How to Revive Your Sex Life

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Sex is a natural desire and quite an interesting thing to read about. However, when your sex drive or libido takes a dive, it is a matter of concern. About 1 in every 5 men suffers from a loss of libido at some point in their life. Men do not like to talk about low sexual desire but the loss of libido in men can create a lot of tension in a marriage.

The loss of interest in sex scares men more than women because they feel that their masculinity is linked to their sexuality. This is very threatening. A study conducted by the University of Chicago stated that only 23% of men with a loss of libido say that they still feel happy about their life. 

How do know the problem of libido loss?

Libido is a person’s sexual drive and the loss of it doesn’t usually happen suddenly. Loss of sexual desire is a gradual process and sometimes difficult to gauge in the speedy lifestyle we lead. Libido loss is the lack of interest in sex over a period of time. There are various factors that affect a man’s libido:

  • Psychological issues– Stress and anxiety from the strain of daily life, family problems, depression and mental disorders.
  • Medical issues- Diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and HIV negatively affect sexual desire.
  • Hormonal factors- For men and women, hormones play a very important role. Testosterones are the important hormone of sexual desire and low testosterone levels usually mean low sexual desire and the levels dip as men age. There are various other causes that produce low testosterone levels including chronic disease, medications, and other drug use.

Daily habits to increase your libido

There are many ways in which you can do to regain your sex drive, these are as follows:

  • Manage stress- Stress is one of the top sex-drive killers that most couples complain about. Try to deal with stress so that you can enjoy your sex life with your partner. The best way to be stress-free is to focus on what you are doing at the time, rather than worrying about yesterday or tomorrow.
  • Plan more date nights- You can try a night show with your partner by getting out of the house for an old-fashioned date. Going out for these can reignite the spark you felt when you first met.
  • Divide household chores equally- After a long and hectic day of work, you have to head home and try to do the household labour equally with your partner this will make both of you happier in the bedroom and out of it.
  • Try to focus on psychological factors– Sexual desire can often be triggered, or dampened by the environment to avoid ruining your mood. Remove stacks of papers, books, and work-related files. You can light your room with dim colours or light candles. Light-scented candles to create a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Try drinking a little- Just some wine or maybe one drink may lighten you up. This will reduce your anxiety and stress, and help you get in the mood. Caution: alcohol is a depressant and too much booze can end up with quite the opposite problem.
  • Say yes to aphrodisiacs- You can try maca, a natural herb that leads to increased blood flow to the genitals and works on an emotional level by calming the mind. Maca has the power to improve your sex drive. You can also try oysters.
  • Prepare for intimacy- To plan a romantic evening with your lover, try first to get him “in the mood”. You both can have coffee or chocolate, these both are great sex enhancers. These foods produce positive mood states and also release endorphins, which provide energy during sex.
  • Hiking together- You can go out hiking, running, gym or any hobby that interests you and your partner. By doing this, your bond will strengthen your emotional connection and feelings of support boost desire. Furthermore, it has been proved in a study that couples engaged in exciting activities had greater satisfaction in their relationships.
  • Take supplements- There are various supplements available in the market and online stores, such as ginkgo Biloba, which helps you increase the blood flow to the brain and sexual organs. You can also purchase vitamin B5 capsules, which help in boosting acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that sends impulses from your brain to your sexual organs.
  • Focus on foods- The best way to boost your libido is by having foods like bananas which are a rich source of vitamin B that helps boost your energy levels. You can eat avocados, which are high in folic acid and also help to boost energy, stamina and sex drive. Try nuts and eggs in your diet because eggs are rich in vitamins B6 and B5, which help in balancing hormone levels.
  • Try sex toys- Be experimental because boredom can often lead to a loss of sex drive. You can use sex toys or try to have sex in unique locations, which will create magic and give you an element of interest that is missing for a long.

These are a few important tips that you can implement. If all these things do not help you, you might want to see a specialist. He/she may advise you to consider diagnostic testing to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies.

Final words:

Regular sex is good for your health and it satisfies all sorts of emotional and physical intimacy needs. It connects you with your partner in a way that it’s fun for both. Sexual desires are very important for the formation and maintenance of relationships among couples. However a lack of sexual desire can adversely affect and ruin relationships. So, keep the above daily habits in your mind to lead a happy sex life. You can also buy kamagra gold online and enjoy your regular sex life.

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