Can Eyelash Growth Serum Effective On Eyebrows

24 May
By Marie

If you want an eyelash growth serum proven to be effective for brows growth, you got to check out Careprost eye drops. This is the only eyelash serum-containing Bimatoprost 0.03%, an FDA-approved agent for hair growth and is easily available online. Careprost eye drops contain every effective ingredient Bimatoprost, which promotes lash growth and effective in improving brows appearance by making them thicker and darker. A variety of eyelash serums you will find online that do not require a prescription. But they work? Let us discuss.

Do Eyelash or Eyebrow Growth Solutions Work?

Eyebrows play an important role in determining facial expressions. Fuller eyebrows have been a popular trend for years. But unfortunately, many people struggle with the ability to grow them out.  It might be due to genetics or trauma to the eyes from an eye infection or previous plucking. Cosmetic approaches such as eyebrow pencils or permanent tattoos can often look unnatural. Luckily, eyebrow growth formulas exist to help encourage optimal growth of brows.

Yes, some may have the potential to make your natural brows look a little better, thicker, and healthier. The effectiveness of a hair growth solution depends on its mechanism of action. Most of the latest products are specially designed to improve the thickness of each brows hair and even improve hair growth. Eyelash or brows solution contains many effective ingredients, including Bimatoprost, which promotes lash/brows growth, leading to longer, darker, and thicker hair. Careprost bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03% was approved by the food and drug administration for the treatment of inadequate eyelashes. It is a synthetic prostamide analogue that stimulates hair growth; however, the mechanism of action is still not understood. According to experts, it causes an increase in the proportion of follicles in the growth phase of the hair growth cycle and stimulates transition from the resting phase to the growth phase. The pharmaceutical agent also increases hair darkness caused by increased melanogenesis and increases thickness and fullness.

What is Bimatoprost?

Bimatoprost is the chief component in the most popular eyelash growth solution-Careprost. Ophthalmologists prescribe the product to treat glaucoma. They have noted that patients who used the ophthalmic solution also experienced eyelash growth. As a result, researchers and pharmaceutical companies begin studying Bimatoprost 0.03% as an eyelash growth remedy. The FDA has approved the ophthalmic agent for use on eyelashes. Currently, Careprost is available as an eyelash growth serum. It comes in a small bottle; you apply the eye drop with the help of a special applicator brush that comes along with it. Application on the upper eyelid helps to promote eyelash growth.  The product is well tolerated and clinically tested for the treatment of hypotrichosis of eyelashes. And there are several more studies regarding the safety and effectiveness of the product. Several studies show support for Careprost and eyelash hair growth, and many factors can impact its effectiveness. These include the application process, time duration and whether there are underlying causes for your eyebrow hair loss. The product does not get approval for eyebrow growth, but dermatologists often recommend promoting thicker brows. If you consider this eyelash growth serum to grow your eyebrow, speak to your dermatologist first to ensure you can safely use Careprost eye drops.

Is Careprost safe to use?

Like any other pharmaceutical agent, it also has potential side effects, like rashes, irritation, which is why you need to speak to your doctor. In research studies, the common side effects reported during the study were skin itching, skin darkening, eye itching, red or noticeable blood vessels in the eyes. 

The Bottom Line

Careprost can be an effective remedy for eyebrow growth. You must continuously apply the careprost preparation to your eyebrows to see a noticeable difference in the appearance of your brows. Still, do not expect results overnight. Expert says eyelash/brows solutions takes time, and you could wait anywhere from 3 to 6 months before you notice any visible changes. If you are looking for an effective remedy, try Careprost eye drops, consistent use of the product help you achieve the desired result. But because it is available for eyelash growth, you will need to ask your dermatologist if you can use it for eyebrow growth.

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