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You are no stranger to trying every lengthening mascara and alleged eyelash growth hack on the internet (say castor oil, vaseline, and hair growth supplements) if you have short eyelashes or are dealing with eyelash loss. But when it comes to encouraging lash growth naturally, a good eyelash growth serum will be your BFF.  

Of course, that doesn’t mean that every lash-enhancing product out there will give you those long & luscious lashes of your dreams (only your DNA and a prescription lash growth formula can do the trick to some extent). So, before introducing you to the best eyelash growth serum, let’s know if lash serums are safe to use.

If you want something that will help boost your lash length, volume, and health, you may consider adding an eyelash serum to your routine. Currently, only one ingredient proven effective for growth and thickness is Bimatoprost. The FDA-approved serum is formulated in a way that not only causes existing lashes to become longer but also stimulates growth in hair follicles. Careprost is a popular bimatoprost ophthalmic solution to promote lash growth.

Are eyelash growth serum safe?

Although few ingredients stimulate new lash growth, Bimatoprost, the active ingredient in prescription only Careprost, is the major player here, many over-the-counter lash growth products can promote lash growth, but careprost is the best overall pick.    

An eyelash growth serum reduces the fallout and encourages new growth during the growth phase of the cycle while strengthening and nourishing existing hair in the resting phase. The lash growth serum can be used by anyone looking to achieve longer, fuller, and darker eyelashes. These can also be tried by those who have undergone chemotherapy to encourage regrowth of lashes afterwards. Because Careprost eye drop is a pharmaceutical rather than a cosmetic, you will need a doctor’s prescription.

You can always speak to a health care specialist if you are concerned, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or have any other medical conditions ahead of trying an eyelash growth serum.  

As per the dermatologist, the eyelash serum works when used properly. They recommend a consistent daily application routine, adding that it takes up to a month to see results.  

The top eyelash growth serum pick

For those who want a supernatural option, a dose of straight-up Careprost can make an impact. According to dermatologists and health care experts, the key ingredient in the lash serum is a prostaglandin. Careprost contains a prescription strength prostaglandin called Bimatoprost, which is known to stimulate growth, the exact mode of action is still not understood.   

Bimatoprost was specifically produced for treating open-angle glaucoma and categorized under the drug class ocular hypotensive drugs. But this ophthalmic preparation also promotes the growth of hair follicles, thus boosting eyelashes’ healthy and natural growth.   

Instructions for using Careprost

You can apply Careprost using an applicator to apply the formulation on your eyelashes with the application brush offered or use a cotton bud and a new one to maintain hygiene. All you have to do is take a drop of the solution on your applicator and then draw a straight line over your upper lash line. This eyelash growth serum is used only on the upper lash line; no matter how tempted you are to grow your lower lashes, do not apply the product to them. Once you begin using it, you will be able to see significant changes in the thickness, length and colour of your eyelashes within two or three weeks.

The best time to apply the product will be right before you sleep at night, as your beauty sleep will allow the preparation to be absorbed by the roots of your eyelashes better and promotes hair growth at a fast rate. You must be careful that the liquid does not fall on your face or hands, as it will promote hair growth wherever the solution falls on your body. To avoid unwanted hair growth, wipe out the excess solution with a  clean cotton cloth or tissue so it won’t get absorbed in those parts.


Women with sparse and thin eyelashes need to improve their eyes’ appearance as they think they look inferior due to thinner and lesser eyelashes. Applying mascara and eyelashes doesn’t solve the problem, as these are temporary tricks. Thus people are searching for a safe, effective, and permanent therapy that cures the lashes and enhances the overall look of your eyes. Careprost eye drop is the top eyelash growth serum clinically tested and approved for getting longer and thicker eyelashes. You can quickly get the dense and too dramatic eyelashes using the ophthalmic solution.     

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