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Cardiovascular problems have been the major contributing factors of the death worldwide. Many more individuals are on the way to get cardiovascular diseases. The heart is a only muscular organ that circulates blood to all the organs and helps in smooth working of the organs and works 24/7.

It is believed to be the most sensitive organ of the human body and needs to be protected. Simply because of our careless attitude we don’t listen or pay attention to our core. About 68 millions Americans are suffering from the heart problems and many more are at the risk of acquiring them soon. This scary statistic only leaves us with one question who’s next? It could be me, you or someone who is prone to develop cardiovascular complications in his or her life. The notion of the risk factors have been in practice from past so many decades to safeguard the individuals from the heart complications. This has been studied well that maximum heart conditions can be well controlled by keeping an eye on the risk factors. Herein, we shall discuss the various risk factors in details which can make you prone to the cardiovascular diseases.

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Detailing cardiovascular disease risk factors?
Risk factors are the measurable characteristics which, when avoided or controlled can shift our lives to a brighter and healthier lives. For heart, various cardiovascular risk factors have been well studied and researched which, when treated or controlled can keep cardiovascular complications at a bay. Having a risk factor doesn’t mean that you will surely face heart related conditions, but yes, if ignored or multiplied can definitely put your life in danger.

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What are the types of Cardiovascular disease risk factors?
Cardiovascular disease risk factors are of two types:
modifiable and non modifiable risk factors. Former one as the name suggest, these risk factors when controlled or treated can protect you from a life threatening heart condition. On the other side, the non modifiable risk factors cannot be modified or manipulated. If we see the history of cardiovascular morbidity or mortality, the modifiable risk factors have taken a death toll over millions of human lives.

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What are the modifiable risk factors?
The following are the modifiable risk factors which, when managed effectively can keep your heart free from any sort of disease conditions:

• Hypertension – It acts as a host of many cardiovascular complications such as heart attack, heart failure and many more. It has a potential to endanger our lives by making our heart functions work. It is the raised blood pressure levels in the body which a major sign of your unwell heart. Every time the blood vessels apply loads of pressure to supply blood to the other cells and tissues. This elevated blood pressure increases your risk of facing cardiovascular health hazards. It can be well prevented or controlled with the help of medications and bringing a healthy change in your lifestyle. Restricting salt intake, opting DASH diet (dietary approach to stop hypertension), be stress free and keep weight under control. Modify your lifestyle to keep the blood pressure levels under control. Medications like beta blockers, calcium channel blockers and diuretics also help to control blood pressure levels under control and is an important part of the treatment of heart diseases. Hypertension can be easily prevented or controlled that ultimately prevents any sort of cardiovascular problems.

• High blood cholesterol levels – Abnormal blood lipid levels also put your heart at a greater risk of being affected. Raised LDL (low density lipoproteins), triglycerides and reduced HDL (high density lipoproteins) are the major attributes that can induce blockage in the blood vessels. Cholesterol gets deposited in the arteries and makes the blood supplying artery necrotic and can result in myocardial infarction. Like hypertension, it can also be prevented or controlled by leading a healthy lifestyle. Diet control, abstaining from a fried food and exercising are the few mandatory things which need to be followed religiously to keep your cholesterol levels under control. Lovastation, Atorvastatin and Simvastatin are the important part of the treatment of heart diseases. It lowers the cholesterol levels and avoid the formation of clot which can cause blockage in arteries.

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• Type 2 diabetes mellitus – Diabetes is a metabolic disorder that shows increased blood glucose levels induced by insulin dysfunction. Insulin is a hormone that controls over the sugar metabolism in the body. Its dysfunction can cause a lifelong diabetes that has an ability to damage the artery walls resulting in atheroma. People having diabetes are more susceptible to get heart problems as compared to a diabetic free individual.

• Being obese – Obesity is a number one reason behind the cardiovascular deaths. It is a big reason above all explained risk factors such as high blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol levels. Losing weight is a crucial step towards your health and keeps heart problems at a bay.

• Your way of living – The way you live your life is something which is in your control. Cigarette smoking, excessive alcohol intake and being physically inactive has a massive impact on your heart health. Living a healthy lifestyle, abstaining from the intake of tobacco smoke and alcohol reduces your chances of getting heart attack by 30%.

Cut your risk for a healthy heart

What are the non modifiable risk factors?
Non modifiable risk factors cannot be altered or changed. One has to follow a healthy lifestyle and a regular follow up with your physician. Age, gender and family history are the few factors that cannot be changed, but play an important role in your cardiovascular health. Age by itself is a major risk factor that endangers your heart and its health.

Walk for your heart:
It has been well studied that most of the cardiovascular deaths have occurred due to an unhealthy way of living. Lack of physical activity, eating unhealthy food and smoking is the few bad activities that can impair your heart functions. Overcoming the risk factors reduces your heart problems by almost 50%. Exercising about 30 minutes each day helps in blood circulation and reduces the workload of the heart. One should aim to decrease the number of risk factors by working in a right direction to safeguard his or her heart. Be wise with the risk factors and stay away from them for a healthy functioning of the heart and a long healthy life.

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