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21 Nov
By Marie

Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution is generally safe and well-tolerated for those who wish to provide that extra oomph to their eyelashes. Careprost contains Bimatoprost 0.03% to grow natural eyelashes effectively.

A set of beautiful eyelashes draws attention to the eyes and are considered as a sign of feminine characters. Women try hard to achieve prominent lash look through various modalities, including makeup, artificial lashes, and pharmaceutical products. The beauty industry has introduced a wide range of cosmetic products that claim to enhance eyelash growth; however, a lot of them have not been tested for effectiveness and safety and are prompted by consumer-based claims. The only pharmaceutical agent approved by the US food and drug administration for eyelash growth serum is Bimatoprost solution. This blog will help you know about bimatoprost 0.03% ophthalmic solution that claims eyelash enhancing effects within a few weeks.

Why Bimatoprost is the best eyelash serum?

Cosmetics are the mainstay of eyelash enhancement and include makeup products such as mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow. However, the effects of makeup are temporary and subject to smudging; women find several long-lasting options for enhancing their eye appearance. This sometimes-permanent option includes eyelash extensions and eyelash transplant. Bimatoprost solution is the only approved and permanent solution to enhance the growth of a person’s natural eyelash safely and effectively. It is a synthetic prostamide originally discovered for the reduction of elevated intraocular pressure in patients suffering from ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma. When used as an eye drop for the management of glaucoma, eyelash growth noted in most patients who administered the ophthalmic preparation. Although eyelash growth was recorded as an adverse effect and this way, the aesthetic benefit of eyelash growth was recognized. This led to the development and testing of the active ingredient as an eyelash enhancing agent.  When prescribed to increase the lash growth and volume, the solution is accompanied by the single used applicator and should be applied once daily to the upper lash line. Starting at 8th weeks of treatment, bimatoprost use is associated with a significant increase in overall lash appearance.  

Although the mechanism by which the active ingredient enhances eyelash growth has not been fully understood, it is believed to increase the percentage of lash follicles and the duration of anagen (growth) phase of the eyelash hair cycle. The eyelash enhancing formula is also capable of stimulating melanogenesis which interferes with the pigmentation of eyelashes with regular use. It is not easy for everyone to use an eyelash serum. Swiping on the base of your eyelashes and get them extremely close to your eye can trigger side effects such as rash, itching, eye redness, darkening of the iris. Talk to your dermatologist if you have pre-existing eye conditions before using an eyelash serum. 

Where can you buy the best lash serum online?

Careprost is one popular eyelash serum that contains bimatoprost to treat the problem of thinning and falling of eyelashes. The product is commercially available in the dosing strength of 0.03%. You can buy the eyelash growth serum on premiumrxdrugs to get longer, fuller, and thicker-looking eyelashes. The online drugstore provides the best eyelash serum online-Careprost eye drops at a surprisingly low price, and customers can get up to 20% off on other products as well. Order best eyelash growth remedy Careprost ophthalmic solution at the best reasonable price. The lowest price for the authentic Careprost eye drops is available at premiumrxdrugs, buy it online to make your lashes noticeable.

The bottom line

Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution being a prostaglandin analogue is a potent ocular hypotensive agent that was earlier indicated for the treatment of glaucoma. In the clinical trials, patients observed increased eyelash growth that examined the active ingredient’s ability to promote lash growth. This led to the development of bimatoprost brands like Careprost eye drops that particularly used by patients suffering from hypotrichosis of eyelashes. Buy best eyelash growth serumonline-Careprost from premiumrx, an online drug store that sells authentic pharmaceutical and cosmetic products at the best lowest price.

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