What is Mederma Cream, Its Uses Dosage, Side Effects, and Interactions

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Mederma is a very popular skin care treatment among people with scars resulting from injury, surgery, acne, burns, and stretch marks. The prescription medication aimed at scar minimization.

Introduction to Mederma

Mederma is available for the reduction of the overall appearance of scars. It constitutes Cephalin, a botanical extract derived from onions used for scar removal therapy. In recent studies, a great percentage of people have reported improvement in the overall appearance of scars treated with Mederma cream after eight weeks of daily use.

Uses of Mederma

There are some scar removal products available, but only a few of them are capable of providing any real benefit.  Mederma cream with onion extract has been clinically tested and shown to be effective on fading of the scars. The evidence available regarding the efficacy of Mederma cream indicates that a majority of people after eight weeks for applications benefit from this topical preparation. It has been noticed that people using Mederma formulation showed quite significant improvements with scars being significantly smoother and less noticeable. The botanical substances containing the preparation are useful in scar removal therapy. A botanical extract called cephalin is incorporated in the preparation to helps fade the scars resulting from burns, surgery, acne, injury, and stretch marks. However, it is not an ideal option for deeper and hypertrophic scars. In such cases, it can be beneficial as an adjunct to other topical or oral pharmaceutical treatments.

This clinical formula allows patients to participate in the process of their care. Using a product with some clinical evaluation increases the likelihood of positive outcomes, but at the same time, it also may allow a patient to feel like they are playing a significant role in the healing of their scars.

Mederma cream has shown to be equally beneficial as the scarring agent in reducing discoloration and fading stretch marks. Clinical trials revealed that people using Mederma for stretch marks were shown to improve as compared to people who do not use the formulation for removing marks.

Dosage Information

Apply Mederma cream evenly onto the affected area. Rub the formulation gently over the scars to allow the preparation to get absorbed into the skin. Apply it for 3 to 4 times daily for eight weeks on new scars while on existing scars, apply the solution for 3 to 6 months. After buying the product, you can begin using it once your wound is healed completely. If your wound is still not healed, wait until it heals. You can start applying the preparation on the old scars. Do not use the formulation on the open wounds.

Mederm Cream Side Effects

The topical formulation is safe to use on skin of people of all ages. However, if you are sensitive to any of the botanical extracts or other ingredients for the formulation you may experience mild to severe side effects. The Mederma responses include itching, redness, or swelling of the scar. If any of these troubles you in any way speak to a dermatologist.


Some mixture of topical or oral medications can cause serious and fatal consequences. Therefore, it is important to inform your dermatologist before using Mederma cream for scar removal.


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