Generic Aromasin 25mg For Breast Cancer

25 Oct
By Marie

Breast cancer is the most widespread form of cancer that affects women all over the world. The type of cancer is responsible for the most significant number of deaths across the globe. It has been estimated that almost half a million women die of breast cancer every year. In developed countries, around 70% of cases are estrogen receptor-positive breast cancers. When it comes to treating early breast cancer, anti-estrogen therapy like Aromasin has been shown to lower the risk of breast cancer recurrence and death.

The key ingredient in Aromasin is Exemestane, which has proven to be a useful drug in the treatment of early-stage breast cancer. Numerous clinical trials have been conducted using Exemestane as adjuvant therapy in postmenopausal women. According to studies, Aromasin has been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer by 24% when given after 2 to 3 years of tamoxifen. 

How generic Aromasin works?

Generic Aromasin is an effective treatment for breast cancer and is taken in the form of tablets a day after a meal over a few years. The mode of action of Exemestane is based on addressing estrogen hormone that acts as a fuel to cancer cell growth. 

Some breast cancer required estrogen to grow. In women who have through menopause, the hormone estrogen is no longer released by the ovaries. But some amount of estrogen is still made in body fat using an enzyme called aromatase. So, aromatase inhibitors are required to stop the activity of this enzyme so that there is less estrogen in the body. Generic Aromasin is one such drug, which is prescribed to address the estrogen hormone that stimulates breast cancer. It will only be given to you if your breast cancer has receptors within the cells that adhere to estrogen, known as estrogen receptor-positive or ER-positive breast cancer. According to scientists, when estrogen binds to these receptors, it can trigger cancer growth. 

Generic Aromasin for Breast Cancer prevention

The Food and Drug Administration approved the active ingredient of Exemestane. The active pharmaceutical ingredient is commercially supplied under the brand name Aromasin by Pfizer. The medicine is packaged in the form of tablets for oral administration. Women take generic Aromasin after they have been on tamoxifen therapy for two to three years, then switch to Aromasin 25mg for two to three years, means a total of five years of adjuvant treatment. 

Side effects of Aromasin

The most common side effects of the treatment include headaches, increased sweating, dizziness, hypertension, fatigue, hot flashes, joint pain, and insomnia. Rarer unwanted effects associated with the use of generic Aromasin are heart problems. 

Before you take this anticancer drug, tell your healthcare specialist about all the medical conditions, including your kidney and liver issues. Your health care specialist will prescribe the dose according to your current physical health status after determining your past medical history. The medicine may cause decreased fertility in males as well as females. Speak to your health care provider if you are concerned about fertility. 

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