How to Apply Bimatoprost for Eyelash Growth?

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Bimatoprost is a medicine doctors prescribe for different purposes, including glaucoma, intraocular pressure (IOP), hypotrichosis, and an eyelash enhancer product. The application methods vary depending on the purpose for which you have been prescribed this formulation.

Bimatoprost is the main active ingredient and is available under different brand names. The price of this medicine varies depending on whether you choose a brand or a generic version. The most popular generic option is Careprost eye drop; it offers amazing results, just as brands do.

This page will discuss how to apply Bimatoprost for eyelash growth. Bimatoprost treats hypotrichosis condition effortlessly. It is a rare condition in which hair growth on the upper and lower eyelids comes with little or no growth. The hair usually stays short, dry, and rough in this condition. Women love to use Bimatoprost even if they have no signs of hypotrichosis. Careprost Bimatoprost usage helps achieve the desired eyelash length when applied for over 12 to 16 weeks. When used per regime, the topical formulation makes eyelash length longer, darker, and voluminous.

Application steps of using Bimatoprost for eyelash growth

The patient leaflet given in the pack helps you with the step to apply Bimatoprost eye serum to boost eyelash length. Use this medicine as prescribed by your doctor to achieve maximum results. Usually, a once-daily application before bed is recommended. Follow the given instructions for safe usage of the Bimatoprost eyelash enhancer product:

  1. Use this formulation regularly to get the most benefits from it.
  2. Wash your hands and face. Remove makeup and contact lenses if you wear them. The contact lenses can be worn after 15-20 minutes of application. Ideally, you should use this product before going to bed. 
  3. Take one drop of Bimatoprost solution on a provided applicator or clean eyeliner brush. Mark a stroke from inwards to outwards of the upper eyelid (bottom of existing eyelashes).
  4. Repeat the process for another eye with similar efficiency. 
  5. Wipe the access solution (if any) from the skin area. If the drop gets into your eye, don’t rinse it off; it hardly causes any harm. However, it is best to take only 1 drop to minimize the chances of accessing a solution that can get into the eye or skin area.
  6. Do not apply this eye serum to the lower eyelid.
  7. Do not touch the applicator tip to avoid contamination. Also, use a clean applicator for application, close the bottle tightly after use, and keep it in a cool and dark place.
  8. Apply Bimatoprost daily for the prescribed duration (up to 16 weeks) to experience the desired results.
  9. Use this product simultaneously each day to avoid missing a dose. If you miss a dose, apply it as soon as you remember, but if the time of the next dose is near, skip the missed dose.
  10. Apply the serum in the prescribed quantity only; extra serum will not make this product work faster.
  11. After achieving eyelash length, reduce its application to twice or thrice weekly to maintain the new growth. Stopping the medication will reverse the previous condition or appearance of your eyelashes that you had before the treatment.

Contact your doctor if you experience any side effects. The common side effects of Careprost bimatoprost usage include stinging, burning, irritation, or redness in the eye. Some users experience dry or watery eyes or increased sensitivity to light. It has also been reported the drug can temporarily change the color of the iris. These side effects usually disappear once your skin gets used to the medication, but visit your doctor if any side effects persist for longer or become bothersome. Many people using this formulation do not experience any serious side effects. Some serious side effects may include vision change, eye pain, prolonged swelling, or redness of the eyelids.

This is not a complete list of Bimatoprost side effects. Your doctor can better determine whether you are the right candidate for using this product.

Precaution while using Bimatoprost eye drops.

Inform your doctor if you are allergic to any of the ingredients of the Bimatrpost solution. Also, inform him about all your existing medications or topical formulations you are using to avoid drug interactions. Ensure to use a new bottle after 30 days of continued usage. Discard the existing bottle even if the solution is still left. This eye drop can cause blurry or unstable vision, so do not drive or operate machinery after applying it. Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should specifically confirm with their gynecologist if they are allowed to use this product, considering the safety of their fetus or newborn.

Where to buy Bimatoprost eye drops?

After uploading/showing the prescription, Bimatoprost eye drops can be purchased online or from a local chemist near your place. When you buy Bimatoprost online from premiumrxdrugs, you can grab the best deals and discounts with doorstep delivery options. This authentic platform offers genuine medicine supply at reasonable prices.

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