Where to buy Champix Online

09 Apr
By Marie

Champix is the most successful quit smoking drug available and can help smokers quit smoking after just twelve weeks of treatment. Buy Champix online to get rid of your smoking habit. At premiumrxdrugs.com, you will get genuine and quality prescription medications to treat various health conditions from trusted and known pharmaceutical brands all over the world. The online pharmacy provides the best medications to their customers. The medications available here are tested and tried for efficacy. Premiumrxdrugs.com offers Champix, a genuine medicine from the house of Pfizer helps smokers in quitting smoking. The medicine is quite effective in quitting smoking.

Champix – A Pfizer medication for quitting smoking

Champix is a prescription medicine effective enough to help you stop smoking. The medicine increases your chance by helping you fight the withdrawal symptoms, and makes it easier for you to stop smoking. It has the active ingredient Varenicline, which blocks the effects of nicotine. The medicine comes in the form of a pill and is clinically proven to greatly increase your chances of quitting smoking. Champix pills help to relieve the cravings and withdrawals associated with quitting. This will help you in breaking the habit long enough to stop your dependence on nicotine. The pills make stopping smoking easier; you still require strong determination and willpower to avoid cigarettes. It is always recommended to consult a physician and complete the clinical assessment before purchasing Champix online.

Buy Champix online safely

It is always good to buy a medicine from a reputed online pharmacy. Premiumrxdrugs.com is one such online drug store that deals with only genuine and authorized medicines. The online pharmacy is a reliable and a trusted pharmacy where you can buy genuine medications at an affordable price. You can buy Champix pills easily and get the tablets delivered to your doorstep within 7 to 15 business days. The medicines available here are 100% safe and clinically tested. The website provides complete security and keeps your personal information such as phone numbers, email id and other details safe. It offers complete satisfaction by providing the order on time.

Dosage instructions for Champix

Champix tablets do not make you quit smoking. You will need a strong determination to break the smoking habit and success in life. When you start Champix treatment, your goal should be quitting tobacco on the decided date. Champix treatment in combination with counselling from a physician is more likely to increase your chance to successfully stop smoking. This is the reason why physicians will only prescribe this smoking cessation drug to people who wish to be a part of a quitting program or who really want to get rid of the bad habit. Decide a quit date after you purchase the medicine to stop smoking tobacco. Begin taking the tablets one week before the quit date. It is important to build up the dose so that your body gets used to this smoking cessation drug before the quit date. It is always recommended to start the treatment with the low dose of Champix, ie. 0.5 mg daily for the first three days. Then increase to 0.5 mg twice daily on days four to seven.  Then, continue taking the 1 mg dose daily for twelve weeks.

Generic Chantix with Prescription Online

27 Mar
By Marie

If you are a smoker, you are aware of all the health complications associated with smoking. You are probably sick of hearing about them. But quitting is not easy; it’s a difficult task that requires determination. Smoking is bad for you, and you should throw out your packs of smokes. But then throwing them actually is not an easy decision.

There are many ways to stop smoking, and you may have attempted them all to get rid of this habit. But nothing works better than  Chantix, a prescription pill to help smokers who really want to quit. If you are determined and ready to quit smoking, it may is the time to try this FDA approved, prescription method.

Quitting smoking- A challenge:

Quitting smoking is easy once you are ready to quit it. The addictive additive in cigarettes is nicotine, which is considered as the most addictive substance in the world. This addictive substance nicotine creates dependence by stimulating receptors; those are responsible for producing dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a feel-good chemical that released naturally in the brain and makes us feel good about doing everyday tasks like drinking, eating, and mating, etc. When smoking a cigarette, an individual will get a rush of dopamine; the feel-good hormone results in positive effects. But, after a while, dopamine is utilized by the body, and the body of the person left craving for another cigarette as a result. This cycle of addiction occurs as a result. The good news is that there is a better option than attempting to buy those unauthorized OTC drugs for smoking cessation and that the best option is Generic Chantix Starter Pack, which provide you with the ability to cut down at their own pace.

