Start Sex with Confidence

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Your stamina and zeal for sex are more related to your psychological state rather than physical capacity. Once failing to satisfy your partner in bed can disturb you mentally and after that, you start losing your confidence. So, it’s very important to start sex with confidence, and don’t think too much about the climax. It helps you build a healthy and friendly relationship with your partner too.

Failing in bed is not a big event:

If you fail to make it a long lasting session in bed, do not cry or feel guilty for that. Even a physically powerful man can fail to satisfy his girl, but what is more important is that how you prepare yourself for the next time. You have to deal with the confidence issue when it comes to sex. There are two facets of confidence for sex – at the physical level and mental level. Almost all relationship counsellors and sex experts emphasize on the mental strength which is required to start sex with confidence. Don’t feel dented and lose your self-esteem after failing in bed once or twice. Here are a few solutions that can help you boost your confidence in bed.

Talk to your partner before sex:

Don’t hesitate to talk to your partner before starting a sex play. Involve your partner in some dirty talk and discuss your favourite position she is comfortable with. Watch some porn visuals together and make it a slow process to arouse orgasm. It is all about making both the partners comfortable and bringing in spontaneity for sex. Therefore, they feel more confident in trying a new technique and passionately embracing each other.

Do exercise for strong erection:

Experts find physical exercise is the best natural way to build confidence for sex. It helps you gain physical and mental strength so that you can get a better and stronger erection. Some cardio workout and weight exercise can improve your sexual performance so that you are able to satisfy your partner in a better way.

Be present in bed:

Physically engaged with your partner but at the same time thinking about the office work does not work for a satisfactory climax. Both the partners have to be mentally present in the moment to enjoy sex. Do not make it a quick affair but feel the sensation and pleasure of sex by focusing on the bodily experience in bed.

Laugh it out:

Bringing laughter to bedroom helps to build a relationship with your partner. Even if you fail to satisfy your partner, sign it off with laughter and prepare for the next session. A person’s ability to laugh in the context of sex plays a good role in elevating the sexual desire. It is also helpful to ease the tension and start sex with confidence every time.

Get realistic about your woman’s desire:

Generally, men with weak and small penis size think that they would not be able to satisfy their partners in bed. It is nothing more than a myth. It is not about size or appearance but your confidence and capacity to perform sexually. A man with the small penis size can start sex with confidence and reach a dream climax. Apply some techniques like clitoral stimulation and sensuous foreplay for a good orgasm and long-lasting intimacy.

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