How To Use Bimatoprost After 16 Weeks

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If you wish to maintain the perfect set of eyelashes gained with Careprost usage, it is imperative to use it every second day of the week. Utilize it carefully, and a single bottle will last approx. An initial sixteen-week daily regimen.

Careprost is a brand name given to one of the most widely used bimatoprost ophthalmic solutions for natural eyelash growth. It was originally proposed for the treatment of ocular diseases- glaucoma. The product also successfully participated in the growth of lashes since it was introduced earlier as a glaucoma drug. Now, it becomes of the most popular name among the beauty industry as well. The product is extremely effective for those suffering from eyelash hypertrichosis (deficiency of eyelashes).

 How to restore eyelash growth with Careprost?

Many women are especially interested in increasing length, thickness, and darkness of eyelashes.  Careprost is a formulation containing Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution 0.03%, which was recently approved and clinically tested for the treatment of hypertrichosis. It treats inadequate lashes, grow them naturally and give them a fuller appearance once again.  The product has the active constituent Bimatoprost in 0.03% concentration which makes eyelash growth possible. Experts believed that growth happens when the anagen or growth phase of the hair cycle gets expanded and it is possible with Careprost’ s regular usage. This once a day treatment works to increase the percentage of hair in the growth phase. As per clinical studies, in most patients who used this eyelash serum notice improvement after four weeks of the treatment.

Of course, results vary from one individual to another, but results are possible only with consistent use following the instructions carefully. At the beginning of treatment, one needs to apply the product once daily during bedtime. It is important to make it a part of night regiment. Careprost bottle is handy and easy to use and carry even while you are travelling. If you missed a dose, try not to attempt to catch up the next day by using it twice a day. Applying more of the product will not cause rapid lash growth, and this way you will only waste your product. Excessive usage may also irritate. While receiving a Bimatoprost therapy, it is important to have patience as the product take a month or two to begin causing the improvement, so continue using it every night. An individual receiving careprost therapy for an over sixteen-week period may get great results in the form of long and curvy lashes that looks fuller than they were ever before. Once you reached the sixteen weeks, you could decrease the application time and still keep the desired length.

Which is the best way to apply Careprost to make it longer?

To get most out of the product, dermatologists suggest using it daily on the upper lash line. The best way is to put a drop of solution on the applicator brush and draw a straight line on your upper eyelid, begin from inwards to outwards. The solution will feel slightly wet, and if it drips around your eyes, immediately clean it with a cotton swab or a tissue. One drop is usually sufficient for both your eyelids. Once the application is made, clean the brush and let it dry, this helps to avoid irritation and eye infection. Make sure you only put the product on your upper lash line. One should not apply the lash serum on the lower lash line. You can apply the product either in the morning or in the evening according to what times suits you best. A lot of people prefer applying it in the morning as the formulation stays instead of rolling out in the pillow at night. Avoid applying makeup if you are applying the solution in the morning. 

It is best to consult a health care expert to make sure if you are a suitable candidate for the lash serum. However, if you are not dealing with an eye condition, the product is safe to use. If you are not sure, get an eye examination done by an ophthalmologist. you can order careprost online in the US at an affordable price from Premiumrxdrugs

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