Try Careprost for the rapid growth of eyelashes.

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Carprost is becoming a popular name in the cosmetic industry. Is the eyelash growth solution effective? How fast it grows your lashes? Here’s all you need to know.

How to use Careprost?

Careprost eye drops work effectively, making lash growth possible because of its active ingredient, bimatoprost. Although the exact mode of action is unknown, research suggests that the growth of lashes happens by increasing the percentage of hairs and the duration of the growth phase. Lashes can grow longer, thicker, and darker because Bimatoprost 0.03%, the active ingredient in Careprost, can also prolong this growth phase. Results may be visible over time.

The eyelash growth solution is easy to use. It’s a once-daily treatment you apply typically on the base of upper lashes. In clinical trials, patients saw results gradually, starting at four weeks with full results after sixteen weeks. While Careprost is a trending treatment in eyelash growth, it was developed through years of research by Sun Pharma, a pharmaceutical leader with over 50 years of expertise in prescription eye care products.  

How fast do you see results with  Careprost?

Great eyelashes do not just happen overnight. It is important to note that Careprost works gradually and remarkably, starting at four weeks, with full results visible reaching sixteen weeks. Once you begin using Careprost/bimatoprost, you can see improvement in the appearance of lashes in as little as four weeks. Still, you must continue to apply the topical product each night and follow the directions carefully for the best results.

Note – results are gradual over time, and you will surely experience measurable eyelash growth. Bimatoprost ophthalmic solution works from the inside out. As the treatment progresses, you will gradually see noticeable changes in length, darkness, and thickness. After week sixteen, you will see the full effect of the product. There are possible side effects as well. Throughout clinical trials, some users did experience eye redness and itchiness. However, some users found that these complications resolve once they become accustomed to the ophthalmic solution or apply it properly. As with any prescription therapy, always consult your physician for more information and proper usage of Careprost eye drops. In the clinical studies, most users saw a significant increase in length, thickness, and darkness.

Follow these guidelines for the rapid growth of lashes with Careprost:-   

  1. Make a routine: Try incorporating Careprost eye drops into your nightly routine. For example, brush your teeth after you are done with your cleansing CMT (cleansing, moisturizing, toning) routine. Keep it handy; store the product near your other skin care products or toothbrush, so you will not forget to apply the solution each night. One needs to be patient; Careprost takes time to work. Only use it once nightly; do not overuse it, as it may increase the chance of experiencing eye redness or itchiness.
  • Start fresh: If your eye makeup removers left residue on your eyelids, wipe off any excess oil first with soap and water to ensure a clean surface before you apply Careprost eye growth solution. Once you know how to use Careprost eye drops, you must understand the usage instructions and follow them carefully to make your treatment as effective as possible.
  • Always use a sterile applicator brush: Don’t apply the solution with a cotton swab. The applicators with Careprost eye drops are specially designed to hold and release a drop to ensure maximum effectiveness.  
  • Do not play catch up: If you miss applying the product one night, do not apply more than to catch up. Apply the product next evening and stay on schedule.

The information here is intended to give you a basic understanding of the product, but you will need to talk to a physician to determine if Careprost eye drop is right for you. An evaluation of your medical history is needed to identify if you are a good candidate.

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