Champix Starter Pack Varenicline

04 Apr
By Marie

Champix starter pack contains Varenicline. It is a medication used to help people stop smoking. The medicine does not contain nicotine but is beneficial for reducing withdrawal symptoms to help people to get rid of tobacco use. It works best when used with a supporting program that allows you to teach habits so that you can live without nicotine. Its regular intake helps to relieve the craving and withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping smoking. People who work towards quitting smoking are often affected by nicotine withdrawal.

A serial smoker while quitting can experience nicotine withdrawal symptoms such as sleep problems, difficulty concentrating decreased heart rate, increased appetite, feeling angry, cravings for tobacco, depressed mood, feeling anxious, restlessness, frustrations, weight gain, or increased thirst. Not everybody who is giving up smoking is affected by symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Varenicline is for reducing the urge to help you put down your cigarettes. It is most popularly prescribed quit-smoking aid. The prescription medication has been used to more than twelve million people.

How does Varenicline work?

Varenicline reduces the desire to smoke by releasing the pleasure chemical (dopamine) in a smoker’s brain to decrease the signs of withdrawal. The medicine has the potential to reduce the pleasure that a smoker’s feel while smoking cigarette.

Quitting smoking your way

Stopping is entirely a personal thought when it comes to how and when you might be willing to put down the cigarettes. There are three ways that you can use Champix to help you stop smoking. Work with your healthcare specialist to find the suitable way for you. The consultation of a physician is essential to start the Champix treatment.

Here are three approaches to quit smoking fast:

  1. 1st approach to stop- Decide a quit date when you will quit smoking. Initiate the treatment with Champix seven days before your decided quit date.
  2. 2nd approach to discontinue – Start Champix treatment before choosing a quit date. Once you start taking it, pick a time to stop smoking that is between days 8 and 35 of the procedure. Take the anti-smoking cessation drug for 12 weeks.
  3. 3rd approach to quit – If you don’t want to stop smoking and not sure about fixing the date, start taking Champix and reduce smoking cigarettes during the first 12 weeks of treatment. The treatment is as follows:
  • From week 1 to 4- Reduce to half your daily number of smoking cigarettes. For example, if you smoke 20 cigarettes daily, try reducing smoking to 10 cigarettes daily from 1st to 4th week.
  • From 5 to 8th week- Gradually reduce the number of smoking cigarettes to reach one-quarter of your daily smoking. For example, if you smoke 20 cigarettes daily, reduce the number of smoking to 5 cigarettes daily during week 5 to 8.
  • From 9 to 12 weeks- Continue reducing smoking your number of cigarettes until you quit smoking, or you reach smoking zero cigarettes daily.

One should aim to quit by the end of the 12th week of initiating the treatment or before whenever you feel quitting. Keep on taking the anti-smoking drug for a total of twelve weeks of treatment.

Initiating the Champix treatment before your decided quit date gives the medicine some time to build up in the smoker’s body. The smoker can continue smoking during this period. It is necessary to take the Champix tablets as directed by the healthcare professional.

Dosage information for Chantix

The usual dose for Varenicline is one pill per day for three days, then the dose may increase to one pill twice daily for days before your quit date. From quit date, start taking the stronger dose of Champix that is 1 mg twice daily for as long as your healthcare professional recommends for 12 weeks. Once you quit smoking, continue taking the pills for more than 12 weeks to stay away from cigarette smoking or tobacco use.

Varenicline may cause nausea therefore in order to avoid nausea while taking Chantix, prefer taking it with breakfast or food in the morning. Drink two glasses of water with the pill. Take the second dose with dinner in the evening.

Important information about Champix

  • Some smokers have mental health issues such as agitation, suicidal thoughts, depressed mood, changes in behaviour or thinking, or aggression during the treatment.
  • One may have seizures while taking the anti-smoking drug. Inform your healthcare provider about the history of seizures.
  • Heart blood vessel issues may develop during the treatment. Get an immediate medical attention if you have symptoms of heart problems.

The most common side effects associated with the use of Champix are constipation, vomiting, acidity, sleep problems, nausea, and strange dreams.

Smoking Cessation Guidelines

22 Feb
By Marie

Smoking cessesation-Champix Starter Pack

Smoking is the leading cause of death in developing countries. About half of all smokers die of a smoking-related illness. Many smokers are willing to quit, but unfortunately very few can do so.

Stopping smoking is the single most important step that smokers can take to enhance their quality of lives. To quit tobacco use and to stay fit, you need to know what you are up against, what the treatment options available to you are, and where you need to go for help. You will find all smoking cessation like Smoking Cessation Guidelines- Champix Starter Pack-related information here. However, these guidelines are not intended to serve as a standard of your health care specialist’s advice. Standards of medical care are determined by all clinical data and medical history of an individual (a smoker who wants to quit) and are subject to change depending on the clinical response.