Chantix for nicotine addiction:

Many people suffer from nicotine addiction, which is mainly caused by smoking. You must be fed up with the ever-increasing and high cost of prescription medication. But Chantix is a reasonable drug to use for smoking cessation.

According to American cancer society, about 42 million people in America smoke cigarette. Smoking is addictive, and many people are not happy with this unhealthy habit, and they want to quit. According to CDC reports, around 70% of smokers in 201 said that they want to quit smoking and live a healthy life. Chantix is a drug, specially made for such smokers. The drug is the most popular prescription solution for people trying to stop smoking. The drug is made to use in women and men of ages 18 years old and over. A smoker who wants to quit must take Chantix for three months to help quit smoking. The user may experience withdrawal symptoms and frustrations of quitting smoking.

Varenicline- The active ingredient in Chantix:

Chantix is available in the pill form and contains Varenicline as the active ingredient, which acts on the sites in the brain affected by nicotine. The active pharmaceutical ingredient helps with craving and withdrawal symptoms. It also works by blocking the effects of nicotine from tobacco. If you start smoking again while taking Chantix, your chances of quitting improves as the medicine lowers the satisfaction you get from smoking.

Pills that help you Stop Smoking

25 Jan
By Marie

If you are ready to stop smoking, the good news is that many options are available to help you. Using medications to quit smoking can significantly improve the chances of your success.

This guide is for smokers who want to quit smoking and do not want to smoke even in future. It doesn’t matter how much you have smoked or how long you have been smoking, how many times you have tried stopping and returned to smoking, this information sheet can help you guide the right way to quit. This information sheet will provide you complete information about the best medication that can help you stop smoking.


The medications can help relieve withdrawal symptoms and fight cravings. With the help of anti-smoking drugs, you will be less likely to relapse, and your chances of quitting will increase. One of the reasons quitting smoking is tough that tobacco products are composed of an additive agent called nicotine. Medications help you get rid of nicotine withdrawal symptoms in your quitting process. The symptoms of nicotine withdrawal that a smoker may experience include anger, irritability, depressed mood, headache, anger, frustration, restlessness, cravings for cigarette smoke, trouble sleeping, problem concentrating, etc.

Champix for smoking cessation

The pharmacological treatments to stop smoking have been proven effective. Ideally, the medications must be used along with smoking cessation support to increase the success rate. Champix is one of the medications, which is clinically approved for those 18 years of age and older. The anti-smoking drug is available on prescription and is widely used by smokers all over the world. It is available in pill form to help an individual get rid of smoking. Champix is composed of Varenicline as the active ingredient. It is a pill that you need take once a day. The active ingredient of the medication acts by blocking the areas of the brain that are affected by nicotine. One needs to start the treatment about 7 to 10 days before your quit date. Initially, your health care provider will ask you to take a smaller dose for a few days then may increase your dose. The treatment must be continued for 12 weeks. If you become successful in quitting at 12 weeks, you can continue the treatment for an additional 12 weeks as a maintenance therapy.

Many people around the world have quit successfully with the anti-smoking drug. However, some may have experienced unwanted effects with this medication such as nausea, vivid, and vomiting, etc. The side effects associated with the medication are not the severe ones; they usually disappear after some time. But if you have any kind of renal impairment, talk to a healthcare specialist before taking the medication. People using Varenicline should be aware that the medication may also cause you to have suicidal thoughts, agitation, and depression. Individuals using this medication are also advised to not involve in driving or operating heavy machinery until they how this medicine will affect them.

Important information about Varenicline (Champix)

Do not take Champix if you have a serious allergic reaction to it. A skin reaction can happen and can harm you. Stop taking the medication and get the medical attention right away if you develop trouble breathing, rash, peeling of the skin, blisters in your mouth or swelling of the face, throat or neck.


01 Nov
By Marie

In very simple and short words, Champix is the most effective and prescribed medicine that help adults to quit smoking. If you feel that you are tired of trying numerous ways out of stopping yourself from smoking than Champix can help you finally to achieve your resolution.


Varenicline wok as the main active ingredient in Champix. It blocks the nicotine effects in your body which helps you to get rid of nicotine addiction.

