. Discuss your health care professional regarding the use of corticosteroids.  You can buy Albuterol alternative inhaler online from premium RX drugs at affordable price

Supplements To Boost Immune System

14 Jan
By Marie

Your immune system does a remarkable job of protecting you against certain microorganisms responsible for causing disease. Sometimes, it fails to perform its duty which allows the entry of a germ into your body, making you sick. However, it is quite possible to interrupt the process and boost your immune system.

The idea of boosting your immunity is tempting but doing it may be difficult for several reasons. To function it well, it requires balance and harmony. What if you eat a balanced diet? Follow a near-perfect lifestyle? Take supplements in the hope of producing an immune response? For now, no evidence shows direct links between lifestyle modifications and enhanced immune system.

Healthy ways to increase immunity

Many products on store shelves claim to support immunity. The concept of boosting immunity means boosting the number of immune cells in your body and enhance your body’s performance in every way. Walk into a store, and you will find a variety of supplements and herbal preparations that claims to boost immunity. Although some real work to enhance your immune cells and alter some immune function components, there is no evidence that they bolster immunity and provide better protection against infection and disease. You may consider some of the supplements that are specially made to support immunity. For best results, use it under the guidance of a health care specialist.

Preventive measures to stay healthy

So, if you cannot help your immune system by taking an over-the-counter preparation, what you can do to reduce the severity of your illness? People with a weak immune system may have to do more with daily habits. Here are some tips that might help.

The immune system requires a healthy diet to function well. An adequate diet is the easiest way to prevent disorders of the immune system. Vitamin C is fantastic for preventing colds and is found to be a beneficial supporter. The best source of vitamins is from dark leafy vegetables and fruits like fresh oranges, strawberries, blueberries, and elderberries. Vitamin C improves immunity, promotes healing of wounds, and decreases oxidative damage.

Vitamin C supplements are also available to help strengthen the immune system and help relieve unpleasant symptoms associated with cold and flu. These may also know as immune system supplements. The immune booster vitamin C functions as an antioxidant to neutralize free radicals in the body.


The following is a list of things; one can do to alleviate the symptoms of an immune disorder:

  1. Exercise daily
  2. Try to stay stressless
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Eat a balanced and healthy diet
  5. Add more vitamin C supplements such as vitafizz.
  6. Limit sun exposure
  7. Avoid any known triggers or flare-ups

The following are the alternative treatments that have been shown to provide relief to some people:

  • Herbs
  • Hypnosis
  • Chiropractic therapy
  • Acupuncture

In case the natural immune system boosters do not work, consult with your physician, and go for medical treatment. Medical interventions include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Blood transfusions, in case of blood, is infected
  • Immunosuppressive medications
  • Pain medications
  • Hormone replacement therapy
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs, in case of joints, are infected
  • Steps to improve health:
  • Increase antioxidants in your diet
  • Ensure a daily intake of good quality nutrients and micronutrients.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Enrich your diet with fibre. Avoid fibre-containing products with artificial sweeteners.
  • Have more green leafy vegetables such as spinach and broccoli. They are rich in antioxidants.
  • Try to use olive oil whenever you cook. Olive oil contains mono-saturated fats while other oils, including canola oil, have unfavourable types of fats for the immune system.

If you adopt these simple habits, you will move your diet in the proper direction towards protecting your immune system. As an additional benefit, you will be adapting habits that also contribute to a healthy cardiovascular system.

Important things to know

Exercise can indeed protect and enhance immunity and cause impairment of the immune system if done in an excess amount. A moderate exercise seems to exert a protective effect, while repeated bouts of strenuous exercise can lead to immune system dysfunction. you can order online medication from Indian pharmacy premiumrxdrugs at affordable price.

