8 Reasons you Are Not Losing Weight

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Weight becomes a big reason why you are not able to lead a healthy life. You work out like a frustrated animal in the gym, still you are facing problems in losing weight.

Being overweight and having all the unnecessary illnesses related to it, is not a good thing. But there are a few reasons, that you hit the gym every day, you do dieting, work hard every day to lose weight and still you don’t lose enough. Here, are a few surprising reasons for not losing weight, that might be bothering you.

Reasons you Are Not Losing Weight

Check these out and make the required changes in your weight loss regimen:

You overeat healthy foods: Healthy food items such as nuts, olive oil, whole wheat pasta etc. are all healthy. But they contain many calories and you need to watch off when you snack on them. The easiest example is, an avocado fruit, although it is very healthy for the body, but it contains a large amount of calories (approx. 200 calories) in one complete fruit.

You underestimate the calories consumed: Many weight loss practitioners suggest that to have a successful weight loss program you should count all the calories you intake. They suggest to write down everything you eat and drink. It will help you to increase your self-awareness about the amount of calories you might be taking in, and will also control your portion sizes.

You exercise with an empty stomach: It is yet another reason for not losing weight. Those people who are habitual of exercising on an empty stomach, for them it is very necessary that they stop working empty stomach, it is because while they work out without fuelling themselves, then they lose calories from the muscles not from the fat. Muscle calories are important, but they burn more easily during an exercise. So, it is very necessary to fuel yourself properly before an exercise so as to increase your stamina and avoid muscle calorie breakdown.

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You don’t sleep enough: Sleep is very necessary for the body. A proper and sound sleep is very important if you are looking forward to do some energy requiring exercises. Sleep helps to regain the stamina to work out more efficiently, plus it is also known that improper sleep can increase the number of appetite stimulating hormones.

You are not getting proper veggies: It is very necessary for all the people to have at least 3-4 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. These vegetables and fruits are full of healthy nutrients and are not very high in calories. Eating five portions of vegetables will boost your energy and will increase your metabolism using the fibers present in the veggies.

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You don’t eat breakfast: It should be kept in mind that the people who eat regular breakfasts tends to lose weight more easily than those who skip it. People who are on a diet often feel that skipping breakfast is the best way to lose calories, but they forget that the body doesn’t lose the fat that easily in the morning as it feels that it is being starved. Thus, it retains the fats rather than losing it. Hence, it is very necessary that you eat something nutritious in the morning to jump start your metabolism and sustain the energy in the form of proteins and fibers.

You don’t cut your food: Portion size that you consume plays a vital role in the weight loss program. Choosing a bigger portion or not cutting your food into parts is responsible for the problem in losing weight. Make it a habit to divide your food into tinnier portions and cut your fruits into tiny pieces. This may help you to eat less and make the sense of fullness even before complete satisfaction. This fact is, even scientifically proven.
Also one should try to eat on smaller plates, as bigger plates often lead to larger portion sizes.

You don’t drink water: Water is a very essential part of our body. It not only keeps us hydrated, but it also helps to aid weight loss by controlling the portion size of food we eat and speeding up the metabolism. Drinking less water can become a problem in losing weight as water also helps to control the urge for sugary beverages like juices and aerated drinks.

All these are the few mistakes that you have done on your weight loss regimen. This might be the reason that even if you follow a strong workout regimen and choose healthier food items you are not able to shed a few kilos.

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