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Diabetes mellitus cannot be cured but can be controlled by following a diabetes management plan. The goal of managing diabetes is to keep your blood glucose levels at a normal range by balancing food intake with diet and medications. So, plan what you eat and follow a balanced meal plan. Exercise regularly and take medicine as per your doctor’s instructions. Make sure you take all the medications as scheduled. Monitor your blood sugar and blood pressure regularly at home. Do not miss appointments with your doctor and have laboratory tests as ordered by your doctor. Following a diabetes treatment plan may include taking oral medications, insulin, or other injections.

Healthy lifestyle choices, including diet, workout, and weight control, are an important part of a type 2 diabetes management plan. However, you may need diabetes medications to achieve target blood sugar levels. For some people, a single medication is effective, while a combination of medications works better for others. They are a wide range of type 2 diabetes medications; discuss with your doctor will work best for you. Several classes of type 2 diabetes drugs exist. Each class of medicine works differently to lower blood sugar level.

Diabetes medication may work by

  • Stimulating the pancreas to release more insulin. 
  • Inhibiting the production of glucose (sugar) from the liver.
  • Enhancing cell’s sensitivity to insulin
  • Inhibiting reabsorption of glucose into the kidneys
  • Slowing down the process where food quickly moves to the stomach

How Metformin treats Diabetes?

Doctors prescribe Metformin because it reduces your blood sugar after meals and your body’s baseline blood sugar levels. Both these measurements are important for controlling type 2 diabetes and keeping blood glucose under control.

According to experts, Metformin works in three ways:

  1. It makes your body sensitive to insulin – In general, your body uses insulin to move sugar out of your blood and into cells. This helps your body cells to get the required energy to do their duties. When there is excessive sugar in the blood, cells are not able to absorb, which cause the accumulation of sugar in the bloodstream. The condition is referred to as insulin resistance and can lead to diabetes. When you take a metformin formulation, it helps decrease insulin resistance. Cells can use sugar effectively, which in turn cause a significant reduction in the amount of sugar in the blood. 
  • Decrease absorption of glucose – Sugar enters your body through diet. Whatever you eat or drink travels through your digestive system and finally reaches your intestines. All the nutrients like sugar are absorbed into your bloodstream. Metformin reduces sugar absorption, which causes less sugar to make to your bloodstream.
  • Reduces sugar production – You know that you get sugar from your food, but you might not know your body naturally produces sugar. Sugar produces in the liver, and Metformin reduces the amount of sugar the liver produces.

Metformin results for people with diabetes show that diabetes medicine improves blood sugar control.

How does Sitagliptin work?

Sitagliptin, sold under popular brand names such as Januvia 100mg and Bigomet, is oral diabetes medications used to reduce blood glucose levels amongst people with type 2 diabetes. Sitagliptin is the first drug class to be approved that mimics the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) enzyme activity. The medicines are known to destroy the DPP-4 enzyme and allow GLP and GIP hormones to work more effectively. These hormones are released by the intestines and affect blood glucose levels.

See a doctor online if you develop diabetes symptoms and get diabetes treatment online and prescription medicines from premiumrxdrugs at the best price. Get advice about a diabetes treatment plan with a doctor and get your medications online from the comfort of your couch. Use your diabetes medicines on time along with diet, exercise, and weight control measures. The diabetes management plan helps to achieve target blood sugar levels.

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