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Hair loss is a common concern for many people, especially males who suffer from male androgenic alopecia, the most common form of hair loss in men, affecting 30 to 50 % of men by age 50. Sometimes, it becomes very stressful to tackle hair loss, and the chances become high when a man starts losing confidence in better presenting himself or being part of his age group. Men usually try all the best possibilities to overcome this hair loss condition, but very few are successful.

The pharma industry figured out the solution by inventing Finasteride to deal with the situation. Finasteride is a licensed hair loss treatment for those suffering from male pattern baldness, mainly due to hereditary. Finpecia 1 mg, among the various brands, is one of the safest and most commonly prescribed medicines with amazing results.

Finpecia 1 mg contains Finasteride, which belongs to a class of drugs known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. It helps to increase hair growth by blocking testosterone from converting to another male hormone, i.e., dihydrotestosterone (DHT), in the prostate gland, skin, and scalp. DTH is the major factor in developing male pattern baldness; excess DHT can shrink the hair follicle, resulting in hair fall and stopping hair regrowth. Finasteride medicine is also very effective in the treatment of an enlarged prostate, the condition known as benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH).

Finpecia 1 mg is a small dose, taken by mouth orally once a day. It is a safe medicine to use, unlikely to cause any serious side effects, and probably the best available drug to treat androgenetic alopecia. Its effects are proven, and several studies have shown safety over a long duration of administration. However, the major drawback of using Finpecia 1mg tabs is some side effects on male sex-related problems. Though every human physiology is different, and some noticeable side effects are also reversible, most usage of this medication is safe and effective.

Some pros and cons as per the studies and reports of Finasteride are illustrated below:


  1. Very effective results in male pattern baldness.
  2. Only known medicine that works and addresses the root cause of the problem.
  3. Easy to take and easily available with a prescription.
  4. It lowers the risk of having prostate surgery for those who suffer an enlarged prostate.
  5. Significant results were observed in increasing the hair count in the long term.


  1. Sex-related problems such as low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation problems, loss of sexual ability, desire, or performance.
  2. In rare cases, the long-term use of these tablets increases the risk of developing high-grade prostate cancer in men older than 55.
  3. Not suitable for those with obstructive uropathy.
  4. It should not be used in women with hair loss. It does not show any improvement in treating hair fall in women.
  5. It does not have an immediate effect. Although it may increase hair fall initially, consistent use for at least three months or more is required to show beneficial results regarding hair regrowth.
  6. The medicine may cause allergic reactions such as rashes, itching, and swelling of the face or lips.

How to take Finasteride?

Use Finasteride as recommended by your doctor. After examining your condition thoroughly, he may add some extra medicine along with Finpecia.  

Usually, one tablet a day works well, but it varies from case to case. Follow the regimen prescribed by your doctor, and do not change the dosage and treatment duration without consulting him. Finpecia 1 mg can be taken with or without a meal. The tablet should be swallowed with water without breaking or crushing it. Visit your doctor if you experience any challenges or side effects.

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