How To Manage Eyelash Health

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You might hardly have an idea of your eyelashes that how much functional they are and what role they play in protecting your eyes. They are like a protective barrier around the eyes, keeping dirt and dust particles from entering. When touched, they make eyes to close quickly and defensively. For these reasons, it is important to keep them healthy and to do every possible thing that helps in their re-growth and function. Lash hairs tend to fall out and replenish themselves naturally, and the growth cycle of lash hair slows down as you age. If you wear eye cosmetic on a regular basis, then it is important to follow lash maintenance advice from experts. 

Here are some suggestions:

  • Clean your lashes- Frequent eye makeup increases the need for cleaning of the eyelashes. It is recommended to gently rub the lashes with some natural oils like coconut castor, and olive oil. Conditioning lashes once every night with the natural oils helps to retain moisture and make them healthy. You can also use petroleum jelly which is considered as the best hypoallergenic product for the eyelid area. 
  • Eat healthily- Iron found in dark leafy vegetables can stimulate healthy growth of lashes. Vitamin B found in eggs, and sweet potatoes are also known to promote eyelash growth. Hence it is a good idea to include vitamin and Iron-rich foods in your daily diet. 
  • Remove cosmetic products before you sleep- Wearing mascara for the whole day and night can weaken your lash strand. If mascara traces left for the extended period, it could block the hair follicles, which ultimately cause your lashes to fall out. Hence, it is important to remove mascara with a makeup remover. Petroleum jelly can be a good makeup remover; it will even take off the waterproof mascara and eyeliner. 
  • Use eyelash curler wisely- many women use an eyelash curler to lengthen their lashes which can cause trauma to your delicate lash strands so always try to apply minimal pressure when using the product. It is always a smart idea to skip extension if they are meant to be sued with glue. Especially heavy lash extensions that are stuck with glue can pluck the lashes when removed. 
  • Choose an eyelash serum- Maximize the length and fullness of your lashes with a natural formula of your choice. It is important to use the right eyelash enhancer when it comes to taking care of your delicate strands. A product like Careprost eyelash serum can really make a huge difference for those who are looking to fix their thin and sparse eyelashes. Careprost eye drops are a must-have product to maintain long, luscious, and irresistible eyelashes. 

Careprost is one of the most popular eyelash serums on the market that promise results within a few weeks of regular use. The formula contains Bimatoprost to boost thickness and fullness. This might be a good choice for those with Hypotrichosis, a condition of having inadequate eyelashes. Buy authentic Careprost from premiumrxdrugs at an affordable price and boost lash volume over time. 

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