Careprost Can Cause Dry Eyes

05 May
By Marie

Attractive and healthy eyelashes are the dream of every woman. There are many diverse means, procedures, and devices that help women to have attractive eyelashes. But not all of them are safe for the body, and some have a fairly high cost. In addition, the procedures in the salons require a lot of time, and it is sometimes difficult to find a good specialist. To achieve the perfect effect while sitting on the couch, Careprost can help you to achieve the growth and restoration of eyelashes. Careprost eye drop is prescribed to cure the hypotrichosis (decrease in length and density of the eyelash). There are several reasons for the fall of eyelashes, either hereditary or the influence of external factors. Careprost is a one-stop solution for achieving fuller, darker and longer eyelashes. The manufacturer of Careprost uses Bimatoprost as the main active ingredient, and preservative benzalkonium chloride, sodium phosphate, sterile Water, and citric acid are added to the preparation.

How Careprost Works?

Careprost has both therapeutic and cosmetic effects. It belongs to the category of prostaglandins. The active component of bimatoprost is included in the list of modulated analogues of physiologically active lipid substances. Careprost promotes the growth of eyelashes naturally; it also gives volume and increases the length. Generic bimatoprost is also able to reduce the cycle of lash hair renewal.

The Careprost eye drop affects the cyclic phase of eyelash growth. The impact goes simultaneously in two directions: an increase in the number of eyelashes and an increase in the duration of the growth phase. Careprost (Generic Bimatoprost) should not be used as mascara. You need to apply it as a medication, preferably before going to bed for about 12 to 16 weeks to achieve the desired results.

How to apply Careprost on Eyelashes?

To achieve maximum results, just follow all the instructions of your ophthalmologist. Often, cosmetic products users wait for a week to see the result. The effect of Careprost is progressive, and its impact can be seen in 2 to 3 months. If you want to notice the change, take a picture of your eyelashes before first use. Then record the result every month, so that you can trace the progress.

At first, you need to clean the face. Follow standard cleansing of the skin is required; the procedure is preferably carried out in the evening. In addition to removing makeup, you will also need to remove contact lenses. To use the Careprost eye drop, you need to follow basic hygiene rules. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap or use an antiseptic. Applying Careprost without following the recommendations may cause the spread of infection. Often, in this case, conjunctivitis appears or is aggravated.

Apply one drop of Careprost on an applicator and move along the line of the eyelashes for an upper eyelid. Do not put it on the bottom line of the eyelashes. Use eyedrop once in a day until you reach the desired length. When you achieve the desired result, then use Careprost twice a week to maintain its length.

How effective is Careprost?

After 4 months of application of the Careprost eye drop, you will get darker, thicker, and longer eyelashes naturally. If you stop using this medication, then the eyelashes will gradually return to what they were before. This process can take from several weeks to several months.

Side effects of Careprost

According to doctors, only four per cent of patients experience adverse reactions. Common side effects of Careprost are irritation, itching, redness, dryness, and conjunctivitis appear. If you experience any discomfort, you should immediately stop using Careprost and consult an ophthalmologist.

Hyperpigmentation of the skin can be a side effect when using Careprost, but this phenomenon is reversible, and after stop using the product, the original skin texture returns to normal. Hair growth on the skin is also possible in those places where frequent contact with Careprost occurs. Clear your skin immediately to remove residues.


The Careprost eye drop is not recommended for use in such medical condition:

  • During pregnancy and breastfeeding: Women with a history of hypersensitivity to one of the active substances – Bimatoprost or any other auxiliary ingredient,
  • Children of a younger age category: Use by adult women is allowed, but only with the permission and under the supervision of a doctor.

Patients with a history of low blood pressure should strictly adhere to the dosage and periodically undergo a medical examination. Also, the use of the product can lead to a short-term change in skin colour (as a rule, it darkens). Frequent contact with the skin can cause unexpected hair growth. Therefore, avoid contact with skin and immediately remove all residues (except for the area on the upper eyelid) after application.

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