Bimatoprost for the treatment of eyebrow hypotrichosis

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Most of the women are extremely conscious about their overall appearance. They are extremely concerned about how they look which includes many attributes such as body shape, complexion, eyes etc. No doubt eyes are one body part that contributes to the overall personality. If you want to make your eyes bold and appealing, then Careprost is just a perfect remedy for you. The craze for not only achieving darker and fuller eyelashes but eyebrows also that you have can be satisfied through the utilization of this eye drop. Bimatoprost, its active ingredient is being extensively utilized for the treatment of ocular hypertension and open-angle glaucoma.

Bimatoprost is specifically discovered for reducing the pressure within the eyes, called intraocular pressure (IOP) and treats glaucoma disease. The eye condition increases IOP due to the accumulation of aqueous humour inside the eye. Later, it was recognized that the eye care product promotes eyelash growth in glaucoma patients which lead to the development of Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution as an eyelash lengthening formula. Careprost is equally effective in treating the condition of hypotrichosis in which the growth of lashes is abnormal or inadequate. The eye medication enables you to achieve thicker, longer, and darker eyelashes. It works on your eyebrows as well; you can apply the solution to your brows to get more defined brows.

How to apply Careprost to regain lost lash length?

Careprost eye drop is an ideal solution for those suffering from hypotrichosis or inadequate eyelashes. But many users believe that the eye drops work to grow your eyebrows as well, once-daily application can get you darker and thicker brows. For the eye care product to be effective, make sure you are not allergic to Bimatoprost Careprost or other inactive of the ophthalmic solution.  If you are using the formula for curing ocular hypertension or glaucoma, be sure to inform your ophthalmologist about your pre-existing health conditions, surgeries, medications, and herbal supplements that you may have been using.    

Shake the bottle before using it and carefully read the instructions given on the patient leaflet. To promote lash growth, one needs to put a drop on the applicator brush and apply it on the upper lash line, keeping the lower eyelid separated. Do not let the solution touch another skin surface as it may create unwanted hair. You may find significant improvement in the lash length and density within 4 to 6 weeks of regular application.  But you may be observed desired length and fullness after sixteen weeks of application. After this period, you may be able to compare the effects in your Careprost before and after the picture. Once the expected length and thickness have been achieved, you may apply the solution twice a week to maintain the desired length and volume. If you wear contact lenses before using the eye care formula, remove them before you apply them. You may wear your lenses again after fifteen minutes of Bimatoprost application. Similarly, you can apply the Bimatoprost solution to your brows with the help of spooky. Be sure to clean the excess solution with the help of a cotton swab or a tissue.

Note: if you discontinue using the eye drop, your lashes will return to their previous state. For curing ocular hypertension and glaucoma, the dosage and its frequency will be best determined by an ophthalmologist. Generally, it is utilized once a day. Make sure you do not miss the application of this medication at a time when you have started feeling better.  You should carefully administer the drops into the eyes as per your doctor’s directions. Never use this eye care medication more than the prescribed limits. Since it is increasingly utilized for growing longer and voluminous eyelashes, there may no serious side effects associated with the eye drop. But a few may cause trouble to some users. Itching in areas surrounding eyes, light sensitivity, watery eyes, burning sensation, and alteration in eye colour. buy bimatoprost online from prx at an affordable price


Whether you are suffering from glaucoma or looking for the treatment of hypotrichosis, Careprost eye drop is a perfect option as it performs dual duties.

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