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If obesity has made your life static, then the chances are you will gain more fat with this lifestyle. Take a cue from an appropriate weight loss fundas that not only helps you shed extra fat, but also avoids any possible side effects.

If you are among those people who like to keep a track on their weight, then you must know that both sudden decrease and a sudden increase in the are alarming but surplus weight is considered to be much more problematic. Weight gain gives you a wake up call, if you ignore it, then some more health problems will be following you. Adopt an effective weight loss regimen that demands you come out of your comfort zone and sweat to get a slim figure.

Need of weight loss workout:

More consumption of calories, but less calories burn or expenditure encourages weight gain, and a weight loss funda says, however you have consumed has to be burnt in order to maintain a healthy and attractive body shape. Generally, a weight loss regime is energy depleting that makes you toil physically and mentally, but it has to be coupled with a proper nutritional plan to fulfill the depletion or calorie deficit, otherwise you could invite malnutrition.

Here are some powerful tips to reduce weight that require your involvement and strategic planning to stay fit and fine.

Improve your metabolism:

The rate of fat burn depends a lot on the level of metabolism. High capacity of metabolism, helps you lose weight fast. Probably the people after 40 witnesses slowing down in the metabolic capacity so the accumulation of fat at waistline, arms and neck are very common. There are some simple ways to enhance metabolism that include regular physical exercise, drinking water, moderately spicy foods, protein-rich meal, black coffee, omega-3 fatty acids etc.

Foods to lose weight:

Don’t wonder to read it because it’s the reality that a balanced diet can help you attain a slim physique. Foods offers you an excellent weight loss funda and health experts also recommend some specific food items to avoid obesity. Some of these foods include:

• Whole Eggs • Leafy greens • Avocados • Nuts • Salmon • Cottage cheese • Cruciferous vegetables • Some whole grains • Grapefruit • Lean beef and chicken breast • Boiled potatoes • Coconut oil • Yogurt • Tuna • Beans and legumes

Cardio workout:

Your weight loss regime will remain incomplete unless you include some cardio exercises. Set an effective cardio program that your body allows. A combination of cardio, running and strength training helps you burn more and more calories. Cardio exercise catalyzes pumping of blood, hard breathing and sweating to burn extra fat. You can try different impact activities like high jump, sprinting, climbing hills, cycling, strength training, muscle building, swimming, cross-country skiing and many other aerobic exercises.

It’s important to know how much cardio activity you need for weight loss. Ideally, 60 minutes of moderate to intense workout at least 5 days a week is enough to lose considerable weight. Plus, you have to keep in mind your calorie intake, age, and metabolic condition while choosing a cardio.

Yoga and meditation for weight loss:

The long-lasting way to lose weight goes through yoga and medication, it’s scientifically proven too. You might have tried long hours in gym workout and refrained yourself from many of your favorite dishes; yoga does not demand you to do so but sheds weight smoothly. It hardly takes you 15-20 minutes a day to streamline your body and mind, what a powerful weight loss funda it is!

Though many yoga postures burn fewer calories than hard cardio workouts, but it enhances the capacity of your body and mind to control appetite, which is very crucial to lose weight. Similarly, medication can combat stress and helps you gain mental peace.

Stay away from junk foods:

The way people consume junk foods and fried packaged foods; no wonder they become an easy victim of obesity sooner or later. Junk foods may feel good to your taste buds, but their high intake can dampen even a strategic weight loss regime. Today, most of the packaged edibles are made with refined food ingredients along with some chemicals that induce weight gain. And if you add burger, pizza and chips to the palette, then effort to lose weight will take the back seat.

Change lifestyle to lose weight:

Your lifestyle has to be in line with your weight loss regime to double the effects. Some of the most common adjustments in your lifestyle refer:

• Intake of small and frequent meals • No workout on an empty stomach • Don’t skip a healthy breakfast • Keep yourself well hydrated • Try and take early and light dinner • Reduce the intake of saturated fat, TFA • Cut down on sweets, fatty and fried foods • Avoid smoking and alcohol drinking


Barring some genetic factors, most of the obesity causes are not so serious. You have to have a strong will power and an effective plan to lose weight and maintain a healthy physique for a long time. Believe in the prescribed weight loss funda that is not just effective in results, but also a fun to follow. You just try to emulate these strategies in your life and then weight loss will be at your will.

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