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Champix is the most successful quit smoking drug available and can help smokers quit smoking after just twelve weeks of treatment. Buy Champix online to get rid of your smoking habit. At premiumrxdrugs.com, you will get genuine and quality prescription medications to treat various health conditions from trusted and known pharmaceutical brands all over the world. The online pharmacy provides the best medications to their customers. The medications available here are tested and tried for efficacy. Premiumrxdrugs.com offers Champix, a genuine medicine from the house of Pfizer helps smokers in quitting smoking. The medicine is quite effective in quitting smoking.

Champix – A Pfizer medication for quitting smoking

Champix is a prescription medicine effective enough to help you stop smoking. The medicine increases your chance by helping you fight the withdrawal symptoms, and makes it easier for you to stop smoking. It has the active ingredient Varenicline, which blocks the effects of nicotine. The medicine comes in the form of a pill and is clinically proven to greatly increase your chances of quitting smoking. Champix pills help to relieve the cravings and withdrawals associated with quitting. This will help you in breaking the habit long enough to stop your dependence on nicotine. The pills make stopping smoking easier; you still require strong determination and willpower to avoid cigarettes. It is always recommended to consult a physician and complete the clinical assessment before purchasing Champix online.

Buy Champix online safely

It is always good to buy a medicine from a reputed online pharmacy. Premiumrxdrugs.com is one such online drug store that deals with only genuine and authorized medicines. The online pharmacy is a reliable and a trusted pharmacy where you can buy genuine medications at an affordable price. You can buy Champix pills easily and get the tablets delivered to your doorstep within 7 to 15 business days. The medicines available here are 100% safe and clinically tested. The website provides complete security and keeps your personal information such as phone numbers, email id and other details safe. It offers complete satisfaction by providing the order on time.

Dosage instructions for Champix

Champix tablets do not make you quit smoking. You will need a strong determination to break the smoking habit and success in life. When you start Champix treatment, your goal should be quitting tobacco on the decided date. Champix treatment in combination with counselling from a physician is more likely to increase your chance to successfully stop smoking. This is the reason why physicians will only prescribe this smoking cessation drug to people who wish to be a part of a quitting program or who really want to get rid of the bad habit. Decide a quit date after you purchase the medicine to stop smoking tobacco. Begin taking the tablets one week before the quit date. It is important to build up the dose so that your body gets used to this smoking cessation drug before the quit date. It is always recommended to start the treatment with the low dose of Champix, ie. 0.5 mg daily for the first three days. Then increase to 0.5 mg twice daily on days four to seven.  Then, continue taking the 1 mg dose daily for twelve weeks.

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