How Long Does it Take for Bimatoprost to Work on Eyelashes?

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If you have lost your eyelashes or have insufficient lashes, then growing longer, darker, and fuller eyelashes is possible with Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution. However, growing long and luscious lashes doesn’t just happen overnight; it takes some time before you see results, depending on several factors. Read more about Bimatoprost and how long it takes to work on eyelashes. 

What is Bimatoprost?

Bimatoprost is a liquid solution that you apply to the upper lash line. It was primarily developed as a glaucoma medication. After continuous usage, ophthalmologists noticed that their patients exhibited longer, darker, and thicker eyelashes. In 2008, it got approval from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) as a prescription medication specifically used to treat insufficient eyelashes. Bimatoprost eyelash growth solution is widely sold under the brand name Carepsrost.

This is a progressive therapy that works effectively with continued usage over several weeks. If you wish to have a set of fuller eyelashes, look at what this wonder formula can do for you. Learn who is a suitable candidate for this product and discover how long it can take to start noticing a fuller lash line.

What is the working mechanism?

This product’s process of lash growth is not fully understood, but the eyelash growth cycle is much like the hair on your head. These tiny hairs grow, fall out, and new hairs regrow. This eyelash serum enhances the growth phase (anagen) and increases the number of hairs that grow back in the regrowth phase of the lash growth cycle. This makes your lashes appear thicker, darker and lengthened before the falling-out phase.   

How long it takes to work?

Bimatoprost is a prescription medicine that effectively treats sparse or insufficient eyelashes by exhibiting the growth of lashes. Underline your upper lash line with the help of a sterile applicator brush. Never apply on the lower lash line. The lash serum will reach the lower lashes as you blink, so it does not need to be applied directly on the lower lash line. Bimatoprost solution is usually applied once a day, in the evening.   

Bimatoprost does not offer instant results. It usually takes at least two months before eyelashes appear longer and fuller, with complete growth within three to four months. To see the noticeable difference in the appearance of eyelashes, you must be diligent in applying it once nightly. If you discontinue using this product, your eyelashes will return to its previous state. After three or four months of regular usage, when your lashes should be noticeably longer and fuller, you might scale your dosage back to one every other night instead of every night. Closely follow the instructions given by your dermatologist. Bimatoprost is a prescription medication, majorly prescribed for the treatment of glaucoma and ocular hypertension. It can bring changes to your internal eye pressure, so it is important not to change your dosages of this solution. Increasing the dosage or frequency of application will not speed up the results and comes with additional risks that are not present if you apply the product as instructed by the dermatologist.    

A proven remedy for lash growth

Recent data suggest that people experience changes after using this medicated eyelash growth serum. By week 16, people using the preparation every day often experience about a 25% increase in the length of eyelashes and a 100% increase in thickness. While the product is effective for almost everyone who uses it, the lash growth solution is not recommended for everyone, nor does it work for everyone who tries it.

Who Should Not Use?

Pregnant or nursing women should avoid using this eyelash growth product because of hormonal changes. Individuals with certain eye disorders should not use this product, and those with any eye disorder like glaucoma should check with their ophthalmologist before using it. If you are dealing with an eye infection, you are not a suitable candidate for careprost ophthalmic solution because you are at high risk of making the infection worse and keeping it from properly healing. Once the infection is clear, you can try it under your healthcare professional’s supervision. In case of recurrence of infection, you should discontinue use again.

Is it easy to use?

Bimatoprost is an easy-to-use medicated solution. With the help of the applicator included with the product, the user will swipe the serum onto the upper lash line.   It just takes a few minutes every day to apply, and it is applied the same way you apply an eyeliner. It is best to use the product an hour before bedtime to have enough time to get dry and absorb. 

The bottom line!

Like many eye growth formulations, the results of bimatoprost 0.03% ophthalmic solution are not instant. The product works gradually, and most people notice significant changes in their lash’s appearance until week four. The first noticeable difference to happen is an increase in eyelashes. After continued use, darkness and thickness in lashes will appear. You should see the full results with this lash growth solution in week sixteen. You can buy careprost online for eyelash growth at affordable rate.

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