How to Know Your Online Pharmacy is Safe

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Buying prescription drugs online may seem to be the most convenient and cheap, but it can be risky too. Beware of online fraud, and do not provide personal information unless you are not sure if your online pharmacy operates legally.

Have you ever been tempted to buy prescription drugs online? With the growing access to the internet, many people choose the internet to understand their health issues and some also prefer to buy medicines online. It is no doubt that most of us look for the best to save money whenever possible. According to a research study by the Food and Drug Administration, 1 in 4 people in America purchases prescription drugs online. No doubt, convenience may be a factor, but lower-cost option appeal even more. But many of us may not know that there are fake online pharmacies that can appear to be legitimate to you and sell medicines illegally and buying from them is potentially unsafe. Medicines such as Viagra (sildenafil) for erectile dysfunction and cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Atorvastatin may often be sold cheaply, these drugs might be out of date, diluted or fake. Buying prescription drugs online could be a risky task because medicines should only be consumed under the guidance of a doctor. A health care specialist or a doctor can help you determine whether the medicine is suitable for you or not, he/she can suggest the appropriate dosage as per your medical condition. Also, the possible side effects and any harmful interactions with other medicines is crucial. 

You may not know that around 95% of online pharmacies are illegal and unsafe, as per study reports. Since more than 35000 online pharmacies are operating right now, it is imperative to help you get educated and safe.

While licensed online pharmacies are great options, purchasing medicine online from a fraud website can be dangerously harmful. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know the signs of an illegal pharmacy. Make sure you lookout for the following things.

Is purchasing medicine online a risky task?

Some online pharmacies can appear legitimate, but they are not. It is always important to check the warnings signs to make sure you are buying prescription medicine online from a trustworthy source. You must know if your pharmacy website offers medicines at a price that is too good to be true, do not provide a business address, and ship health care products worldwide. Choose Premiumrxdrugs to buy prescription medicines online.

You may not know most of the online pharmacies are not trustworthy. If you buy medicines from a rogue pharmacy, then you may be putting your life at risk in many ways:

-you may end up receiving medicines and health care products that contain the wrong or harmful active ingredient, or do not contain ingredients in appropriate concentration, or contains no medicinal ingredient at all.

-Your health condition remains the same or deteriorate as you keep on taking the medicine.

-you may experience an allergic reaction that does not go away.

– Your personal information such as credit card or bank details may not safe or used by the third party.

– You may get unsolicited email offer medicines at a cheap price.

Online pharmacies that appear to be legitimate often claim to be licensed by a regulatory authority when they are not in actual. Also, medicines sold from an illegal website may not be a store or transported properly. Some medicines and health care products such as injectable drugs require proper refrigeration.

Your online drug store is a reliable source of buying prescription drugs online if it:

  • Asks for valid prescription online from a doctor or a health care specialist.
  • Got a license from a valid regulatory authority
  • Has customer support service available to provide round the clock service
  • Provide a valid business address
  • Provide contact numbers and opportunity to track the order
  • Offer protection when it comes to safeguarding your personal information.

What steps you should take to avoid the risk?

 The first step you must take is to check whether your online pharmacy is legitimate:

-For online drugstores listing a street address, check with a pharmacy regulatory authority to see if the online website is licensed.

– If there is no business address available, then check whether the drugstore is a part of a program that helps consumers to identify the safe and legal online source.

The bottom line

There are ways to identify a safe online pharmacy that sells authentic medications. Protect your family, friends, and loved ones by using caution when purchasing generic medicines online from Indian Pharmacy. These internet-based vendors often send unapproved medicines at discounted prices outside the safeguard followed by the licensed online source. Beware of rogue websites that offer medicines at a price that seems too good to be true.

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