Let’s understand how Champix works – In the brain there are nicotine receptors, when you inhale the smoke of a cigarette, it binds the nicotine receptors that trigger and releases a good feeling chemical called dopamine. After few minutes of your smoke, nicotine and dopamine start its working and it increases the craving of having another cigarette. It is believed that Champix binds these receptors in the brain and blocks nicotine craving. As per research, regular intake of Champix inhibits nicotine’s ability, its usage for 12 weeks can significantly increase the chances of quit smoking.

For smoking cessation, Champix is prescribed under the health care supervisor only. This treatment usually takes 3 months time. Once Champix exerting its action, you will realize smoking cigarette will become less enjoyable as soon you will approach the quit date. The treatment of Champix works best in association with non-pharmacological support such as counselling, family support, educational materials, etc.


The 12 week’s time is considered as the full course of Champix, and to get the effective treatment it is always advisable to follow the complete course length. Some of the nicotine withdrawal symptoms can last for up to around 10 weeks or more, therefore it is important to take the medicine for the full 12-weeks.

You can also follow 3 easy steps to quit smoking with Champix:

  1. 12 Weeks Fixed Quit – You can decide the date later when you really want to quit smoking, but then start taking Champix 1 to 2 weeks before the date you decide and take it to 12 weeks.
  2. 12 Weeks Adjustable or Flexible Quit – You can start Champix course immediately and then stop smoking as and when you are ready anytime between 8 to 35 days, continue Champix for next 12 weeks.
Quit Smoking

            Quit Smoking

24 Weeks Moderate Quit – You can start taking Champix even if you are not ready for the treatment, then moderately reduce your smoking habits by setting-up the goal of quitting latest by 12 weeks. Stop smoking on the last day of the 12th Start taking Champix 1mg again for next 12 weeks to finally overcome with the strong urge of your smoking habits.


Taking the full course of Champix under the supervision of your healthcare provider is safe enough but still, this medicine has some common side effects. These side effects are mild to moderate and not suppose to cause any harm. They will disappear with time, but if you experience any severe symptoms, you can visit your physician:

  • Signs of depression and stress, such as weight changes, behavioural changes, low motivation, lack of interest, aggression, anger, etc.
  • Signs of mental changes like feeling hallucinations or thinking about harming yourself, anxiety, agitation etc.

Some of the adverse effects of Champix are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Feeling of headaches and dizziness
  • Constipation
  • Unusual weakness or tiredness

Smoking is injurious to health and we all know this fact. If you want to live an active and healthy life, Champix can help you to get rid of your strong smoking habit. Consult your doctor today and start this course for enjoying a safe and a better life.

What are the Active Ingredients in Champix

08 Jul
By Marie

Anti Smoking Drugs What are the Active Ingredients in Champix

Tobacco and cigarettes contain nicotine, which is a powerfully addictive drug. Your body becomes used to the effects of nicotine drug. When you cut back, quit or go without it, your body requires adjustment, which can be called as nicotine withdrawal. This withdrawal can begin as soon as half an hour after you last smoke or use tobacco. Nicotine withdrawal can cause:

  • Irritability
  • Restlessness
  • Depression
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Anxiety
  • Increased appetite
  • Tobacco Craving
  • Sleeplessness

Many medicines claim to increase your chances of quitting smoking or tobacco use, but none of them are effective in real. Champix is a medication that comes out to be the most effective one amongst all other anti-smoking medications. The medicine contains Varenicline as the active ingredient, which not only increases the chances of quitting smoking or reducing your tobacco use but also helps with withdrawal symptoms.

Champix 0.5mg and 1mg

                             Champix starter 0.5mg and 1mg

Your health care professional will help you decide if Champix (Varenicline) is suitable for you, and if yes, then which dose you need. He/she will be the person who will decide how long you need to take it and if you should take it in combination with other smoking cessation medications to improve your condition.

Mode of action of Varenicline

Varenicline, the active component of Champix exerts its mode of action in two ways:

  • It makes smoking and tobacco use less satisfying as compared to earlier
  • It decreases the cravings and other withdrawal symptoms

Note: You need a prescription for this anti-smoking drugs. In case you have any medical conditions or are pregnant or a nursing mother, make sure that you inform your healthcare professional before you begin the treatment.

