Is Careprost serum works long-lasting for eyelash growth?

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If you have lost or have inadequate lashes, making them longer, darker, and fuller is possible with prescription eyelash growth solution Careprost eye drops. However, growing those curvy lashes doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time to see significant changes. Moreover, the time Careprost takes before you see results depends on several factors. Continue to read to know more about this eyelash growth product that gives you bold & beautiful eyelashes.

About Careprost eye drops

Careprost is a liquid solution that you apply at the base of your eyelashes. It was originally developed as a glaucoma drug in the form of eye drops. Ophthalmologists noticed that their patients exhibited longer, lusher eyelashes after continuous use. Later, the product’s active ingredient – Bimatoprost- got the approval of the FDA (food and drug administration) to be specifically used to target inadequate eyelashes.

How Bimatoprost work?

The eyelash-growing process with this eye drop is not fully understood, but eyelashes grow much like the hair on your head. Following the growth cycle, hair grows, falls out, and new ones regrow. This eyelash serum extends the growth phase of the hair follicle cycle, making your lashes appear longer, darker and fuller.

Careprost Bimatoprost – A proven remedy

As per multiple studies and data from the FDA, most people who tried their hands on Careprost eye drops experienced significant changes. By week 16, people using this lash enhancement product daily experience increased length and thickness. While it does work for almost everyone, in some cases, the topical product is not intended to use by everyone, nor will it work for everyone.

Is the Careprost effect long-lasting?

Like many medicines, the results of Careprost lash serum are not instant. It typically takes up to four months to see visible lash enhancement. This eyelash growth solution works gradually, and most people will notice an improvement in the lash appearance until week four. The first change to be observed is usually eyelash length. After continued usage, darkness and thickness in eyelashes will appear. At week sixteen, you should see the full effects of the eyelash serum.

Roughly 80% of the users experience results with this eyelash growth solution, meaning about 20% of the patients do not see the desired or no effects. There are numerous reasons  these users do not get the desired lash shape they were anticipating, including:

  • The eyelash serum being used is not authentic
  • The patient has a medical condition
  • The product has not been applied correctly.
  • The patient comes under a certain category of people that will not see results.

Some of the problems can be corrected. For example, you can use authentic Careprost eye drops by getting them from a reliable source, or you can use them correctly by following proper instructions. Other issues can’t be corrected, though. Some topical medications don’t work, and there is no known reason why it does not work for some people. If you have not seen results by week eight, there are chances that you will not see any. Pregnant or nursing ladies should avoid using the product because of hormonal fluctuations. People with certain eye disorders should avoid using the medication. One should check with an ophthalmologist before using the product. If you have an eye infection, you should not use this eyelash product because you may risk worsening the infection. Once the infection clears, you can use the product if your ophthalmologist approves it. In case the infection reoccurs, you should discontinue the usage.

Is it easy to use?

Well, Careprost eye drop is an easy-to-use medication. Using the sterile applicators included with the product, the user will swipe the topical solution onto the upper lash line. It only takes a few minutes daily to apply the solution, which is applied similarly to eyeliner and mascara. You should use the product about an hour before sleeping to absorb it fully. However, you can apply it in the morning if you do not use any cosmetic product for at least fifteen minutes after applying it.


Careprost is a once-daily eyelash serum. It can make eyelashes grow longer, darker, and thicker after three to four months of continuous usage. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your lashes, Careprost Bimatoprost could be your solution. You can buy careprost online from PRX at affordable prices.

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