Flomist Nasal Spray Use, Dosage, Side Effects

10 Mar
By Marie

Fluticasone Propionate is the active substance present in the Flomist Nasal Spray. It belongs to a group of medicines known as corticosteroids, which are used to control the symptoms of allergic/non-allergic rhinitis. This spray is used for some seasonal allergies with symptoms like Runny nose, itching, nasal stuffiness, watery eyes, redness and sneezing. This nasal spray is also prescribed for people over two years of age.

The mode of action of drug:

Flomist drug containing fluticasone propionate works by acting as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is potent of producing a high anti-inflammatory response. Fluticasone works on various cells and mediators to lower the allergy caused by allergic rhinitis.

Strengths: The  fluticasone drug propionate is available in a single strength under the brands names like:

Dosage: The dosage of the drug varies very much with age and condition of the patient. The drug is is administered through the nasal passage in the form of a spray. The general dosage of the drug is as follows:

  • For children between age group of 4-11 years:

The general dosage is one spray in each nose once in a day or severe cases the spray might be increased to 2 times in each nose. However, the maximum number of sprays in each nose must not exceed more than four times.

The nasal spray is not safe for children under four years of age.

  • For patients above 12 years: The general dosage is two sprays in each nostril once in a day. The spray must be done preferably in the morning. The dose must never increase a total of 8 sprays in a day.

Side effects: If you notice an of the following side effects while using the nasal spray, then stop it immediately and contact your doctor as soon as possible.

  • Redness
  • Irritation of the tongue
  • Irritation in nose
  • Dryness in the nose
  • Nasal ulceration
  • Increased heart beat
  • Bleeding in the nose etc.
  • Although these symptoms are very rare, still you must see your doctor immediately in case you feel any of the above.


  • Change the bottle within 30 days of opening it
  • Never bring the medicine close your mouth or eyes
  • Always store the medicine in its upright position
  • Do not share the medicine with anyone
  • If using the drug after a gap of 4-5 days then spray the medicine into air first before using it on yourself


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