How To Manage Eyelash Health

11 Jan
By Marie

You might hardly have an idea of your eyelashes that how much functional they are and what role they play in protecting your eyes. They are like a protective barrier around the eyes, keeping dirt and dust particles from entering. When touched, they make eyes to close quickly and defensively. For these reasons, it is important to keep them healthy and to do every possible thing that helps in their re-growth and function. Lash hairs tend to fall out and replenish themselves naturally, and the growth cycle of lash hair slows down as you age. If you wear eye cosmetic on a regular basis, then it is important to follow lash maintenance advice from experts. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Clean your lashes- Frequent eye makeup increases the need for cleaning of the eyelashes. It is recommended to gently rub the lashes with some natural oils like coconut castor, and olive oil. Conditioning lashes once every night with the natural oils helps to retain moisture and make them healthy. You can also use petroleum jelly which is considered as the best hypoallergenic product for the eyelid area. 
  • Eat healthily- Iron found in dark leafy vegetables can stimulate healthy growth of lashes. Vitamin B found in eggs, and sweet potatoes are also known to promote eyelash growth. Hence it is a good idea to include vitamin and Iron-rich foods in your daily diet. 
  • Remove cosmetic products before you sleep- Wearing mascara for the whole day and night can weaken your lash strand. If mascara traces left for the extended period, it could block the hair follicles, which ultimately cause your lashes to fall out. Hence, it is important to remove mascara with a makeup remover. Petroleum jelly can be a good makeup remover; it will even take off the waterproof mascara and eyeliner. 
  • Use eyelash curler wisely- many women use an eyelash curler to lengthen their lashes which can cause trauma to your delicate lash strands so always try to apply minimal pressure when using the product. It is always a smart idea to skip extension if they are meant to be sued with glue. Especially heavy lash extensions that are stuck with glue can pluck the lashes when removed. 
  • Choose an eyelash serum- Maximize the length and fullness of your lashes with a natural formula of your choice. It is important to use the right eyelash enhancer when it comes to taking care of your delicate strands. A product like Careprost eyelash serum can really make a huge difference for those who are looking to fix their thin and sparse eyelashes. Careprost eye drops are a must-have product to maintain long, luscious, and irresistible eyelashes. 

Careprost is one of the most popular eyelash serums on the market that promise results within a few weeks of regular use. The formula contains Bimatoprost to boost thickness and fullness. This might be a good choice for those with Hypotrichosis, a condition of having inadequate eyelashes. Buy authentic Careprost from premiumrxdrugs at an affordable price and boost lash volume over time. 

How To Get Rid Of Allergies

08 Jan
By Marie

Allergies are becoming more common than before, and if data is to be believed, allergies are now the sixth leading cause of severe health condition amongst Americans.  If your allergies interfere with your

daily life, you may be searching for the tricks that may help you eliminate your annoying Allery. Allergies are common and can occur at any stage in someone’s life. Numerous different things from pollen to food to your prescription medicine may trigger an allergic reaction. Hence, it is not always easy to know the best tricks or home remedies to eliminate annoying allergies.

According to the data provided by the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), more than 50 million people in America experience some kinds of allergies each year. The best treatment will always depend on the cause and severity of the reaction. Let us take a close look at a range of treatments and tricks for reducing allergic reactions symptoms, depending on the condition’s severity.

The function of your immune system is to defend the body against bacteria and viruses.  

Allergies occur when cells in the immune system consider a foreign substance as harmful. These substances are common allergens which include dust mites, pet dander, food, and pollen. When the allergic person is exposed to an allergen; his/her body produces histamine, a chemical which can

irritate the nasal passages, throat, throat, and eyes, contributing to allergy symptoms. The symptoms may vary from person to person; they may be mild to severe. The most reported symptoms include itchy or watery eyes, rash, coughing, sore throat, sneezing, a runny or stuffy nose, upset stomach, and swollen eyes, lips, tongue, or face. However, anaphylaxis is rare, but a serious allergic reaction involves severe swelling of the mouth, lips, and throat accompanied with breathing issues. The reaction can be life-threatening. If you or any of your loved one experience anaphylaxis, seek immediate medical help. Allergic rhinitis or hay fever is a common reaction associated with inhaled allergens. Whereas symptoms of seasonal allergy can affect only in certain seasons or can be triggered year-round, that is also known as year-round allergies. Certain things can trigger as well, and these include pollen counts or ragweed, in warm water. Also, dusty indoor air can be irritating to some people in the winter. If data is to be believed, seasonal allergies are extremely common, around 40 to 60 people in the USA have allergic rhinitis.   

How can you get relief?   

