Don’t lose hair – regenerate it through various remedies

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For instance, medical treatment such as hair transplant surgeries; medicines like Minoxidil, Rogaine, Propecia and other hair loss treatment products are some of the effective medical remedies. However, you should consult with your doctor before using any of these.

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Remedies for receding hairline:

Apart from genes, there are many other factors that cause receding hairline. While genetic receding hairline is incurable, hair loss due to other factors can be controlled. Taking care of aspects such as diet, lifestyle, avoid chemical hair products, nutrition, medication and living stress free habits, can prevent hair loss. Some of the remedies are:

Eating proper diet:

A proper diet can not only help in preventing hair loss, but can also help in regeneration of hair growth. Some of the essential nutrients, which can help in maintaining a healthy hair growth, are:

  • Fish– Fishes are rich in vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and minerals. By adding fish in your diet, you can control your hair loss.
  • Iron– Iron is said to not only give health to hair, but also prevent hair loss. For vegetarians, two of the best sources of iron are quinoa and pumpkin. While, eggs and meat are pool of iron, if you love non-vegetarian food. Iron supplements are also available in the markets to fulfill the iron requirements in your body.
  • Other dietary tips– As per the experts, limiting the amount of refined grain and sweets in your diet can also reduce the rate of hair loss. As per them, rich protein diet will help in regenerating the hair growth.

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Managing stress:

Stress is not permanent, but the damage to your hair can be. So, it is imperative to control stress. Indulge yourself in activities such as meditation and yoga to avoid stress.

Avoiding use of harsh chemicals:

Avoid exposing your hair to harsh chemicals such as bleaches and hair dyes. Such chemicals and chemical based products are likely to affect the already weakened hair follicles and cause a receding hair line.

Avoiding aggressive combing:

Combing is mandatory to maintain healthy hair. Combing increases blood circulation of the scalp. However,brushing your hair too often and aggressively can be a cause of hair loss. Therefore, always use soft brush to comb your hair and avoid frequent strokes.


Hair loss problem is worrisome for those who lost their hair. But there are several methods and remedies which can help in preventing hair loss as well as regenerate the growth. However, it is advisable to consult the doctor before opting any of the methods, especially, the ones which have chemicals or medical treatments.

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