What Is Elocon Cream Used For?

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Elocon Cream is a topical formulation with medicinal properties to treat skin conditions like eczema, allergies, psoriasis, and skin rashes. Mometasone (medium-strength corticosteroid) is an active ingredient of the product that reduces itching, swelling (inflammation), and redness. Elocon comes in different forms to treat the condition, including ointment, lotion, and cream. Your doctor can prescribe you the best form after examing your skin condition.

How to Use Elocon Cream?

Elocon Cream should be used exactly as your doctor has asked you to do so, do not use it in less or excess quantity and more than the recommended period. The access quantity will not help your condition improve faster; it can cause unwanted side effects. Apply Elocon formulation evenly by making a thin layer across the affected skin area to treat. Do not cover the skin area with anything unless your doctor says. This formulation should not be used on the face, groin, or underarms unless advised by your doctor; use this medicine regularly for the prescribed duration to treat the condition and experience the benefits.

Ensure to wash your hands first, clean, and pat dry the affected area before application. Take a thin layer and apply evenly once daily. Do not rinse the skin area immediately after the application; wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using this cream.

Inform your doctor after 2 weeks if your condition does not improve or any irritation persists.  

Benefits of Elocon Cream

Medical experts find Elocon Cream effective enough in treating skin conditions with itching and inflammation. The cream belongs to a class of drugs called topical corticosteroids that reduces chemical action in the body causes skin inflammation. The cream also reduces scaly and itchy patches of psoriasis that may develop on/around the scalp, elbow, knees, or other body parts. Elocon reduces skin itchiness, redness, rashes, and associated pain by treating eczema and dermatitis.  

Reported Side Effects of Elocon Cream

Like any other topical medicinal formulation, Elocon cream has few potential side effects. These side effects can be avoided to some extent if you are taking and following the prescribed guidelines of your doctor. Thinning of skin, change in skin colour, skin burning sensation etc., are some of the reported side effects of this cream. Never apply this formulation on cuts, broken, and infected skin areas. Let your doctor know about any medical or skin issues if you have. Also, mention to him about medicines and supplements you may take for any existing health conditions.

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