In most cases, yes, you can get rid of allergies. Some children outgrow their allergies while allergies experienced by adults over time. Health experts believe allergy shots might provide relief to some people with a certain allergic reaction. In other cases, allergies may recur once after discontinuation of allergy shots. Mostly, the symptoms can be reduced or controlled, but allergies cannot be cured. Fortunately, you can find treatment options for mild to moderate allergic reactions. Nasal sprays are common; on the other hand, antihistamines and decongestants can help treat a variety of allergic symptoms.  If you have asthma symptoms, your health care specialist might prescribe an inhaler to ease associated wheezing and breathing issues. In some cases, doctors consider injecting a special antibody to control symptoms.

If you still do not get relief by avoiding allergens and using anti-allergic drugs, your health care provider may prescribe your allergy shots. The treatment is often termed as immunotherapy, and it can work effectively against hay fever and allergic asthma. For your sinuses, an over-the-counter preparation might help to control your allergic symptoms.


Avoidance is the key to prevent allergies. One of the easiest ways to avoid the allergens is to avoid the allergens that trigger an allergic reaction. Suppose you are allergic to dogs’ fur, you can choose to a get a different pet, and if sensitive to peanuts or other foods, you can skip or replace with other food items. Allergens such as pollen and dust are all around us and can be tough to avoid, but we can sometimes take certain precautionary measures to avoid dust and pollen for sometimes. If your allergy symptoms are severe and bothersome, discuss your health care specialist about allergy shots. you can buy allergy medicine online from premium RX drugs at affordable price

How To Grow Eyebrows Overnight

07 Jan
By Marie

How To Grow Eyebrows Overnight

One can do several things naturally to increase the chances of growing longer, thicker, and fuller eyebrows. Some eyelash serums such as Careprost eyelash enhancer serum stimulate the lash growth and eyebrows, and it works faster than any other eyelash enhancement products available in the market.

Many people think that hair in eyebrows and eyelashes stays the same from birth to death; they don’t grow at all. But this is not true; they do grow, but not as fast as the scalp hair. Here it is important to know that every strand of hair on your body goes through an anagen phase (an active growth phase of hair follicles during which hair divides rapidly and the length of the hair grow every 28 days). The duration of a hair strand to stay in the anagen phase varies hugely according to the strand’s location. Your scalp’S hair stays in the growth phase for 2 to 7 years on the other hand hair of eyebrows and eyelashes stay in the active phase for just 30 days. Therefore, eyebrows and eyelashes don’t get much time to grow as long as the hair on your head.  Careprost eye drops can give a boost to your eyelashes and brows. Careprost eyelash growth serum is a perfect solution for growing longer and darker eyelashes.

How to grow Eyebrows faster?

If you want results as soon as possible, then it might be better to stick to these suggestions:

  • Visit your dermatologist – you will need to take some time to schedule for a dermatologist’s appointment. This is especially important if you feel the growth is not normal and you are experiencing a thing of loss of eyebrows. Everyone should be aware of the fact that anything that disrupts scalp hair growth can disrupt eyelash and brows growth, from chemotherapy to deficiency of nutrients, to severe physical trauma or emotional stress. In some cases, irregular use of eyelash extensions and bad quality make up products can contribute to loss of lashes and eyebrows. If you do not have a specific medical condition that is the cause of your loss, you might have a short lash hair cycle. Visit your dermatologist; you will need to take some time to schedule for a dermatologist’s appointment.
  • Cleaning of the eyebrows is a must – Good brow hygiene is an important part of the brow care routine. Many different eye conditions can cause infection to build on the brow line, leading to thinning or even brows loss. Therefore, it is important to keep your eyes and brows clean and stay infection-free. You can get moistened pads to clean your eyebrows. It will help if you rub the eyebrows with these pads once a day gently.
  • Apply a lash serum that works for eyebrows as well – Some of the lash serums like Careprost eyelash growth solution work to stimulate eyelash growth along with brows growth. The product was initially used for glaucoma patients, but unwanted eyelash growth happened to be an expected side effect. Over time, researchers found that the direct application to the lash line maximizes the lash growth. Thanks to its active ingredient Bimatoprost, which grows the lashes longer, darker, and fuller and the eyebrows. There can be some temporary side effects such as itching, burning, or redness of the eye, however, these effects can be minimized if you apply the solution appropriately on the lash line.
  • Take off your makeup – Another reason for eyelash loss is sleeping with makeup. If you are applying makeup that can cause build up over time, you will get debris that will affect your eye for sure. Before you go to sleep, make sure you remove the makeup with a mild cleanser. You can use a cotton ball to wipe out the makeup traces.
  • Take a break from extensions – If you are dealing with the extensions poorly and unhygienically, it is time to take a break from these extensions as the continuous application of extensions can potentially damage your natural brows.

