Can Erectile Dysfunction Be Reversed

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Can I regain the power?” or “Can sexual dysfunction be reversed?” Such set of common questions that haunt ED patients. The state of being powerless instigates low confidence and he starts procrastinating about his own shortcomings. Do we have any solution to escape from the endless circle of thinking?

Fortunately, there are many ways to tackle such condition. Just don’t lose hope! Erectile dysfunction is a debilitating condition if left untreated or ignored can make you prone to other conditions. Sexual health has a lot of impact on our physical, social, emotional well-being. The ED can be reversed only if you get open about your problem with your partner. Overcoming the social stigma is the first and foremost step to reverse the complication. Be vocal about your state of mind, your fears and positively discuss the challenges you face with your partner and healthcare professional. The doctor will certainly look for the root cause of the dysfunctionality so that sensible and effective approach can be designed for the disease management. There are plenty ways to regain the erectile capability, both clinical and natural interventions are available to fix the issues pertaining to the condition. To start with the treatment, simple and least expensive methods should be adopted to combat the condition. If failed, then invasive and complicated approach can be considered to deal with the condition.

Natural intervention

Adopting a healthy lifestyle always help to revive from any of the disease conditions. Erection process involves nerves, skeletal, and pelvic muscle events, to make them healthy enough physical activity is must.

  • Walk: Daily walk can help in the improvement of blood flow in the blood vessels and releases nitric oxide which will support erection. Brisk walk and exercise releases testosterone that induces erectile capability and strength. Pelvic exercise strengthens the pelvic muscles which in turn help in the erection process.
  • Balanced and healthy diet: Good food promotes good health and decreases the risk of ED. Fruits, green vegetables and balanced portion of all the minerals help to keep your weight under control which is a major risk factor for Sexual Dysfunction. Low-fat diet and herbal remedies like ginseng and pomegranate juice will keep your heart in a healthy condition, and keep you away from cardiovascular complications which are one of the major risk factors for erectile dysfunction.
  • Sound Sleep: Poor sleep patterns contribute to decreasing the hormonal secretion and can lead to sexual dysfunction. Healthy sleep improves hormonal regulation and releases testosterone required for the sex drive. Adhering to the regular and sound sleep is one of the most effective ways to combat decreased libido.
  • Quit Smoking and limit alcohol: Tobacco intake can damage lungs and also blood vessels supplying blood to the penis. Avoid smoking and look for the ways to quit smoking. Also, restrict the intake of alcohol, to overcome the erectile dysfunction. Heavy consumption of alcohol suppresses the central nervous system which in turn releases less amount of nitric oxide, which produces and maintains an erection.

Clinical ways of healing

Along with the lifestyle changes stated above, the clinical support is also to reverse the complication:

  • Oral Medications: Many oral drugs are available which aids erection with minimal side effects. They get rapidly absorbed and have a long-lasting effect which helps to attain and sustain an erection. Sildenafil ed pills were the first approved drug indicated in the impotency and are still considered to be the number one choice of the Doctors. This medicine relaxes penile muscles and increases blood flow that aids long lasting erection. Other drugs given in the condition are Tadalafil and Vardenafil.
  • Urethral suppositories and Penile Injection Therapy: These are placed in the urethra to elevate the penile blood flow. As prescribed by the doctor, Alprostadil injection is another medication which can be injected into the penis for erection and result can be seen in about 5 to 20 minutes.
  • Vascular surgery: It is done in the case of injury in penile area, to increase the blood flow by removing the blockage. you can use ed pills to stop the issue you facing in life and can order ed pill from
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