How to do Reflexology for Fertility

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Women who have tried reflexology are convinced that it made a massive difference to their overall health, including reproductive health. The massage technique helps in re-balancing the body and mind connection, allow your body to relax and enhance your chances of getting pregnant.  This information guide is intended to provide guidance associated with Reflexology, a complementary therapy.

Can Reflexology help you to get pregnant?

You may be tracking your menstrual cycle, eating nutritious food and adapted healthy lifestyle habits, but still, there is no indication of you and your partner becoming pregnant. Struggling to conceive can be one of the most stressful things for any couple. Whatever is your reason, the anxiety, stress, and worry of an unmet desire can bring differences in your relationship and even isolation from family and friends.

Weight can be a major factor affecting fertility. Too much or too or too little fat can have a great impact on one’s fertility. Other factors such as nutrition, smoking, stress and long-term use of medications either prescribed or over the counter products can also prevent you from conceiving. Each of these lifestyle issues may contribute to hormone balance in both males and females. Infertility can be emotionally and physically exhausting and an expensive condition.

According to a growing number of people, the key to resolve the problem from many couples could be as more straightforward as reflexology. The technique has been used for centuries to improve health and wellbeing, and there is ancient evidence that it has been used to enhance fertility and chances of conception. A lot of women claim that this popular foot massage has helped them to become pregnant. A few medical studies have been launched to identify if the claims are valid. Reflexology is a traditional healing technique that involves the manipulation of pressure points in the feet and hands. The ancient strategy is often used to ease period pain in women, sinus, headaches and back pain. 

How successful is Reflexology to enhance fertility?

Reflexology experts that the soles of the feet are a mini-map of our body and is linked to our internal organs, including the ovaries and fallopian tube. It is a specialist massage where a controlled pressure is applied to specific points, referred to as reflexes. The technique applies mainly on the feet, but also on the face, ears, back, and hands. According to reflexologists, each specific point or reflex is linked to a structure or internal organs of the body. Practitioners’ aim is to promote homeostasis, which ultimately helps to restore physiological and psychological health. However, the exact mode of action of the reflexology is still not understood. Still, the regulation of the nervous system and the release of endorphins following the ancient strategy are the most popular hypothesis.  Due to the lack of established models, many health care experts continue to question their existence in the medical field.

On the other hand, some, growing evidence suggests that stimulation of certain pressure points can activate the specific parts of the brain that are associated with reproductive health. Furthermore, reflexologists claim that ancient infertility treatment may be a valuable tool as several research studies show positive effects on stress levels, pain levels associated with the medical conditions. Reflexology is a gentle treatment method that may support you when certain fertility drugs are contraindicated due to health complications.                          

According to then, practitioners massaging different pressure points on the feet helps to unblock the pathways in the body, which ultimately helps to regain its natural balance. Therapists believe that specific points on foot linked with ovulation (the process of woman’s egg production) and by stimulating these areas, the ancient technology corrects the hormonal and other imbalances in the body which can hamper pregnancy. 

Choose a therapist who is well trained and qualified. While receiving the treatment, it is vital to ensure that both partners will visit the therapist’s place for an initial consultation. It makes you well informed about the treatment. The things that need to be considered are age, weight, and height along what form of birth control tablets have been used, previous gynaecological history and any current or any previous sexually transmitted or urinary tract infection. All of these factors can greatly affect one’s fertility status.  


Reflexology is a complementary therapy that complements conventional fertility medicines and could work along with the medical treatment you are undergoing.  If you are already using fertility treatment, you can wish to choose reflexology to add to the benefits. Currently, there is no evidence to say whether reflexology improves fertility. Although several reports of patients are available for whom the ancient fertility treatment worked. This is not enough evidence to enable it to be recommended as an effective fertility treatment.

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