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Antivirals belong to a class of medication that are prescribed to treat viral infections in humans. The aim of antiviral drug therapy to minimize the symptoms and shorten the duration of illness. These medications are administered to arrest the viral replication cycle at various stages. Antiviral therapy is available for a limited number of viral infections. Currently, most of the antiviral medications are sued for a variety of viral infection including herpes viruses, HIV, influenza A and B viruses, hepatitis B and C viruses.

If you get infected with flu, your doctor may be prescribed an antiviral medication to you. These medications help reduce the symptoms within a few days of regular use. They help you recover from the infection a day or two earlier than you naturally tend to. Antivirals are clinically tested for safety and efficacy; they are safe and well-tolerated in people with viral infections. There is evidence that suggests that these drugs are associated with a low rate of complications and hospitalizations from the influenza virus. No doubt Antiviral agents help to reduce symptoms of the flu, but they are not everyone. It is wise to consult a doctor first before taking an antiviral medication.

How do Antivirals Work?

According to experts, Antiviral agents interfere with the special enzyme of the influenza virus. The drugs keep the virus from escaping from one infected cell to another surrounding cell. These medications prevent the viral load from increasing to a point where it could result in the development of a disease. They work best when taken within a day or two of the onset of the symptoms of a viral infection. But according to many clinical research studies, individuals with high risk at the later stage may still have benefited with the antiviral agents.

Who can take Antiviral Medications?

Candidates for antiviral medications are individuals who are more likely to experience complications with influenza virus. These include people with chronic diseases such as heart, kidney, or lung disease, adults who are 65 or older, and children under four years of age. Antiviral drugs may also be prescribed to people with a compromised immune system.

When it comes to healthy people who don’t want to suffer from the symptom of the bad flu, it is not necessary, but some people who feel discomfort, it may be worth to reduce the illness for a day or two. This is the time where your doctor knows well, and he/she will decide after analyzing your condition if prescribing an antiviral agent is a reasonable step to take.

What do you Need To Do?

It’s better not to delay seeing your doctor if symptoms of an influenza virus develop such as high fever, muscle aches, sore throat, or cough. You should discuss with your doctor if you are a suitable candidate for antiviral drugs. There is no need for a positive laboratory test for flu to receive antiviral drug therapy. You need a prescription or antiviral if you have symptoms of influenza and if the virus is still active in your body. Be aware of your doctor prescribes an antibiotic drug that used to treat bacterial infections such as pneumonia.

In case, you are diagnosed with antiviral infections, you are advised to drink a lot of water and fluids. For relieving aches and pain, antiviral medications work best, and they will treat the infections and help you get rid of the pain caused by the infection. And the last but not the least, try not to interact with your family members and friends, you won’t be able to transfer the infection.

Where to Buy Antiviral Drugs Online

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