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We all know that good health is largely dependent on good nutrition. A good diet consists of nutrients that enhance our physical and mental capabilities. Good food is the main source of health and nutrition. Vitamins and supplements only act as substitutes.

A nutrient-dense diet encourages long life, prevents diseases and deformities, and helps fast recovery from illnesses. One must eat a healthy diet to maintain a steady and healthy weight. Our body requires fuel and building blocks to create energy, which is needed for metabolism, the removal of waste, and the improvement of immunity. A nutritious diet also executes our digestive, cardiovascular, nervous, and respiratory systems. Every part of the body requires specific nutrients. The brain needs carbohydrates, fatty acids, iron, iodine, and some B-12 vitamins to function effectively. Calcium and boron are required to make bones strong enough. Not only women but also men require nutrients. Men also need a proper amount of nutrients to boost their sex life.

Common deficiency of nutrients in men

The study showed that 77 percent of men do not consume enough magnesium. In contrast, some lack vitamin D. Low vitamin D is an important factor leading to the risk of erectile dysfunction. People deficient in Vitamin D are more likely to get a heart attack or stroke, and it also reduces inflammation in the arteries. Vitamin D can be taken from fish, eggs, fortified milk, and cod liver oil.

Vitamin D is a good nutrient that increases calcium flow into the bloodstream and promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphates from the food in the intestines. It also lowers the risk of certain cancers, high blood pressure, and heart diseases. You can check your blood levels of 25-hydroxy vitamin D by asking a health specialist. According to a professor of medicine at Boston University, one must have a normal range for vitamin D  above 30 nanograms per milliliter. 1400 IU (International units) of vitamin D can be taken daily from supplements and multivitamins, seven times more than the recommended vitamin D dosage.

Magnesium is another nutrient that is involved in more than 300 bodily processes. Low magnesium increases blood levels of C-reactive protein, and according to a nutrition survey, men consume only 80 percent of the recommended 400 milligrams of magnesium daily. Without magnesium, every body cell has to battle to generate energy. Where a woman requires calcium to prevent osteoporosis, one in every four men over age 50 get an osteoporosis-related fracture in his lifetime, which shows that men’s requirement of nutritional needs is often overlooked. Lack of nutrition often impacts male reproductive health. Erectile dysfunction is one of the problems which is associated with inadequate diet and lifestyle.

Nutrition and Erectile dysfunction(ED)

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by impaired circulation, emotional stress, prescribed drugs, and, most importantly, improper nutrition. Sometimes, impotence is the result of vascular disease. Dietary and lifestyle changes can help prevent the problem. Even the study says that a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet, when combined with exercise, has improved sexual function in 31% of impotent men in comparison with 5% in a control group.

There are some neglected nutrients that every man should consider and make part of their daily diet to enjoy sex life.

Fiber – It has been recommended by the Institute of Medicine that men between 19-50 years of age should consume 38 grams of fiber daily. A fiber-rich food keeps the heart strong, controls cholesterol, and protects it from diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. One can add fiber as a snack on fruits and vegetables and toppings on salad with beans. One can try this easy recipe at home.

  • Add half a cup of cooked rolled oats to a bowl.
  • Add topping with 1 cup of milk, blueberries, and a dash of cinnamon.
  • Soak it overnight
  • Have it the next morning, which adds 6gm of fiber to the daily diet

Potassium – A study by Dr. Doumas proved a strong relationship between high blood pressure and moderately high blood pressure (pre-hypertensive) men. Foods that are rich in potassium are effective in reducing high blood pressure and enhancing erectile performance, too. Erectile dysfunction and hypertension are related to each other. Potassium is an important mineral and electrolyte that helps contract muscles and controls heart activities. It is known that every man should consume 4700 mg of potassium daily. Potassium-rich foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, dried apricots, yogurt, fish, salmon, avocados, and mushrooms.

Vitamin A – Vitamin A is a good nutrient that keeps our vision and immune system in check. Vitamin A is available in two forms- retinol and carotenoids. According to the National Health and Nutrition Survey, we consume only 50% of vitamin A. One can add orange, red, and yellow pepper to the omelet or carrots to make it a nutritional diet for lunch. Even a cup of cantaloupe provides 100% of the recommended nutrient intake. One can also add toppings of wedges cantaloupe with cottage cheese and some almonds for a solid meal along with protein, fats, fiber, and vitamin A.

Zinc – Zinc is one of the most important nutrients with good immune-boosting properties and several health benefits. Zinc is found in every body tissue and is involved in cell division. It is a powerful antioxidant that prevents cancer and is needed to maintain hormone levels. Zinc is essential for the male prostate’s functioning. A low amount of zinc impairs testosterone production and increases the risk of prostate cancer. Inadequate zinc in the body causes male infertility and low libido. Zinc-rich foods are sesame seeds, oysters, peanuts, beef liver, garlic, red meat, mushrooms, flaxseeds, kidney beans, crabs, and brown rice.


Lack of nutrients like vitamins A, D, zinc, iron, and fiber affects reproductive health. Erectile dysfunction due to lack of nutrition is a curse for life long. A man can also rely on ED drugs if there is a problem with erectile dysfunction. ED pills are designed for treating male erectile dysfunction, and the most common ED medicines are known as Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE) inhibitors. The best ED medication includes:

  • Sildenafil
  • Tadalafil
  • Vardenafil

USFDA approves these drugs and aids smooth erection. Apart from this, a man can try male supplements, which are designed to provide more sexual pleasure during intercourse. Male enhancement supplements are readily available in the market and aim to give larger and more powerful erections.

Final words


Erectile dysfunction affects up to 20 million men in America. Causes of ED could be due to high blood pressure, arterial disease, inadequate nutrients, and lifestyle changes. A low amount of Zinc and vitamin D in the diet could lead to male infertility. A man needs to take proper nutrients to make a life happily living.

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