Sex boosts women’s immune system, no doubt!

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Believe it or not, the average capacity of women’s immune system is stronger than men. So, those who think that women are easily affected by the external factors need to correct their notion.

Research studies suggest that sex boosts immunity, and don’t go with any stereotype conception because women win over men in this regard. Immunologically speaking, sex boosts women’s immune system besides improving the chances for pregnancy. Sex is not just a normal outing, activity of the couple, but an exercise to keep them active, agile, friendly and happy.

There are many antibodies that old and young women take to enhance immune capacity, but they may render some side effects too. On the other hand, sex gives a natural solution to strengthen women’s immune systems much more than a flu vaccine made for the men.

strengthen women’s immune system

Research on woman’s immunity:

Women are traditionally labeled as the weaker sex, and they have been facing this dichotomy for centuries. But, the new scientific health studies have revealed that in the conditions of illness and infection, women proved to have far better and robust resistance capacity. The superior capacity of women’s immune system enables them to counter germs as compared to men who struggle to cope with such niggles.

The genetically programmed body systems of fairer sex can better resist the risks of cancers and infections. On the other hand, males complain about a ‘man-flu’ that can dent their health harshly.

Chromosome makes the biological difference in the immunity of both male and female. Women possess an extra copy of the X-chromosome (also called a female chromosome) while there is only one chromosome in the male, which is also called Y-chromosome. So, this biological factor gives an edge to women in the immune system.

Chances to improve fertility:

Stronger immunity can be achieved by the healthy sex that further increases the chances of getting pregnant. A new study suggests that women having sex at any time in the monthly cycle, boost the likelihood of getting pregnant. It also proves to be useful in conceiving healthy fetus.

Studies also show how sex enhance women’s immune system and improve fertility to a great extent. Tierney Lorenz, from the university’s Kinsey Institute, says, “It’s a common recommendation that partners trying to have a baby should engage in regular intercourse to increase the woman’s chances of getting pregnant — even during so-called ‘non-fertile’ periods — although it’s unclear how this works exactly.”

She also adds, “The female body needs to navigate a tricky dilemma. To protect itself, the body needs to defend against foreign invaders. But if it applies that logic to sperm or a fetus, then pregnancy cannot occur. The shifts in immunity that women experience may be a response to this problem.”

Previous researchers were largely focused on the effects of genes located on the sex chromosomes. The new studies explore the role of testosterone, which provides a new avenue for understanding fertility’s factors as well as immunological reactions. The findings also throw light on the nature of autoimmune diseases and their treatments, especially in the women.

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Strengthens women’s bladder control capacity:

Sex proves to be a powerful exercise to strengthen pelvic floor muscles of women that help them to avoid incontinence. During orgasm, some sorts of contractions happen in those muscles, strengthening bladder control capacity. It’s found that about 30% of women are affected by the incontinence in their later years, so this problem is largely diagnosed by the healthy sex.

Keeps blood pressure under control:

There is a strong link between healthy sex and lower systolic blood pressure in both men and women. The sexually active women’s immune systems and other body organs help to regulate blood circulation, keeping blood pressure under control. The research studies have also found that autoimmune disorders can be treated well by the elevated blood circulation.

Resists heart risks:

Quality sex is always beneficial for raising heart rate while balancing the levels of estrogen and testosterone. Problems like osteoporosis and various risk heart problem are significantly controlled by sex and physical exercise. Many experts recommend couples to have sex at least twice a week to combat heart risks.

Sex as a physical exercise:

Just like the physical workout in the gym, sex is also a form of exercise that you perform with your partner. As a particular type of exercise, sex boost enhances women’s immune system besides burning a lot of calories and elevating heart rate, so there is no hesitation in enjoying sex as a regular exercise.

Other sex benefits:

Apart from improving immune system, there are some other benefits of sex that one can access. Known as a natural body reliever, sex can:

•    Lessen body pain

•    Offer quality sleep

•    Reduce the chances of prostate cancer

•    Provide mental peace

•    Increase libido formation

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There are many new revelations about the relationship between sex and immune capacity. Don’t go by the traditional myths and stereotype customs as a woman’s immune system is proving to be stronger than men, and sex plays an important role here. Noting the worth of sexual activity, many experts recommend it to live long and healthy.

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