Best Ways to Get Beautiful Thick Eyelashes

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Long, thick, and healthy eyelashes are associated with a feminine look. Luckily, many have shiny and healthy eyelashes naturally. But some are devoid of those gorgeous sets of lashes, so they try different techniques and apply expensive mascara and fake eyelashes to enhance the look of their eyes. Most women prefer permanent solutions to make lash strands grow dark and long. Fuller-looking lashes enhance the beauty of your face. Eyelashes play a key role in highlighting the feature of our face, including the eyes. Long and beautiful lashes make our facial contour more tri-dimensional. Buy Careprost eye drops 0.03% online to get the attractive eyelashes you deserve. Never miss the opportunity to use the good products to reveal your hidden beauty.  

Careprost Bimatoprost-best way to get long & thick lashes

It’s been more than a decade since the Bimatoprost solution came into our lives and is still the only effective ingredient for hypotrichosis (inadequate eyelashes). The drug is the most popular treatment for inadequate lashes. It enhances your eyelashes, making them grow longer, darker, and thicker within weeks. 

Bimatoprost is the best choice for treating people with inadequate eyelashes. Its regular use helps to grow numerous long lash strands that are thick and dark. The cosmetic drug increases eyelash growth to improve the appearance of the eyes. It is one of the most popular eye drops for resolving the issues of thin eyelashes. The resultant growth will be thicker and healthier with Bimatoprost eye drops. The drug was initially designed for glaucoma patients. However, it started causing longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes as a side effect. Since then, it has been used as a remedial option to grow longer eyelashes. Now it has been sold under the brand name Careprost which helps to promote longer, darker and thicker eyelashes.  

Look At Your Eyelashes

We all know that lashes can fall out from routine wear and tear. But there are some medical causes of thin lashes. Thinning of lashes can signify underlying medical issues. The most common medical complications are thyroid conditions and many more. So yes, a medical condition too can cause falling of lashes. Bimatoprost eye drops are for everyone who is suffering from thinning of lashes. The product helps to grow your lashes naturally and get the desired look. The active constituent is a prostaglandin-like chemical that stimulates the skin tissues of target areas to prolong the hair growth cycle to promote eyelash growth. The drug is free of side effects if you correctly use it. 

How long does Careprost take to work?

Most people who have tried Careprost eye drops notice a significant change in the length and density of lashes. It may take up to a month or two to differentiate between your old and current lash appearance. One needs to apply the solution once nightly on the upper eyelids for at least 8 to 10 weeks to achieve the desired length and thickness. A bottle of Careprost eyelash serum lasts approx. After a month, you need to purchase another bottle to carry one with the regular application. At the beginning of the treatment, you must use bimatoprost solution once daily. So, this way, you need to make this product a part of your daily routine. You only need one drop per day. If you miss a day, make sure you use it the next day, but avoid applying more than once daily,    

Here are a few steps to use Careprost eye drops carefully:

  • You can use an applicator brush to help apply the product more efficiently.
  • Make sure you remove makeup to avoid interaction with other chemicals.
  • Put a drop on the applicator brush and apply the solution to your upper lid. Repeat the procedure with another eye.
  • Apply it daily to the upper lash line to get maximum benefit. 
  • Ensure that the brush is clean. This avoids contamination of the solution. 
  • Things to take care of:
  • It is important to remove contact lenses before application. You can wear them after at least fifteen minutes. 
  • Children should avoid using this eyelash solution. 
  • People with eye problems such as iritis, macular oedema, lens extraction and uveitis should refrain from using this eyelash growth solution. 
  • Do not apply the product to other parts of the face. Wipe off the excess solution with the help of a tissue or a cloth. 

There is a risk of eyelid darkening, which may be reversible with decreased or stopped usage of Careprost. Also, unwanted facial growth is possible if the solution touches outside the targeted area.


If you were not born with magically long eyelashes, you know that sometimes even the volumizing mascara can leave your lashes looking a little stubby. If you have already tried all the long-lash alternatives, you may be ready to try a new solution that can permanently solve your problem of thin or sparse eyelashes. Well, there is a solution that lengthens your lashes and makes them look darker and thicker. Careprost is the eyelash growth solution that helps you grow eyelashes safely. Careprost starts showing visible changes within a few weeks of application. Apply the solution once daily before bed. Follow the steps above carefully to get long, thick, beautiful eyelashes.

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