How Smoking Affects Your Health?

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Cigarettes contain about 10 milligrams of nicotine, which is an addictive drug that is responsible for stimulating different parts of the brain. A research conducted on some smokers has proved that they feel a sense of pleasure or relaxation in their central nervous system while smoking.

There is no contradiction that smoking provides a sense of pleasure,because whenever a smoker drags a single puff, the harmful chemicals reach the brain within seven seconds and increase the adrenaline and accelerates heart rate and blood pressure. You will be surprised to know that even school going teens have started smoking because they have a perception that they look cool with a cigarette in hand.

An estimated 443,000 Americans lose their lives each year as per reports. It is stated that around $193 billion is spent by Americans on cigarettes in the year 2004.These statistics may be sufficient eye-openers for non-smokers, but for smokers, these facts are just unpractical because of their addiction and this addiction costs them their lives.

How smoking affects the overall health?
Researchers have stated in their studies that smoking not only affects people’s mental health, but also affects the heart, lungs and even reproductive system. This is because smoking tobacco exposes you to more than 4,000 chemicals and different types of toxins, including nicotine. These hazardous chemicals cause major complications, some of which include:

• Different types of cancers (lung, throat, mouth, and pancreatic cancer)
• Cardiac and circulatory problems
• Change in the physical appearance
• Lowering down your stamina
• Premature aging and wrinkles
• Yellowing of the teeth and nails
Erectile dysfunction or ED (Impotence)

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Is it time to beat the smoking habit?
Quitting smoking is the best thing you will ever do in your life because it helps in improving your overall health, saving on medical bills and also reducing the symptoms of impotency.
Best ways to kick the smoking habit:
You can kick your smoking habit anytime you want to, but try to quit it before you die. Some of the basic home remedies that can help you in quitting smoking are listed below:
• Water – It is a natural detoxifying agent which may kill your craving to smoke. Always, have a glass of water whenever you feel the urge to smoke.
• Oats – Oats are very beneficial for overall health. It restricts you from gaining weight by keeping you full and also reduces your tobacco cravings.
• Ginger – This is a natural remedy, which prevents nausea that occurs from prolonged smoking. Moreover, ginger also works by reducing anxiety of smoking and sheds toxins generated from it.
• Grape juice – Due to its acidic content, it helps you to flush out the nicotine from the body.
• Honey – Honey is also regarded as one of the best home remedies, as honey easily handles the cessation process of smoking. It contains beneficial vitamins and proteins, which helps the smokers in giving up their habit.

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Smoking Affects Your Health
The above mentioned natural tips may only work if you have a positive attitude towards quitting. This is because quitting smoking varies from person to person. For example, some people can quit smoking within a week, but some take years. So, try to have strong will power, self determination and a positive approach, because these will work for you. Below are some of the tips that may help in kicking back on the smoking habit:
• Make your will power strong- Select a specific date on which you want to quit smoking.
• Use alternatives to cigarettes- Keep yourself occupied in different sports activities or even hobbies.
• Go online for support- Various online support forums are present on various social networking sites. You can share your experiences regarding smoking and also post encouraging thoughts for someone else who is struggling with tobacco cravings.
• Remind yourself of the benefits- Always try to remind yourself about the benefits of quitting smoking. You can remind yourself by writing down the reasons for quitting smoking.
There is another option for quitting cigarettes, including Nicotine replacement therapy. This therapy is the best option that helps you in minimizing the nicotine cravings associated with nicotine withdrawal. Nicotine replacement therapy is generally considered safe. The therapy includes using various anti- smoking products which include nicotine gums, that mainly supply nicotine to the bloodstream via absorption by the tissues of the mouth. About 1.5-2 million Americans try nicotine gums each year. Therefore, nicotine gum is the best product for gradually kicking off the tobacco habit. Another product which may help you in quitting smoking is nicotine patch, which works in the same way as nicotine gums, but in patches as nicotine is passed through the skin and not from the mouth.

Benefits of quitting smoking:
There are various benefits of quitting smoking. Some of them are mentioned below:
• Younger looking skin: Stopping smoking helps to get rid of wrinkles as the skin of a non-smoker get all the important nutrients to reverse the sallow and dry skin most smokers often have.
• Improved fertility
• A smoke-free life helps in preventing respiratory diseases like pneumonia, bronchitis, croup, wheezing and asthma.
• Lower risk of developing cardiac arrest, heart diseases and lung cancer.
• Quit smoking for a long, healthier life: Men and women who quit smoking by 30 years have the ability of adding at least 10 additional years to their life.

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