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Quitting smoking is a tough task. People try several times and fail. And there is noformula for kicking the butt as the same method doesn’t always work for everyone. Smokers who want to quit need to find a way that suits them best. Some people come up with creative solutions to kick their bad habit.

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People addicted to smoking feel the urge to smoke and cannot resist cigarettes. But these people need to learn to stop living at the mercy of cravings. It is indeed a difficult job, but nothing is impossible. Each time you try to curb your craving to smoke, you are one step closer to quitting smoking.

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Here are some of the best tips to quit smoking. Try any of them out, and move towards healthy and smoke-free life:

  1. Pick a quit date, get set and go: Set a time and make a promise to yourself that you’ll quit smoking. Do not stop smoking until that date. Then, when the prefixed date comes, stop at once and for all.
  2. Think positive: Always be ready to fulfill your promise to yourself even if you have tried and broken it many times before. Think of why you want to quit and the downside to smoking. Laugh at the moment you curbed your craving. Pat your own back for saving yourself from a life threatening problem like lung cancer that smoking might have caused.
  3. Make non-smoking friends: Tell your family, friends and co-workers that you are trying to quit smoking. Try to make friends with non-smokers or others who are also trying to quit smoking, as their encouragement and combined efforts will make it easier for you to stop.
  4. Try to identify cigarette triggers and avoid them: In case certain things or activities elevate your craving, identify and avoid them. For example, for many people, alcohol and caffeine boost cravings for a smoke. Avoid them completely. Try doing something else, like drinking water or maybe juice.
  5. Fight your cravings: You can fight your cravings by opting for healthier options. You can keep your hands and mouth busy chewing gum or eating candy. Include more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Research shows that low-fat dairy products and veggies make cigarettes taste terrible. A good idea is to give yourself a push!
  6. Get moving: Research has proved that physical activity as light as walking is directly related to mental stimulation, which in turn can reduce cravings. Exercise, including yoga and meditation, also helps combat the withdrawal symptoms.
  7. Clean your house: Discard anything that reminds you of your smoking habit like ashtrays, cigarette boxes and lighters. Clean your house, carpets and clothes of the smell of cigarette smoke. When you won’t see, feel or smell your triggers, you won’t think of cigarettes.
  8. Never think you can stop at having just one: Don’t try to fool yourself into having just one cigarette to curb your craving. It is an impossible task as more than often, having one cigarette will lead up to more. Finally, you will end up smoking again.
  9. Try Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT): NRT is a kind of treatment that helps you fight your tobacco cravings. It is done on the prescription of a doctor and is available in the form of nicotine inhalers and nasal sprays. Similarly, quit smoking medications like Varenicline and Bupropion are also available. Some NRT in the form of patches and gums are also available over-the-counter.
  10. Reward yourself: By spending less on cigarettes, you will end up saving a good amount. Put this money in a transparent jar, it will encourage you to get going. Finally, spend a part of the money you save by doing something fun or relaxing for yourself.


Always remember that smoking is indeed “Injurious To Health”. If you quit smoking, you will see the immediate health benefits and it will add some more years to your healthy life. Within a day, you will see changes in your blood pressure, pulse rate and carbon monoxide levels in your blood. So get going and quit smoking.

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