Relation between HCG and exercise:

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HCG drops and the HCG diet are gaining popularity these days. As they are raising excitement among people, the question of HCG and exercise comes up more and more often. One of the most striking features of the HCG diet is that you don’t have to exercise.

Some people are thrilled by the viewpoint of not having to work out anymore, but can’t somewhat accept as true that they won’t have to. They just want some guarantee. Other people have a habit of exercising regularly and live dynamic lifestyles but don’t want to give that up. Still a lot of people are simply reassured at the idea. Below is a discussion regarding this aspect of the HCG diet.
It’s True – No Exercise Required:

In this hectic world, nothing can be more rejoicing than a diet plan free of exercise for those who wish to lose weight. While on the HCG diet which includes the HCG drops method, you do not have to exercise. As a piece of information, enthusiastic or heavy exercise is discouraged. Although HCG helps in ensuring that those stored fat deposits in your body are constantly available to be used as energy and nutrition by your body, you aren’t getting a lot of food directly through your stomach. For that reason, you don’t have a lot of energy on hand for immediate use. It takes some time for stored fat to be broken down and used as energy. Intensive exercise will very rapidly cause you to become fatigued and hungry as your body tries to find a quick source of energy.

One of the major problems this brings about is hunger that wouldn’t usually be there. Extra hunger makes it more appealing for you to con and only makes it difficult for you to stick to your diet.
If You Really Want to Exercise on the HCG Diet then you should do following:

If you’re one of those fitness freaks, there is a quite dicey way to let you to continue with workout. Some dedicated exercisers have found that you can keep on exercising by slightly increasing you daily calories above the normal limit and continuing your normal HCG dosing schedule. This can be risky, and you might find yourself stalling. But if you want to try it, keep a record of how many calories you are burning each day by exercising. Then add three-quarters of that amount to your daily calorie intake. This should allow you to continue losing weight while exercising and not feeling hungrier.


Exercise is not required while taking HCG drops during the HCG diet. You are encouraged to be active for at least 30 minutes per day. Low-level activity such as taking a walk, doing housework, and similar activities will be good for you and set you up for continued success after you are done with taking HCG drops.

Place where can I buy HCG INJECTIONS

Before buying HCG injections online you need to make it certain that the seller or the source is lawful and meets all the factors mentioned below. This will keep you from fraudulent deals.

Before buying HCG injections online:

Following are the factors that you should consider before you buy HCG Injections online:

  • The seller or the source should have an extensive positive history online. This is necessary because you do not have to worry about submitting your CC details.
  • The manufacturing process should be approved by FDA
  • The hormones should be authentic and pure. Most importantly, they should be of pharmaceutical quality.

List of top HCG retailers

1) iHCG Injections: They possess a great inventory which are of high quality and offer products at reasonable prices. Hence, if you are on a budget or wish to test the waters of HCG injections or HCG diet then it is highly recommended that you purchase them from this site.

2) Nu Image Medical: Although they are a bit over-priced, they provide medical supervision and support throughout the period of diet. Hence, if you are not so strong with the budget choose Nu Image.

3) Reliablerxpharmacy: It is a top-notch brand in offering quality products to the customers online. It offers HCG in various forms, for instance you can buy HCG, HCG injections, HCG ultra drops, and HCG injection kit online at affordable prices. These high quality HCG products offered at reliable pharmacy are an effective and easy way to treat infertility. Buying HCG online is a safe and convenient way to get the medicine at your doorstep.

4) Cojach Limited: This seller is legit. They have two drawbacks when compared to it’s counterparts which are high prices and insufficiency of inventory or offers. However, you are free to take a look at the offers available over their site.


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