Usage instructions

The medication needs to be taken as directed by the healthcare professional. It is recommended to start taking the pill 8 to 14 days before you set a quit date or quit smoking and tobacco 8 to 35 days after starting the treatment. You can take your Varenicline pill to cut on issues associated with stomach upset. You are not supposed to chew or crush the pills. Don’t worry if you miss taking the pill, leave the missed dose and take the next one at the scheduled time. Remember, once you have stopped smoking or quit tobacco use, continue taking the medicine according to your healthcare professional’s instructions. Don’t take if you are younger than 17 years old.

Where to Buy Champix at Low Price

22 Jun
By Marie

Where to Buy Champix at Low Price

Champix is categorized as smoking cessation therapies. It is a prescription drug formulated to help individuals for withdrawal symptoms related to quitting smoking. The product is an ideal option for patients who want to quit smoking when nicotine replacement therapy didn’t work. makes smoking less pleasurable and reduce the desire to have another cigarette in the future. It must be taken by adults in the right combination along with counseling and education.

It has been reported that people who take Champix for 12 weeks to quit smoking, the quit rate is more than twice as effective if Champix is taken alone. It has been shown the significantly better results than any other medications available in the pharmaceutical industry. It effectively not only reduces the cravings but also the level of satisfaction experienced when smoking.

Champix dose varies from person to person. One must follow the physician’s instructions carefully before taking the medicine. However, the recommended dose of the medicine is 1 mg twice daily for 12 weeks.

Champix is an only prescription medicine that is extremely effective in quitting smoking. It is a popular and successful aid in trying to stop smoking. If you want to buy Champix, then buy it from a reliable pharmacy. You can also buy Champix online at premiumrxdrugs.com and enjoy your online pharmacy experience as simple as possible. You will get Champix tablets at affordable rates here along with the fast delivery options. Get your Champix tablets at lowest discounted rates on premiumrxdrugs.com.

Can Champix Help You in Quit Smoking

20 Jun
By Marie

Champix Help You in Quit Smoking

Some people who smoke regularly would like to quit smoking. If you are amongst the one, who wants to get rid of smoking then this post can be beneficial for you. If you are determined about quitting smoking, then you can search out cessation aids that may increase your chances of stopping successfully. There are some treatments available to help you beat your addiction and reduce withdrawal symptoms.
Buy Champix Online


Champix is one of the licensed medical products, which can help people to quit smoking. It can be purchased on prescription. Champix has been clinically approved to reduce the withdrawal symptoms to a great extent. This is the only anti-smoking drug which makes you more likely to quit smoking successfully than any other product. It can increase the chances of successful long-term smoking cessation three times as compared to other pharmaceutical products.

Champix 1 mg has the active component varenicline, which blocks the full affects of smoking so that you cannot receive the same pleasure. It helps relieve cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Also, it works by preventing nicotine from activating the nicotine acetylcholine receptors enough to provide the satisfaction. It is advised to begin the Champix treatment while an individual (smoker) is still smoking and a target stop date set within the fourteen days of treatment. The complete course lasts for twelve weeks.

Champix is a drug that is not suitable for children under 18 years of age. Therefore, it is important that it should not be taken by this population. Pregnant women are also at high risk of developing fetal abnormalities. People with end-stage renal disorders should also avoid taking Champix to stop smoking. However, nursing mothers should discuss the risks and benefits of using Varenicline.

Do not use Champix tablets if you are hypersensitive to Varenicline or other components of the anti-smoking product. Also, if you are already receiving nicotine replacement therapy like an inhaler, patches, or gums, avoid the use of Champix. The combination of nicotine replacement therapy and Champix is not expected to improve your chances of quitting smoking, but may lead to adverse effects.

The product is supplied in the form of the film-coated tablet. It is available in two strengths:

Like other medical products, Champix too has risks and benefits. You must ask your physician for information on which type of anti-smoking product will suit you and your condition. Consult your physician to see if Champix is right for you.

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