How to take care of eyelashes with Careprost?

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Careprost is an ultimate ophthalmic solution when you notice a significant decrease in the length and density of eyelashes, causing the condition of hypotrichosis in the patient.

Careprost to cure eyelash hypotrichosis

Eyelashes hypotrichosis is a condition indicated by short lashes, characterized by excessive eyelash growth, a regular phenomenon associated with ophthalmic prostaglandin. Recently the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved bimatoprost 0.03% solution, which was early approved for glaucoma treatment for increasing lash length, thickness, and darkness in patients with hypotrichosis of eyelashes. It stimulates the resting follicles (telogen phase) to grow follicles (anagen phase). Prostaglandins may also prolong the growth phase of lashes, leading to an increase in eyelash length.

Although bimatoprost ophthalmic solution effectively promotes the growth of healthy eyelashes, its effectiveness in people with eyelash alopecia areata is debatable, and its protective effect is not yet studied in patients with eyelash loss secondary to chemotherapy or radiation.

Bimatoprost 0.03% is generally safe when applied to the base of the lashes on the upper line with minimal side effects. However, other ocular side effects associated with ophthalmic prostaglandin are when instilled on the eye’s surface, and patients must be informed and monitored.  

Hair growth induced by Careprost bimatoprost

Careprost is clinically tested for inadequate or insufficient eyelashes, growing them longer, darker, and fuller. Get longer eyelashes with Careprost, a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Careprost makes lash growth possible because of its active ingredient, bimatoprost. Although the precise mode of action is still unknown, research says that the growth of eyelashes occurs by increasing the percentage of hair and the duration of the growth (anagen) phase.

Careprost is easy to use, clinically tested, and effective. It’s a once-daily topical application for 2 to 4 months to the base of your upper lash line is sufficient to achieve the desired results. In clinical trials, patients using Bimatoprost 0.03% saw results gradually over time (starting at four weeks with full results after 16 weeks. 

What to expect from Careprost?

Great eyelashes don’t just happen overnight. That is why it’s important to note that Careprost eye drops work gradually and remarkably, with full results at week sixteen. Once you begin, you must continue applying the topical solution each night and follow the instructions carefully for the best results. If you discontinue treatment at any time, your lashes will return to their previous state over several weeks to months.

As the treatment progresses, you will first begin to see differences in the length. Then, gradually you will notice more darkness and thickness in your lashes. Don’t stop treatment if you are satisfied with the results by week eight. Stick to the treatment regimen. After week sixteen, you will see the full effects of the Careprost solution. After that, you can speak to your dermatologist about ongoing use. 

There are possible side effects of the eyelash growth serum. Throughout clinical trials, some users experience eye redness and itchiness. However, some users found that these irritations disappeared once they used the product or began applying it properly. As with any prescription pharmaceutical agent, it is always best to consult a doctor for information and proper usage of the Careprost solution. 

Follow the guideline for the best results.       

Try to incorporate Careprost into your night care regimen. For example, after you have washed your face and cleaned your teeth. Please keep the product handy; store it near your other skin care products or toothbrush, so you will not forget to apply it each night. Have patience; Careprost takes time to work. Only use it once nightly, and don’t overuse it, as it may increase the chance of experiencing itching or redness.

If your makeup remover leaves an oily residue on your eyelids, wipe off any excess oils with soap and water to ensure a clean surface before you apply Careprost. Once you know the usage instructions, you must understand a few simple tips to help you maintain the desired results. Always consider a sterile, disposable applicator provided with the product. Don’t try to apply the product with a cotton swab, as this way, you can drop the solution on the skin’s surface, which can lead to unwanted hair growth.

The Careprost applicator is specially designed to hold and release a drop, ensure safety, and maximize effectiveness. If you wear contact lenses, remove them before using the eye drops. Once you have applied the solution to your lashes, wait at least fifteen minutes before putting your lenses back in your eyes.     

You can discuss the risk and benefits of using Careprost with a healthcare specialist to enhance the growth and appearance of eyelashes. You can buy careprost online at an affordable price in USA.                                                                

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