Best Ways To Increase HCG Levels During Early Pregnancy

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Human Chorionic gonadotropin is the hormone produced during pregnancy. It supports the growth of the fetus. It helps confirm pregnancy by detecting hCG levels in the blood and urine. hCG helps in the formation of the placenta to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the baby. hCG production starts just after implantation, and the level starts off very low. But they rapidly increase during the early weeks of pregnancy. hCG is called the pregnancy hormone, the levels need to rise considerably during pregnancy, but one cannot rely on its count.

The low hCG level may represent a warning sign for the blighted ovum, possible miscarriage, or ectopic pregnancy. At the same time, elevated HCG levels could indicate multiple pregnancies. The reduced level can be worked upon.

What Causes Low hCG Levels?

hCG levels may vary if a woman does not have normal menstrual cycles and is not ovulating on day 14 of her cycle. A poorly estimated gestation age could also be the reason, meaning the pregnancy isn’t as far along as previously thought. Low hCG levels even after a few days of pregnancy could also mean that a miscarriage occurs. Low levels of hCG also mean the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy.

What if hCG Levels are High?

High hCG levels could mean twins or triplets, but this can also be a symptom of the gestational trophoblastic disease (GTD). High hCG levels early in the pregnancy need an immediate follow-up appointment to determine the cause. High hCG levels can also be the reason behind hyperemesis gravidarum, a thyroid storm and vaginal bleeding, all of which are possible symptoms of GTD.

What is a Healthy hCG Level?

hCG levels vary among women, but doctors still use the measurement to indicate approximate gestation age. In a healthy pregnancy, hCG levels will increase at 50 per cent every 48 hours, although its doubles every 48 hours. hCG levels generally peak at around ten weeks.

How to Increase hCG Levels?

It’s a myth that home remedies or foods can purportedly help raise your hCG levels. During a healthy pregnancy, hCG levels continue to rise on their own.

  • This hormone keeps on increasing in the first trimester of pregnancy. All you require is to take prenatal vitamins on time under the guidance of your physicians.
  • If your hCG levels are not up to the mark, then your doctor can prescribe you medication and remember that the level of hCG is delicately balanced so never try to increase it on your own. Don’t try any product without consulting your doctor.
  • According to the doctors, when the hCG level reaches 1800 to 2000 mIU/ml, a gestation sac becomes visible in the uterus. The absence of the uterine sac could indicate tubal pregnancy. While diagnosing HCG level is important, ultrasound at the 5th or 6th week of pregnancy is a better predictor of normal pregnancy. Sometimes hCG levels rise slowly, but it’s not alarming. Keep in touch with your doctor for proper guidance.
  • Some fruits may help maintain a healthy lifestyle and may affect the release of hCG. Oranges, strawberries, apples, and red grapefruits help stimulate organs to maintain a healthy level. hCG diet is a weight loss plan consisting of calorie deficit diets and hCG injection.
  • hCG injections are given in case levels are too low. The doctor will choose the right day and time to give you the injection based on the hormone levels.
  • Sometimes before pregnancy, doctors prescribe Clomiphene to increase the hCG levels in women to increase their fertility.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important for the overall development of the body, so this is mandatory during pregnancy also. you can buy HCG online from premiumrxdrugs at an affordable price.
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