8 Secrets to Rekindle the Passion of Lovemaking

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Most of us might remember the time when our romance was new with our partner. Hot and spicy, frequent sexual encounters were are the key moments that you can’t forget. But with time that fire of lovemaking might must have get diminisheddimmed. This blog brings to light some of the best advice on sex for such couples to reignite the art of lovemaking.

Passion of Lovemaking

Sex is a word that brings around a huge rainbow of emotions. The emotions can range from love, excitement, anxiety, longing and disappointment. There is no secret formula for a better lovemaking, nor is there any full proof technique to follow. It’s just the understanding of yourself as a sexual being, your sexual satisfaction and your relationship with your partner.

The below given advice might prove helpful to that couples who are willing to revive their sex-life:

1. Redecorate the room or get out of the house

Sheer boredom of the bedroom may sometime hinder the right passion required for satisfactory lovemaking. The gadgets, TV anything could hamper your plans because they might make sex a routine-kind of work. Hence, the best idea is to redecorate your room into the fanciest ways you want or spend some time together in a hotel room for that out of the routine and away from the world experience.

2. Focus on foreplay

Never jump into doing sex, spend your time focussingfocusing on the right foreplay. Foreplay sets up the right mood for the right ending. Some sexual conversations, that deep passionate kissing, will ignite the desires. Place your hand on the chest of the other and feel the heartbeat, for a moment the heart beats will tune with the other heart rate. This heart to heat connection is enough to lead to the best sex experience.

3.Try something new

People have lots notions on sexual fantasies. In long and established relationships, you can try to fulfil those fantasies; any of you might act as an ice breaker to ask for the change. One small change might be enough to bring out a big difference. It This is one of the best tips given by sexologists to the worried couples. Just take a small risk and let that do the wonders to your relationship.

4. Avoid criticizing in bed

Do not talk about the sexual issues in a negative way. Rather you should be calm and positive in approach and should try to handle the sexual problems in a more appropriate way so as to avoid hindering the lovemaking. The sexual health issues should not be a blame game rather it should be tackled wisely away from the bed, never in the middle of lovemaking.

5.  Go slowly

In a long sexual relationship, after some time, the sexual activity becomes faster and briefer. It happens as the couple becomes more and more sexually familiar to each other. But faster and shorter path is not the best thing to follow in the bedroom. Here the focus should not be the destination but the different nooks and corners. A sexual act involving creativity, leisure, and fore play is beneficial for both the partner For males, it prevents the practising of early ejaculation that might lead to premature ejaculation problems, and; hence, it boosts the confidence of man in bed. For a woman, the process of slow moves increases the time to get turned on and,this hence makes the sexual act more satisfactory.

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6. Practise makes you perfect

You should never be satisfied with just an average sex life. If you are satisfied with an average sexual life, then you might not be able to bring out new ideas to make your sexual life more joyful. Some new ideas may sometimes fail but don’t get discouraged, talk to your partner, share your wildest fantasies and see if you can turn them into reality. It is helpful for those who have low desires.

7. Maintain physical affection

Engage in a 10 second passionate kiss every day that not necessarily should follow into lovemaking. This 10 second kissing and cuddling is one of the best ways to keep that fire of love burning. Even if you are tired, upset or tensed engage in kissing and touching, that will help you to re-establish the physical intimacy your relationship requires.

8. Don’t equate love with bedroom performance

It is a strict no no advice for the couples who equate love and sexual performance as one thing. Come on, this is not a child’s play! Anyone can have difficulties in performing in bed. Never criticize your partner for that particular inability. You should try to develop an environment of love and compassion in bed with kisses and hugs, not with wraths and pointed fingers.


So, these were some of the advice some advice for the best sex. You might be already aware of a few of them, but by applying these tips to your life, you can create a huge difference in love making phenomenon. Hence, be creative, be sensual and, be adventurous, and enjoy sex as never before.

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