7 Medical Tests Every Man Should Have

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If you had never done an annual health check up, you are not alone. According to Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, a report published in 2011 proved that nearly 26% of men in U.S. don’t undergo a regular health checkup. Read the following article to know the various health tests necessary for men that should be done in order to remain in the plum of good health.

7 Medical Tests Every Man Should HaveMen rarely go for the medical tests, but they can turn very serious and act quickly on being diagnosed with a disease or a symptom. A routine check-up is very necessary to identify the patient’s blood pressure and cholesterol levels. These two are the primary parameters helpful in ruling out various other dangerous diseases. Following are the nessesary tests advised by doctor for men:

Blood pressure test:

High blood pressure is one of the most serious conditions that can adversely affect various other organs also. It can cause organ damage or organ death. High blood pressure may require medications to control it. A normal blood pressure is 120/80 mmHg. Doctor recommends every man to have a bood pressure screening test one in a half year. High blood pressure may cause heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. So, keep a check on the blood pressure through routine checkups and stay away from various other ailments.

Cholesterol test:

It is yet another necessary health test for men. This health test is necessary to secure men from various life threatening dangers like heart diseases. All men above 35 years of age should undergo screening for cholesterol. It is also recommended for the men 20 years of age and above to have their cholesterol checked up regularly, and more so in case they have a family history of heart diseases, high cholesterol and diabetes.

Colorectal cancer test or colonoscopy:

According to the reports of American Cancer Society, colorectal cancer is the major cause of cancer deaths in US (2012). It also reports that a large number of lives could be saved if proper screening of the condition is done at the right time. But due to ignorance, a large number of men do not take routine health test with which a large number of colon cancer can be identified timely. People at higher risks, i.e. those with family history of inflammatory bowel diseases or cancers or colorectal polyps should go for the screening or routine health tests at a younger age to secure a healthy life ahead.

Prostate cancer test:

It is yet another very important health tests for men. These are among the most common screenings of men’s health. It is done with either Prostate Specific Antigen Test (PSA) or Digital Rectal Examination (DRE). Although PSA can detect cancer in the early stages but sometimes it may turn many negatives into positives results, i.e. it can sometimes end up with the impotency due to surgery, in a case which was not going to cause you any problem. PSA is mostly useful for the old men aged between 50-70 years.

Testicular cancer test:

Although testicular cancer is rare yet it is curable if detected in early stages. This test is one of the most common tests for men to maintain their sexual health. Testicular cancer mostly affects young men aged between 20-39 years.

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Bone density scan:

Though bone density loss is often related to women, however the fact is that men also starts loosing bone mass from the young age of 30. Hence, osteoporosis, often related to women is a common ailment in ageing man too. Hence to identify and assess your bone health it is recommended to undergo DEXA scan. DEXA stands for Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry. The doctor may also prescribe some exercises to strengthen your bone health and also supplement your daily diet with calcium and vitamin D.

Nutritional evaluation:

It is not an actual test yet it is an evaluation of the dietary plan you follow. This is another health test that you must follow to identify the faults. This evaluation or test is not only helpful for the moral boost but it is necessary to troubleshoot your queries too. This test may prove very helpful for diabetic and cholesterol patients who need to have a balanced diet to keep their tempatations under control yet gain the full benefits of a healthy diet.


Each health checkup routine is personalized one because every individual have different lifestyle, different background and family history of diseases. Hence, the tests and evaluations might differ. Every individual should go for the annual health checkup to ensure the early detection of any kind of future health issues and secure a healthy and disease-free life.


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