Can Champix Causes Hypertension

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Champix is a medication that is used to reduce a smoker’s desire for cigarettes. But the drug stays in controversy due to some side effects. If you are considering taking Champix pills, there are several issues which your caregiver should know before you take these pills because there are possibilities that they may affect your ability to take this drug or have the normal amount of dosages.

Before you start taking Champix, be sure that you tell your health care specialist about any medical conditions and allergies you may have, whether you are pregnant or a nursing mother, any pharmaceutical drugs you are taking, and any other information about your health. All these factors may affect how you should use this smoking cessation medication.

Champix has varenicline as the active component, which has been reported to increase the risk of cardiovascular-related adverse effects in those individuals who have heart or blood vessel disorders. If you are suffering from cardiovascular diseases or have a history of problems such as heart disease or hypertension (high blood pressure), discuss with your healthcare specialist how this anti-smoking drug can help improve your condition. You should discuss how your high blood pressure can affect the dosing and effectiveness of Champix. He/she will tell you after evaluating your condition if you need any special monitoring. You should talk to your health care specialist in case you develop worsening of cardiovascular-related symptoms, such as worsening of angina pectoris (chest pain), breathlessness, and worse pain in legs while walking.

A few essential things that you need to pay attention to:

If you are a smoker and you have decided to stop smoking with the help of Champix then there are some important things that you need to be considered before using the medication:

  • Talk to someone who used the medication.
  • Discuss all other options of pharmaceutical drugs with your health care specialist.
  • If you have any concerns about Varenicline associated adverse effects, discuss with your health care provider before starting the treatment.
  • Exercise caution if you have depression or other mental health related problems.
  • If you thought of self-harm or harming others, immediately stop taking the drug and talk to your friends, family, or caregiver.

Despite all this controversy, there are still so many people who think the smoking cessation drug is safe. Moreover, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the drug.

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