Usage of Triluma Cream

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Triluma cream is the most popular medication used to treat face Melasma (it refers to a condition that has a dark, patchy area on the skin, most commonly on the forehead and cheeks. Melasma usually occurs due to hormonal changes). Triluma is a combination formulation that works great when you use it on the recommendation of your doctor. The application and dosage vary from patient to patient based on the severity of the skin condition. Consulting a doctor is the best option to know the right dosage and treatment duration for your skin type. This is an easily available product over the counter and online; you can opt for any option that you like. 

How Triluma Cream Work?

Triluma contains 3 different medicines, i.e., Hydroquinone (reversible skin bleaching compound), Tretinoin (a retinoid agent that increases skin shedding) and Fluocinolone (reduces itching, redness and swelling). Each medicine works according to its capacity and efficiency, and as a result, the cream helps improve Melasma. Excess exposure to sunlight, hormonal changes can cause your Melasma cream to come back. You can restart the course if it comes back, but do not forget to check with your doctor for restarting the treatment to avoid any side effects.

The application method of Tri-luma Cream

One can refer to the application direction given in the leaflet that usually comes with the pack, and if you have a valid prescription, then you can follow your doctor’s suggestion. Gently wash the affected skin area with a mild cleanser, and then rinse and pat dry. Take a cream on your fingertip and apply an evenly thin layer on the affected area; rub the medication gently till your skin completely observed it. Preferably apply Triluma cream once a day 30 minutes before going to bed. Do not cover or wrap the affected area after applying the medicine unless your doctor asks you to do so.

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