Diabetes Causing Infertility Among Males

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If you have been trying to start a family, but have not been successful so far and have not found any reason for your infertility, maybe it is time to go for a blood test to check your blood glucose levels is and to find out if the infertility is caused due to diabetes or not. 

With growing cases of type I and type II diabetes, more and more experts are looking to diabetes as the main cause of some infertility cases. In both types, the insulin-producing cells in the body are damaged and this can lead to several health complications including infertility.

 Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive even after a year of trying to do so. It affects a sizeable chunk of the population. In most cases, simple lifestyle changes such as weight loss, and a proper diet can help to reverse the effects of infertility, but diseases such as diabetes can lead to extra complications for both men and women.

Infertility caused due to diabetes

Diabetes is a serious condition where the pancreas in the body does not make enough insulin to absorb glucose in the blood. The excess glucose then becomes toxic to the body. This can have an effect on the rest of your hormones including testosterone, progesterone, and estrogen. When not managed properly, hormonal imbalances can lead to a variety of side effects including erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Diabetes causes damage to the nerves of the male reproductive system. It can lead to erectile dysfunction in men. The problem of nerve damage can also lead to retarded ejaculation where the nerves in the penis are damaged. The effects of diabetes can be very far-reaching.

Two types of Diabetes

The two types of diabetes are type I, which one is born with and type II, which develops over time. For type I diabetes, genetics play a crucial role. For type 2 diabetes, poor diet, obesity, genes and lack of exercise can lead to the condition. Whichever type of diabetes one has, studies have found a link between the condition and infertility. Unfortunately, both types of ailments have been increasing all across the world in recent years.

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While most people with the condition can manage diabetes with the right diet, and exercise, in some cases with insulin, sometimes the ailment also causes the issue of infertility that goes unnoticed till the man wants to have a family. However, most cases of infertility caused due to diabetes can be treated.

Studies have shown that defective sperm DNA is a leading cause of male infertility. It has been found that diabetes can lead to oxidative stress that can cause damage to the DNA of the sperm. Oxidative stress produces ions in the body that increases the rate of cell death and affects the sperm DNA.

An ongoing study also confirms that men who have diabetes have more chances of suffering from DNA damage to sperms than men who do not have the ailment. The research also revealed that diabetes decreased the sperm count significantly and had an adverse effect on the appearance and movement of sperm. Diabetic men are also almost three times more likely to face sperm apoptosis than others who do not have the condition. Miscarriages can also be due to broken or fragmented DNA.

Infertility specialists say that quitting smoking and reducing alcohol consumption can help to treat infertility caused due to diabetes. The intake of sugar also needs to be checked. It is important to consult your doctor and tests should be conducted every two months to check if diabetes has led to any other issues in the body. The patient will have to follow the doctor’s advice to manage infertility due to diabetes.

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