Careprost Eyelash Serum Reviews

14 Jun
By Marie

Women have strong thrived to possess long and luscious eyelashes. Numerous options may improve the appearance of your lashes, making them longer and attractive. Products that may contain prostaglandin analogues can affect eyelash growth. Originally introduced to reduce intraocular pressure, the prostaglandin analogue, Bimatoprost, was recently approved for the treatment of hypotrichosis of eyelashes. It safely and effectively grows eyelashes, making them bold and beautiful. Bimatoprost is sold under the brand name Careprost which is generally safe and tolerated eye serum. It boosts the lash appearance (i.e., long, thick, and dark) naturally when applied daily. 

Careprost Eye Drop Serves the Dual Purpose

In addition to makeup, the effects of which are temporary, women have several long-lasting and sometimes permanent yet harmful techniques for improving the appearance of their eyelashes, including lash extensions and transplants. Recently the US food and drug administration approved the use of Bimatoprost 0.03% to increase the length and density of eyelashes in people with inadequate eyelashes. Careprost containing Bimatoprost 0.03% is a potent ocular hypotensive agent that is a mainstay treatment for glaucoma. In addition, the product became available for the treatment of ocular hypertension. Shortly after its introduction as a hypotensive agent, patients reported increased pigmentation and increased lash growth with unilateral usage. The clinical experts then examined Bimatoprost’s ability to treat hypotrichosis of eyelashes (inadequate eyelashes). In 2008, the active pharmaceutical agent was approved by the FDA for the treatment of eyelash hypotrichosis. Currently, it is the only FDA approved treatment to stimulate eyelash growth, darkness, and thickness. The exact mechanism is still not known, but on clinical research, it has been shown to have a greater proportion of follicles in the anagen phase (growth phase) and a simultaneous decrease in the telogen phase (resting phase). The lash enhancement formula also results in increased eyelash thickness and larger dermal papilla and hair bulb diameter in the resting phase. The darkening of eyelashes may result from increased melanogenesis.

The safety and efficacy of once-daily Careprost eye drop in increasing overall eyelash prominence following the upper eyelid margins were evaluated in several clinical trials. The product is associated with a significant increment in overall eyelash prominence. These changes sustain over the treatment period of sixteen weeks. At week sixteen, most users treated with Careprost experience a significant increase in the length and density of their eyelashes. Improvement continued to favour Bimatoprost four weeks after discontinuation of treatment. Users treated with this eyelash enhancer serum also reported feeling significantly more satisfied with their lash appearance, more confident about their looks, and more attractive.

Accelerate Your Eyelash Growth with Careprost Eye Drops

People, especially women, intend to grow longer and thicker eyelashes as quickly as possible. To achieve the look, they purchase expensive mascaras, fake eyelashes, or extensions etc. In contrast, many women prefer growing their eyelashes naturally. Many women have been using Careprost ophthalmic solution to accelerate lash growth for the natural growth of eyelashes. The ophthalmic solution helps to keep the hair follicles strong and speed up the process of eyelash growth. However, to achieve the desired length, you need to apply it correctly on the upper lash line.

Eyelashes follow the same pattern of hair growth on the scalp. However, it is not completely understood how the ophthalmic preparation accelerates eyelash growth. Still, it is assumed that the active ingredient Bimatoprost in the liquid drops of Careprost keeps the growth of the eyelash hair cycle for a longer period. This is how one achieves the desired look of fuller eyelashes with the application of eye drops.

Increasing the growth phase of the eyelash hair follicle cycle has remained a mystery until a prescribed drug to treat glaucoma that reduces eye pressure caused the growth of eyelashes longer. The prescribed dose is Bimatoprost that treats not only glaucoma but also promotes eyelash growth. Women who used the drug found that the lashes expanded in length and width by 20 to 30%. The drug then got a re-entry on the consumer market, particularly as an eyelash treatment after receiving clinical approval. Several generic treatments containing Bimatoprost careprost for eyelash growth have been introduced in the cosmetic industry.

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