Home Remedies For Oily Skin And Pimples

02 Jan
By Marie

Usually, the overproduction of sebum from sebaceous glands makes skin oily. These glands are found under the surface of the skin area. However, oily skin considered to be a good skin type than other skin types in terms of delaying signs of ageing and wrinkles. On the other hand, oily skin requires more attention than dry or normal skin type due to those over productive pores. The fact is still unknown why sebum overproduces, and why its production varies from person to person.

Keep on reading to know how home remedies can help you to maintain oily skin type and wrinkles.

What is Sebum

Sebum is a waxy and oily substance produced by sebaceous glands of the body. Sebum isn’t bad as it generally moisturizes, coats, protect and keep your skin shiny. However, too much sebum can lead to sticky, oily skin which can clog the skin pores. The main reasons for increased sebum production could happen due to genetics, stress, or hormonal changes.

The body hormones control the sebum production, but when the hormone level fluctuates due to any reason, it causes access to sebum production. The access sebum production also leads to acne vulgaris and pimples in many cases which make life little difficult when it comes to body appearance. Many people lose their self-confidence when acne attack on their face skin badly. So, keeping an eye on sebum production is important to avoid skin issues.

Possible Reasons of Sebum Fluctuation

Common reasons for sebum fluctuation vary from person to person. Sebum production goes up when a woman ovulates or facing a menstruation time. These phases raise the progesterone level in the body, which usually increase oil in the skin.

The other reason is the change in weather. The skin is likely to produce more sebum when it gets hotter. Summer make the skin oilier due to humidity. One more reason for sebum fluctuation is the age factor. The sebum production rise and fall in your full life cycle. Stress, pressure, or overburden are some reasons that lead to an increase in sebum production. The sebum production stays high in women when they are in between puberty and menopause phase; this time make skin oily in most cases.

Oily Skin and Acne

Managing oily skin and acne together is a challenge, but it can be taken care if you follow the right technique and keep patience. Acne occurs when your hair follicles become plugged with dead skin cells and oil than it causes pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

There are proven home remedies for oily skin and pimples that work if followed correctly.

1. Daily Skin Care Routine – Maintaining balance with oily skin is the key to keep it healthy. 2 to 3 time a day face wash practice removes excess sebum that generates dirt, oil, and open skin pores. Select a mild face wash or gentle cleanser (preferably herbal one with light properties) to keep your skin clean. Also, make sure to remove your makeup before going to bed. Also, if you feel your skin is getting dry then use 1 to 2 drops of any light moisturizer to soak skin dryness.

2. Aloe Vera – Aloe vera has a soothing property that rejuvenates your skin when applied. The aloe gel heals skin breakouts and makes your itchy skin calm; it also suppresses pimple with its cooling properties. A 5-minute massage with aloe gel before going to bed offer a cooling effect on your skin. you can use melilite cream for pigmentation free skin.

3. Tomatoes – Tomatoes are good for the skin as it has all nutrients that skin needs, i.e. Vitamin B, antioxidants, and enzymes. Take out tomato pulp and gently massage on your face to remove dead skin cells. Tomato pulp reduces skin inflammation and delays sign of ageing. 

4. Egg Whites – If you have no smell issues, then you can use egg whites on your skin to keep you maintain your skin balance. The high protein substance available in egg whites tightens skin when applied 3 to 4 times a week. This remedy greatly reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

5. Honey – A pimple not only cause by oil, but it can also cause by skin bacteria too.  Use honey as it has natural antibacterial properties and maintain natural skin moisture. Take half a spoon of honey and gently massage your face and wash it off with lukewarm water.

Apart from these remedies, people with oily skin should avoid too much of fried and junk food to keep their skin pimple free.  You buy tretinoin gel online from premiumrxdrugs at an affordable price for acne-free skin smooth face.