Benefits of going without booze in a month

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At one time when people are vouching for various New Year’s resolutions to cut down on high-fat calories and food, there are others testifying alcohol-free months. A short term break from alcohol can have great results as well, so try out some days from drinking and feel the difference in the level of physical and mental stability. Alcohol consumption has long term consequences ranging from weight gain to something as grave as heart diseases and cancer. Let us take a glance at some of the effects of alcohol and advantages of alcohol withdrawal.


What difference does it make?

Surprisingly, there has been a lacking research on social drinkers. The only study to include the risks of drinking was conducted in London that involved just 14 people at the Royal Free Hospital. The study found out that alcohol withdrawal for a month can substantially reduce weight by 3lb, glucose levels by 16% and cholesterol by 5%. High blood sugar is an agent for diabetes while high cholesterol levels raise the chances of heart disease and stroke. Additionally, an alcohol-free month leads to better sleep, high concentration levels, stable mood, and energy. It also results in improved digestion, better immunity, and glowing skin.

Build up tolerance

Regular consumption of alcohol leads to tolerance build-up in your body. This is the reason that is important to consider while taking regular recesses from drinking. Tolerance is a physiological response that we have to any drug and, therefore, the more you consume alcohol; the more body gets used to it. Drinking on a regular basis causes certain types of enzymes in the liver that metabolize alcohol. If a person drinks alcohol heavily for over weeks or months, levels of these enzymes will boost and it ultimately build up the tolerance.

Once you stop drinking entirely, the enzyme levels fall again. In order to get the same effects, one needs to consume more alcohol for the tolerance build up. This means that you end up drinking to levels that are hazardous to your health and have short and long term repercussions. You can also get many harmful diseases like heart diseases to cancer. A break from alcohol can have a positive effect of resetting your tolerance so that it ultimately becomes easy to cut back. Everyone’s body behaves differently with respect to alcohol and the amount of time it takes to generate and reset the tolerance levels also varies from person to person. There are many benefits of taking drinking days off, and it makes your body unaccustomed to alcohol, and the body is likely to reverse tendency towards tolerance.

Depends on the drink

There is another important issue of alcohol drinking that demands a proper watch out. The potential to become alcohol dependent is harmful and should be tackled effectively. Although, there are varying degrees of effects of alcohol dependence, it may not be a full-blown physical but a psychological dependence. Experts suggest that if you are continuously drinking without having days off, then taking a break can be an important way to test your dependence levels. In order to tackle the alcohol dependency, it is important to interrupt the drinking cycle and take regular alcohol withdrawal breaks. It is helpful to engage yourself in creative and constructive activities as well. Such a way can lower the risk of becoming psychologically or physically alcohol dependent.

Reduces health hazards

Studies prove that regular drinking above the prescribed lower bench of guidelines can cause health risks. These can include issues like upset stomach, headaches, and indigestion. But you may find these symptoms disappear on your drinking days off. On a more serious note, alcohol can disrupt your sleep as well. So, without alcohol, you are likely to wake up more refreshed. You may also feel better, brighter and more alert. In the long run, cutting down on alcohol will lower the risk of more severe diseases such as cancer, liver and heart stroke. The main reasons of excessive fat in the liver are alcohol consumption and obesity. Alcohol changes the way liver processes fat, by that resulting in more fat cells that cause inflammation. This leads to liver diseases and more serious concerns like liver cirrhosis and cancer. Many health experts suggest alcohol-free days and ask you to feel the difference.

Helps in weight loss

Alcohol drinks are filled with empty calories that add to the extra pounds. Cutting down on the alcohol and taking days off from it will help reduce your waistline and lead to weight loss. A beer bottle contains up to 250 calories, which is unhealthy. Additionally, drinking alcohol can make your face look puffy and stomach bloat, thus making you unhealthy. Taking a break from alcohol will have positive effects on your health thus helping you to slim down.

Clearer skin

There are several negative effects of alcohol that has a direction relationship with your health and skin. Alcohol dehydrates the body and largely the skin. Studies prove that drinking in excess can also deprive the skin of vital nutrients and vitamins. An essential component for renewal of skin cells, vitamin A is a necessary nutrient that is seized due to drinking. This ultimately results in the skin turning dull and gray in appearance. Dry skin causes wrinkles and makes you look older. Also, alcohol increases the blood flow that causes the blood vessels to dilate and burst, thus causing red spots. Smooth, supple and rejuvenated skin is the result of hydration that makes you look bright and fresh. So, a month’s off from alcohol consumption will lead to a healthy and soft skin.

Improved relationships

Most importantly, relationships are the best part of everyone’s life. Time spent with family, friends or colleagues are the most memorable time. Alcohol addiction can lead to spending time drinking rather than with friends and peers. You can take days off of drinking and try spending some quality time with family and explore the difference in the levels of interaction. Instead of meeting for a drink, you can attempt to organize a kitty party or walk. Spending peaceful time with the people in your life can help in psychological balance and help you drive away from alcohol.

Altogether, the results of an alcohol-free month are all positive and no negative. Yes, it might take you some time to build up the tolerance level but once you achieve it, it will be a cake walk. Health should be the primary concern and effects of alcohol are harmful. It is necessary to know the disadvantages of consuming alcohol and infuse the tactics of excluding it, in the long run.


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