Take full sleep to avoid high blood pressure

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If you sleep less than your body actually requires, then you are likely to become an easy victim of high blood pressure, sooner or later. A strong link between poor sleep and high blood pressure is medically proven.Your body requires proper rest to energize, and anything less than 6-8 hours of sleep can show a severe impact on your health. A study found that those who get the least hours of deep sleep are 80 percent more likely to develop high blood pressure as compared to those who take longer and peaceful sleep.

Take full sleep to avoid high blood pressure

Link between poor sleep and high blood pressure:

When you miss a deep and full sleep, you will feel irritation and slow-witted in the morning, though the consequences of poor sleep don’t end here. New medical research has found that if you continually take insufficient sleep, then it may take a toll on your heart and cause high blood pressure. Sleep deprivation in combination with depression causes a much serious problem of blood pressure.

Over time, lack of sleep could potentially hurt your body’s ability to regulate stress hormones. Some previous studies have also shown that when people get less than six hours of sleep, it not only increases the risk of hormonal disorder and heart problem, but also poses serious challenge to mental health.

According to the Division of Sleep Medicine at the Harvard Medical School, sleep deprivation is known to cause diabetes, chronic drowsiness, weight gain, depression, cognitive difficulty, obesity and cardiovascular disease. The new study further affirms that if you wake-up frequently due to sleep apnea, disturbance, medications, or other health issues and cannot fall back asleep quickly; this condition can further leave a negative impact on the blood pressure.

How much sleep is important?
The middle-aged adults have to spend about 20 percent to 25 percent of their time to sleep. This is known as slow-wave sleep, as brain waves remain associated with this condition. Moreover, in this phase of life, sleep is considered to be restorative aid which is important for mental performance.

The new study on the importance of sleep proves that slow-wave sleep is crucial to enhance metabolism and improve heart’s health.

The study has also found that those men who spent at least 17 percent of their sleep time in the slow-wave phase are prone to develop 83 percent higher risk of high blood pressure or hypertension over the years.

Make time to sleep:
The fast-paced lifestyle encroaches our sleep time and this condition leads to several health problems. Those who take caffeine for deep sleep are warned of its ill-effects. After all you have to make way for peaceful and deep sleep to avoid some health risks.

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Avoid trouble and go to bed naturally:
Most adults need at least 7-8 hours of sleep for good mental and physical health. But many people don’t get that natural push to go to bed early and fall asleep. This condition leads sleep deprivation. Those who rely on some sleep medications are not advised to endure it and try to take troubleshooting methods to get more sleep.

Take full sleep to avoid high blood pressure

There are some steps recommended to avoid poor sleep. Some of these steps are:

• Go for exercise
The early morning exercise is important to acquire deep sleep. You can go for moderate to intense workout to avoid sleep problems. Try to do exercise in morning or early afternoon to combat insomnia.

• Be punctual with sleep
Make a timetable to go to bed and wake-up. You can take a little longer sleep on weekend to compensate any loss of sleep. Set you alarm to avoid temptation and lazy feeling at the time of waking. It helps you to be punctual with your schedule and take care of health as well.

• Stay relaxed before sleeping
Going to bed with a mental depression will not help the cause as you may spend hours of time with open eyes. Anxiety not only promotes insomnia, but also can be a cause of high blood pressure. So try to avoid any tension and mental stress before sleep. Follow a relaxing routine to get good sleep after spending a strenuous day. Take a deep breath and little water to stay calm before sleeping.

• Set comfortable bed and room environment
Your bed should be cosy enough not to stress you body and ensure good ventilation of your bedroom. Not too hot or too cool is good for room temperature, so try to keep it lukewarm.

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• Dark and quiet bedroom
Make a habit to sleep in a dark and quiet environment. Sleeping in lights switched-on and flickering television can disrupt your sleeping hours. Try to block any interrupting sounds and external noise to get a peaceful sleep.

Peaceful and deep sleep is as important as any other activity in your daily life. If you want to stay fit for a long time, then good sleep is essential. Research studies have shown that poor sleep not only disrupts your day, but also become a potential cause of high blood pressure and other health conditions over a time. If you are working hard in the daytime then you have every right to sleep and relax at night.

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