Winter weight loss tips for a perfect body!

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To gain weight in the winter season isn’t just an urban myth. As per the research, many of us could gain around half a kg in the winter month. This may not sound much, but can be distressing for many ladies because due to the weight gain, the pounds tend to stay on. In this case, one should follow winter weight loss tips.

The weight loss in winter has been never too easy because the weather usually discourages us to exercise and comforts eating. The cold weather out and shorter days prevent us from getting out and do outdoor activities. Given below, we have discussed how one can lose weight with the winter weight loss tips, but before that let’s have a look why weight loss is important?

Winter weight loss tips

Importance of losing weight

Losing weight is essential for the overall health of the body. No matter what season of the year it is, one should lose weight and follow, especially winter weight loss tips as one gains a few more pounds in the winter. Losing weight provides many medical benefits. Some of it is given below:

  • Lowers cholesterol level- If you are overweight, then you may be linked to high levels of the bad cholesterol (LDL). As LDL cholesterol circulates through the blood, it tends to deposit plaque in the arteries,which can cause heart attack or stroke. Losing weight is necessary in this case, which will help to enhance the HDL or good type of cholesterol.
  • Reduced risk for dementia- Many of the Americans have much visceral fat, the abdominal fat that surrounds our organs internally. Visceral fat contains cells, which release chemicals in the body and cause loss of memory and increase the risk for dementia.
  • Improved sleeping- Being overweight has many side-effects, as the extra tissue thickens the windpipe wall narrowing airways. The size of the tongue and tonsils become a threat to the narrowed airway and cause a disorder sleep apnea. Losing a few extra pounds can widen the windpipe and may reduce the risk of getting sleep apnea.

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  • Winter diet to be followed for weight loss

    To gain weight is easy in winters but to lose weight one should follow a winter diet.

    • Guava- For winter weight loss, one can have guavas. It is a tropical fruit having a much similar taste like pears and strawberries. It contains five times more vitamin C than an orange. Not only this, it has lutein, iron, calcium, potassium  and soluble dietary fiber. This makes it a perfect slimming snack as it offers 60 calories in one serving.
    • Pomelo- It is a citrus fruit that looks similar to a large grapefruit with a thick bar. Part of the yellow flesh is rich in antioxidants that help to prevent the spread of cancerous cells. It also contains folic acid and potassium.
    • Honey- Honey is a great choice to be picked this season for weight loss in winter. But one has to be careful not to overdo as it contains more calories than sugar. Also is a great source of antioxidants, and its rich antimicrobial properties make it an excellent choice in winter.
    • Red wine- A glass of red wine is all you need to relax in the evening. Its rich antioxidants slow premature aging and further reduce the risk for heart problems and certain cancer types. It contains fewer calories i.e. ranging from 80-90 calories per serving of 120 ml.
    • Watercress- Peppery watercress is a nutritious green. It is a cruciferous vegetable which is extremely rich in antioxidants and helps to prevent cancer. Also, it is rich in beta-carotene, calcium, potassium and vitamin C. One serving of raw watercress offers 4 calories, 0.8 gram of protein and 0.4 gram of carbs followed by trace amounts of fat.

    Other tips for weight loss in winter

    Nothing can beat winter diet and exercises for weight loss in winter months.

    Tips for exercise

    • Doing a brisk walk on a cold winter day is an excellent exercise, leaving us completely energized and lively.
    • You could also make your way to some mall walking club, any gym or an indoor pool as an alternative to an outdoor walk. It will help to lose extra pounds.
    • Set exercise program at home only just buy an exercise ball, dumbbells, and jump rope.

    More tips for winter weight loss

    • Try to sleep more during the early and dark evening hours. So that when you wake up early and get morning sunlight, it leaves a positive effect on the sleep cycle. More sleep before midnight helps to keep the mood stable and stops from munching midnight meals.
    • Have some time to relax in between busy and stressful holiday season. Get indulged in a family get together and other holiday festivals.
    • Have five to six small meals everyday to cut down on food craving and overeating.


    No doubt the months of winter makes us lazy as we can’t get out of our cozy blankets. So gaining weight is normal, but one can easily switch on for some winter weight loss tips. You need to follow a winter diet and follow exercise programs at home only, this way it will help to keep weight and body perfectly balanced.

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