Benefits of Birth Control Pills

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You all must be clearly aware of the benefit of a birth control pill for contraception. They are ridiculously effective as well as reliable in preventing pregnancy. If used correctly, these pills are the safest protection against unplanned pregnancies. Apart from the keeping you away from getting pregnant, the pill can have many other astonishing health benefits. Before going into detail towards the various benefits, you must also be aware about the Birth control pill or the pill.

The Pill:

these are the pills that are used to prevent the unwanted pregnancy and thus are famously known as Birth control pills or contraceptive pills. These are made up of synthetic ovarian hormones, namely Progesterone (Progestin) and Estrogens (Estradiol). The pills can be made up of a combination of these two hormones or of progestin only. The latter one is more preferred by those women who do not want to take estrogens, but these are known to produce high rates of unpredictable vaginal bleeding.

Other health benefits of Birth control pills:

  1. Regulate the menstrual cycle:

When you’ll start taking birth control pills, your periods will become more regular. According to traditional methods of taking contraceptive pills, you have to take the active  pills containing hormone for 3 weeks and then take the inactive pill for the one week. It is more likely that you’ll have your periods when you will take inactive pills.

  1. Treat irregular periods:

These pills can also be used to make your irregular periods more regular or predictable in those women who suffer from irregular periods. Such women may have the lack of progesterone hormone that prevents the formation of normal uterine wall/ thus a pill containing progesterone hormone will help you to regulate the menstrual cycle.

  1. Treat heavy periods:

In some women menorrhagia or heavy bleeding during periods is a big problem. In such progesterone-like hormone containing pills can be used to cause lighter bleeding by making the linning of the uterus thinner. The pills currently present in the market allow a female to have periods according to her usage of the pills, i.e. Once in a month, every 90 days or once in a year.

  1. Kills painful periods (dysmenorhhea):

Periods can be very painful due to the production of prostaglandin in the uterus, that is released at the time of menstrual periods. Prostaglandin is known to cause contractions of the uterus and it can lead to pain. The pills are known to prevent ovulation and thus production of prostaglandins is also restricted. Thus, using birth control pills benefits in reducing the menstrual cramps.

  1. Treating endometriosis:

Endometrosis is also known to cause painful cramps during periods. The endometrium linning of the uterus may grow outside the uterus and thus it may cause endometrosis. The progesterone-like hormone present in the contraceptive pills may reduce the pain that is associated with endrometrosis.

  1. Make your skin smooth:

The combination contraceptive pills are known to reduce the testosterone hormone produced in very small amounts in the female body. The reduction of this hormone may  act as a boon to the skin. The pills may make your skin look smooth and acne free.  It can also improve the condition of hirsutism or excessive production of body hair. It is evidently seen that within six months of continuous use, you may actually find a reduction in abnormal body hair.

  1. Help with PCOS:

Women suffering from PCOS  or polycystic ovarian syndrome have an imbalance of hormone in their body. It is the reason behind the cases of missed periods, obesity, facial hair, ovarian cysts, infertility problems etc. In case you use a combination pill you can observe a great regularity in the menstrual flow and the other side effects due to hormonal imbalance are also prevented.

  1. Lower the risk of some cancers

The women who have taken the pill for a longer duration, say 5-years or longer, show a reduced risk of developing ovarian cancer in the future. This benefit of birth control pill also continues when you stop using the pill. The chances of getting endometrial cancer decreases nearly by one fourth when you continuously use birth control pills. The benefits can continue even when women have left taking the pill a long while ago.

  1. Shield you from anaemia:

Many women who suffer from heavy periods may become anaemic due to excessive loss of blood. The condition that can lead to anaemia is often characterised by fatigue and excessive weakness. While taking the birth control pills, the periods may become shorter and lighter  and thus you tend to lose less blood.

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