Smoking is responsible for causing risk factors for various health issues including:

  • Premature death- Tobacco use or smoking is one of the major causes of premature death all over the world. A majority of people die at an early age due to lung cancer, coronary heart disease (CHD), and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease caused by smoking.
  • Pneumonia- Many young smokers are admitted to the health care centre for pneumonia. Cigarette smoking is the strongest risk factor for developing pneumonia in healthy young people.
  • Regular smoking can cause cancer of esophagus, pancreas, bladder, upper respiratory tract, stomach and myeloid leukemia.
  • Gastric and duodenal ulcers
  • An aortic aneurysm, cerebrovascular disease, and heart failure caused by CHD
  • Impotence, premature ageing, osteoporosis, infertility
  • Risk of miscarriage, premature birth, stillbirth, and low birth weight. Smoking during pregnancy may also affect the child’s growth and development.
  • Smoking cessation interventions are the best way to reduce illness. Stopping smoking provides both immediate and long-term benefits irrespective of your age. If you are a smoker and willing to quit staying fit in the future, then you must follow these guidelines. These guidelines, especially focus especially on reducing the prevalence of smoking among people of all communities.
  • A smoker is always advised to quit smoking and take the help of a smoking cessation clinic for management and support. According to the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), the following guidelines are recommended:
  • Nicotine replacement therapy or Champix Starter Pack (Varenicline) is appropriate for people who are willing to quit.
  • Pharmacological therapy should always be prescribed as part of an abstinent-contingent treatment, in which an individual who smokes a lot makes a strong determination for quitting smoking on a target stop date.
  • The pharmacological therapy such as Champix Starter Pack and NRT are sufficient to last only until fourteen days after the target stop date. After fourteen days of NRT and 21 to 28 days for Champix, to allow for the different techniques of administration and mode of action.
  • Patients are advised to follow the treatment only if your quit attempt is continuing. Otherwise, there is no use of subsequent prescriptions.
  • If you find yourself unsuccessful in quitting with NRT or varenicline, your health care provider will not offer a repeat prescription for six months unless special circumstances have hampered an individual’s initial attempt at quitting smoking.
  • A combination of nicotine patches and other NRT therapy such as nicotine gum, etc. may recommend to people who are found to have a high level of dependence on nicotine or did not get benefited with single forms of NRT in the past.
  • Pharmacological treatments like NRT or varenicline should not be offered in any combination.
  • Patients are advised not to take one medication over another. With the help of your health care provider, you must choose the one that seems most likely to succeed.

Main Side Effects of Champix

28 Jun
By Marie

champix side effectsv

Champix is a pharmaceutical drug available in the form of the tablet that you take for 12 weeks to quit smoking. It is a medicine that acts by reducing your cravings for a cigarette and the unpleasant feeling when you don’t smoke. The regular intake of Champix for 12 weeks blocks the effects of nicotine that is present in cigarette and tobacco. This action will reduce the satisfaction that you get from smoke and ultimately you don’t enjoy it as much.

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In addition to benefits, Champix has unwanted effects that may be caused by the active component of the product known as Varenicline. Medical attention may require if any side effect occurs related to the usage of Champix.

Major side effects:

One should always check with the physician if any of these adverse effects develops during the Champix treatment.

Less common:

  • Tightness in the chest
  • Difficult or labored breathing
  • Hyperventilation

Rare effects

  • Discouragement
  • Feeling sad or empty
  • Anger
  • Behaviour changes
  • Mood swings
  • Anxiety
  • Thoughts of killing oneself
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Loss of interest or pleasure
  • Hearing, seeing, or feeling things that are not here.
  • Panic feeling

Minor side effects:

You may not need medical attention for some side effects that may develop with Champix (Varenicline). Once your body adapted to Varenicline treatment, these unwanted effects may disappear by its own. You can also discuss with your physician about ways to reduce or prevents some side effects that continue to bother you for a long time.

Common side effects:

  • Changes in taste
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Unusual tiredness or weakness
  • Lack or loss of strength
  • Dry mouth
  • Bloated or full feeling
  • Abnormal dreams
  • Passing gas
  • Stomach pain
  • General feeling of discomfort or illness
  • Difficulty having a bowel movement
  • Loss of taste
  • Excess air or gas in the stomach and intestines.

Some less common effects:

  • Cough
  • Chills
  • Body aches or pain
  • Increased appetite
  • Sleeping or unusual drowsiness
  • Loss of voice
  • Belching
  • Sneezing or a sore throat
  • Indigestion
  • Nightmares
  • Heartburn
  • Fever
  • Ear congestion
  • Itching skin r rash
  • Acid or sour stomach
  • Decreased appetite
  • Stuffy or a runny nose
  • Vomiting
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Stomach discomfort or upset
  • Dullness and feeling of sluggishness

Is Champix a Really Effective Anti-Smoking Drug

27 Jun
By Marie

champix smoking cessation drug

Cigarette smoking kills thousands of people every year all over the world. Smokers are at a high risk for a host of conditions, including heart diseases, stroke, cancers, and other several chronic conditions. If you have decided to quit smoking, even if you have been smoking for years, you can reduce the risk of all those health conditions. Champix, the smoking cessation drug offers an extensive coverage for smokers trying to quit. It helped many people already in quitting smoking. Champix in conjunction with counselling and education supports quitters as well as the people around them. It is an effective way of quitting smoking that gives a chance to connect with the community and keep you stick to your decision of quitting throughout the months. It is tough to quit smoking, but with Champix now it can be possible for every smoker. It keeps you away from cravings for tobacco, anger, irritation, anxiety, increased hunger, and troubled thinking.

The smoking cessation medication Champix does not contain nicotine but help overcome the need to use cigarettes containing nicotine.  According to various clinical researchers, Champix is one of the first choices for medications for the smoker who really wanted to quit. It has been reported to be the clear winner when it comes to promote quitting smoking or tobacco. The product has achieved higher abstinence rates than smokers on nicotine patches or bupropion.

The medicine is composed of Varenicline as the active ingredient. It works by interfering with the nicotine receptors in the brain. This action of Varenicline decreases the satisfaction that a smoker gets from cigarette smoking as well as the unpleasant symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

It has been reported that Varenicline is very effective in quitting smoking as compared to other anti-smoking agents. It has been shown Champix along with behavioural and psychological interventions improve long-term results. The medication is relatively effective in the field of the pharmaceutical industry and cannot be bought as a generic.

Active Ingredient of Champix and Working

23 Jun
By Marie

What is the Active Ingredient of Champix

Champix is a brand of anti-smoking tablets containing the active ingredient Varenicline. It can be purchased only with a health care specialist’s prescription. Varenicline is a quit smoking drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It has the ability to reduce withdrawal symptoms to help people overcome the need to smoke. It is believed that Varenicline works best to change habits so that you can live without nicotine. The active component is considered as the second line treatment for smoking cessation and is only suitable for those people who have failed an appropriate trial of bupropion, nicotine replacement therapy, or combination treatment within the past year.

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Varenicline, the active component of the product adheres to these receptors and stimulate their receptor-mediated activities at a remarkably lower level than nicotine, as a result of that reduces cravings and nicotine withdrawal symptoms. The pharmaceutical drug simultaneously acts by preventing nicotine binding to these receptors, which block the stimulation of the central nervous system (CNS) mesolimbic dopamine system and the reinforcing effects of continued nicotine use. Consequently, if a patient smoke during the treatment, Varenicline is capable enough to reduce the feeling of pleasure associated with smoking.

Dosage Instructions

Patients are advised to begin taking Varenicline seven days before their target quit smoking date. The 0.5 mg dose of the medicine should be taken once a day for the first to the third days, 0.5 mg two times a day for the fourth to seven days, and 1 mg dose twice daily after that. If you are not able to tolerate the adverse effects than your health care specialist may adjust your dose. Each dose should be consumed after eating food with a glass full of water.

Patients should continue the varenicline treatment for 12 weeks. Patients who have successfully stop smoking after a period of 12 weeks can continue taking the tablets for an additional 12 weeks treatment to prevent a relapse. Whereas, those who have failed to quit smoking after this period should be encouraged to restart the course after factors behind relapsing have been identified and addressed.  Consult your physician in advance before starting Champix course.

How Does Champix Work

20 Jun
By Marie

How Does Champix Work

Champix is the most effective prescription drug for quitting smoking. If you want to quit smoking, Champix can be the best option for you. This drug can help to reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with smoking. It is effective for people who smoke ten cigarettes daily, and who want to stop smoking. To understand the mode of action of Champix, it is necessary to understand about smoking and nicotine addiction.

Nicotine is a chemical inhaled from cigarettes and tobacco. While smoking a cigarette, nicotine absorbs into the bloodstream and reaches the brain, which stimulates nicotine receptors and gives you an intense pleasure. Nicotine receptors cause the release of pleasurable chemicals like dopamine and endorphins. If there is a reduction in nicotine levels in the bloodstream, withdrawal symptoms such as trouble concentrating dizziness, increased appetite, and irritability can occur.  Most smokers who smoke on a regular basis are addicted to nicotine.

Champix has varenicline as the active component, which helps you get rid of nicotine addiction. The main component of the drug mimics nicotine’s effect and stimulates the brain’s nicotine receptors in the body. This action of Varenicline helps in reducing both cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The regular intake of Champix inhibits nicotine’s ability to stimulate brain receptors, which leads to decrease in pleasure that cigarette provides as well as decreases the urge to smoke. In this way Champix fights with the immediate need of a smoke, the feeling of pleasure smoking produces, the satisfaction it gives, and increases the chances of quitting successfully this dangerous habit.

Champix for smoking cessation is prescribed under the doctor’s supervision and is usually a 12-week treatment. Once it starts exerting its action, you will find smoking cigarette will become less enjoyable as you are near your quit date. The treatment works best in conjunction with non-pharmacological support such as counselling, educational materials, etc.

The anti-smoking drug is clinically proven to be more effective than nicotine replacement therapy that takes place for long-term smoking abstinence.

If you are seriously interested in quitting smoking, then Champix can work wonders for you. Remember, if you keep pumping nicotine into your system, there are chances that this anti-smoking agent could not be as effective. Before going to opt this treatment, you should be committed to quitting it. This medicine cannot work on its own, you should also take a step forward, make some efforts to quit and allow the medicine what it required to work to get you away from nicotine.

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